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How to use Semagic in Linux with WYSIWYG editing.
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For those who uses Semagic on Mac: use Ctrl+F12 to enable non-English text.

For image upload to LJ Scrapbook set upload block to 0 in options in the upload window.
Drag-and-drop of images works only when dropped into the image upload window (Journal/Pictures)
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Copy to Semagic
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The latest statistics on Semagic downloads say that Firefox is the most popular browser (among Semagic users). So I created a Firefox extension that adds context menu item to copy link or text to Semagic. It behaves in the same way as IE version does. Download it here (left-click):

It will prompt to install it at the top of the browser window. After installation and browser restart you should open Tools/Addons, find addon, select its settings and browse for Semagic executable C:\program files\Semagic\LivejournalU.exe.

Writing comments:
click with the extension on a Leave comment link (with ?replyto= ), Semagic will switch into comment writing mode i.e. will remember the link, when you click "Post" it will post reply to that link and open web page with resulting comment. Comments are enabled only in the new version of Semagic ( Also this version can send personal messages (in Links menu and friends window) and shows inbox contents.

There is a way to do the same for Opera, requires manual editing of its menu files
There are no such easy way to do the same for Chrome (because it requires to run external application).


Post options
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There is a suggestion to make post options orientation configurable. Some other blog clients have it vertical on the right side.

How do you think post options should be oriented by default (for new users)?

Horizontally (as is)
Vertically on the right
Vertically on the left
I do not know

Also I remind that you can post polls from Semagic (in the links menu) and upload screenshots without use of external editor (by pasting clipboard contents with screenshot into Semagic) like I just did.
Preview of vertical orientation on the right

Update: now you can use it, configure in Options/View. Then you can click on the post options header and drag it to the left. Note that this dragging will work correctly when the window is maximized.



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A reminder how to post youtube videos:
copy URL to youtube video to clipboard and press button (with disk) on the toolbar in Semagic. This will add lj-template tags around video link. For other video sites, find <object code, copy it to clipboard and press the mentioned button. This will add lj-embed tags. As far as I know, lj-template tag (automatic generation of embed code) works only for youtube. Embed code for youtube also works but lj-template allows you to manually edit the links later.


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The latest version of Semagic contains the following changes:
· Posting to (no editing).
· Post options for Blogger (tags, draft state).
· Upload into personal albums at
· data: URL for images.
· Adult content setting.
· Fixed entry deletion with Blogger, picture upload with WP, music detection with foobar2000.
· Loading settings from .ini files is disabled.

Atom publishing API implementation at Vox contains some errors that prevent editing of existing entries. That means that you can press "save" but entry is not updated at the server without any error messages.

Settings from .ini files are disabled because this method is slow, does not work for some users and generates many random crashes for large .ini files. It is replaced with another option that exports/imports registry key to/from a binary file (semagic.re1). You can copy that file with Semagic to a flash drive. Note that you need to set empty draft folder in options instead of direct path.
So exit Semagic holding Ctrl key; that saves semagic.re1 file. Then open program files/semagic folder and copy livejournalu.exe and semagic.re1 and other files to flash drive. Then run it from flash drive. An error message while importing registry file means you cannot use this method because you do not have sufficient adminstrative rights.

Do not change adult setting if you use a blog site that does not allow such entry property or you will get an error and will not be able to post. Or disable completely from the right-click menu on the dropdown list.

data: URL works only for Firefox, Opera and IE8 and has different image size limitations for each browser (and also there is a general limit for LJ entry size). Use it only if you know what it is about.



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