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quirrc wrote in ljwin32_sema
For users with Chinese, Japanese and Korean locale: now you can always post entries from full Unicode version (i.e. for2k) without "Invalid UTF stream" error that was in all previous versions (not for all users but rather often and mostly for those Asian locales). As always you can get it here:


Please do report here if you will experience more encoding problems.
(and also now you can post entries in any non-default languages on 98/ME)

If you get "Decoding error" (that's a separate problem) that means that the data (friend's name if you get it viewing friends, picture keyword or your journal name if you get it on login) has character that is not available for your current codepage. For example, wide 3-byte exclamation sign that looks exactly the same as normal 1-byte one is not available for Japanese locale. If one of your friends has such character in the name (for example, if you added to your friends nihongo_only ) you may not be able to load friend list in client (depending on your system). To solve it enable CP_UTF8 option (only for full unicode version). Do report if it does not help you.
Update: that option really fixed the problem so it is always on now and is hidden.

Additionally, the source of the problems on XP SP2 was located. It appears not to work (i.e. crash) on every network operation if Urlmon is not enabled. But before if you pressed just_edit to enable urlmon the program crashed because checkfriends was on by default and it was making requests in background. Now Urlmon in activated also in login dialog menu. You can choose between winsock and urlmon network API.
(I may suggest that problems with XPSP2 are somehow related to the version of MFC that you have since it does not affect most of SP2 users. Try to remove mfc42u.dll from semagic folder if you have it there from installation or use version for 9x since it uses other MFC libraries.)

Please do update your antivirus software.
or at least delete readme.txt from semagic folder which contains some email addresses because the virus searches for files containing email addresses and send infected spam to or as being from those addresses (to prevent this Semagic distribution also will have all plain text readme files zipped). I do not send any emails from address @livejournal.com listed in that file, especially with .pif attachments and neither sema or bradfitz do (keep in mind that almost all such emails @livejournal.com are forwarding so mail cannot originate from them unless from few system addresses).

Please note that even if you have w95 it is better for you to upgrade IE at least to v5.5 to be able to use some functions that are based on IE (like preview). Note that full Unicode support that was recently added to 9x version is not provided on w95 (at least for now, especially with regard to the results of the poll below).

Tip#1: The easiest way to move a friend between security groups is to click on the name in the friends dialog and select desired groups so that you do not need to edit complete lists of the groups.
Tip#2: If you want to edit old entry in the main window you should press copy_entry in the history item window and paste it as entry into main window. You will see item id of that entry appeared in the post options (near backdate entry). When posting such entry and being prompted about this id you should select to replace existing entry. Do not forget to clear that field (via Reset) if it was saved as draft with that id.
Tip#3: The address of last posted entry (via the client) is recorded after posting and is available in the Web menu. You can use it to verify that entry was really posted because sometimes the main journal page updates with a delay.
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How do I know which mood icon I'm picking if all I can see are the symbol things?

protocol does not return this info


I've read through some messages to find the answer but to no avail.

I get the error The MSVCRT.DLL file is
linked to missing export NTDLL.DLL:RtlGetNtVersionNumbers.

I've downloaded MFClibs.exe but that was no help

Assistance gatefully recieved

place those dlls in semagic folder to be sure, maybe it still loads original ones. (also u can try filemon from sysinternals.com to see what files are accessed exactly)

I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum for this question, but I've looked all over and can't seem to find the right place to ask. How do I use Semagic to post comments? I've read the Help section a dozen times, but I still don't understand. Is it something like this and I just have the wrong tag?:

Here is my test comment

(and then click "Post Entry") Where do I indicate which post I am commenting on?

When I check the Options/View box to enable comment posting, it doesn't remain checked. I close the window and open it again only to find the box unchecked. Could this be my problem? Is this feature limited to paid accounts?

Thanks for any tips you can offer.

if some option cannot be kept that is another problem, completely remove semagic with regisry settigns. all info about comments itself is in help (see contents/positng comments). (and that does not post them directly anyway, only pre-fill form in IE)

I got an error installing the update, saying that it couldn't use livejournalU.exe

I told it to ignore, and it finished, but the about says 1.2.1 still.

completely exit currently running program.

Semagic doesn't detect music playing in itunes on windowsXP.

I like itunes =/

i detects only certain palyers that you can find in help topic for music detection. itunes is only in the next release (most likely within a few days)

Hm, ok. Now option stays checked, window loads after I hit "Post Entry" but:
a) when anonymous comments are disabled, it skips the "Logged in user: < username >" option, goes straight to the last option and fills the message box (unless there is a 'user' tag; then it fills until "< lj user" and looses the rest of the entry). checked in your community and a friend's lj
b) when anonymous comments are not disabled, it finds which logged in user you are but doesn't fill the message box and doesn't select the chosen icon. checked in my lj and a stargate community

I hope I'm making sense here; my english suck... ::shrug::

it was not tested much and is not developed now being significantly dependent on web page format which constantly changes. (also as written in help it should not fill username and works only for currently logged user.) i will re-check later untill finish cool new xp-style interface

im kinda new at the whole livejournal thing...how do i download this program. like where would i go to get it?

I would also like to know how to download this program..I've downloaded many things before, but when I clicked the link I was sent to this mirror site, and I chose a mirror, and nothing happened. Is there a place where I can just click download to simply download the latest version??

If this comment works, that will have been the solution for me. Thanks!

(Deleted comment)
old version ( does not post in just_edit mode . also you need to type some text to make the button enabled. also it was reported few times to happen randomly and being solved by restart of computer.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

Problems updating using

I just upgraded my client to the recent one.

Now it takes forever to update or it times out - so far today it's been an hour and it hasn't updated.

The old client updated quickly.

Also the new client takes forever to log into LJ (not with password secured checked).

I'm using DSL.

Anyone else having this problem?
Are there settings that I should've set before even trying to post?

Re: Problems updating using

only with new one or started now and with previous version as well?

Bug and Feature Suggestion

Bug: If you edit your last entry, and change the current music, it doesn't actually update it on LJ.

Feature: Under Edit, have a "Make LJ Cut ..." menu option.

Re: Bug and Feature Suggestion

i fixed it, you can get in the test package. ljcut and other formatting is availiable via shortcuts

Sorry, silly question time. How do I turn off the Backdate Entry default? I know I can just remove the check each time, but sometimes I forget...


delete draft or uncheck and press Save as defaults

Hi, I asked this question in the wrong forum and was sent here. (I'm just tired, not stupid, honest! eep.):
Just a quick stupid question:
I just downloaded the most recent update for Semagic, and there's no longer a space to enter a subject or title. Is this going to be fixed, or is the problem something obvious that I'm missing because I'm so desperately in need of coffee?
Thank you. :-)

I am no longer able to connect to the server. I was yesterday but not today. I updated to the updated version and I'm still unable to connect with semagic, but able to go directly to my site and update there. Any suggestions?

also the error that I get is error 0