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тайные знания
quirrc wrote in ljwin32_sema
Download links and more info: http://semagic.sourceforge.net

Now you can use 3 types of authentication: standard, challenge/ response or using cookies from IE.
For other sites based on LiveJournal code new login options might not work (until they update their code) returning "Invalid password" or "No username sent" errors (and keep in mind that challenge/response auth via web and via client are different i.e. if your site supports it via web that does not mean the client will start to work with it).
Read more in context help for login window (press F1).

If you are a new user it may be useful for you to open Options to see what is available there because some options are initially disabled (for example, loading/saving drafts etc.)

Reminder about setting displayed font: if you go to View/Set font when some text is selected the font settings (name and color) will appear in your journal. If you did not select anything it will be applied to display font (size, weight, underline, color) and will not appear in your journal entry.

Mood list and tab order are now loaded from .ini files so you can manually alter them (activation of new mood list does not delete standard one which is loaded during login so when you turn off custom moods the previous list is restored). For now only Russian mood list is supplied (it's not an exact translation of English one, actually not a translation at all, it was taken from ru_slang community). If you create a mood list for your own language you can send it to me to make it available for other users.

General reminder (rather offtopic but many of you do not know it and blame on Semagic):
when installing Windows (even latest XP), make sure you also installed drivers for your chipset, videocard and directX (all such drivers are usually shipped on a CD with computer, not through windows update). If in Control panel/ System/Device manager you see a lot of yellow question marks (or, for example, your disk is detected as Generic drive type 47) that means that those devices are not detected because your OS does not support it or its advanced functions (like ATA controllers etc.) This significantly affects overall performance of the system and may also cause Semagic to crash or work very slowly.
Of course, all these upgrades are not required, but some of you have been reporting that Semagic crashes frequently and it turned out that in fact it is due to videocard drivers not installed etc.

Can you tell me what types of activities causes the icon to blink? I know it's when there is activity on your friends list, but is there any other time that it would blink while running in the background?


if you look at previous entries here you 'll see that sometimes LJ produces false notifications (besided notifications about protected entries that you cant see), so if that's too annoying you can increase notification threshold

Thank you so much for the answer! :)

I'm loving the update.. except for a very minor problem.

It's not loading my mood icon choice. Now, I wasn't sure wich thing to check, so I tried both ways, and either way I'm not getting my particular choice.

Unfortunetly, the help info on that was a bit unclear.

Or, you know, I'm an idiot. ;) Thats entirely possible too. I just want my bouncy kitties to show up again. :)

you mean you don't see icon in preview? it should not.

Mm. Nothing. Can't click the icon choice and there's no mood selection at all. It's rather bizzare.

no mood selection means you need to re-login

spellcheck link not working I have no idea why it is not I had to reload semagic due to sasser worm

Sorry if this seems like a stupid question... I'm using Semagic v1.4.1.4 on Win98, and my mood list is blank. I created a list in English and set the Independant Moods checkbox in Options, and still no mood list. Checked the help file and everything, but still can't get my moods to load. I can type in supported moods (in the space where the drop-down should show up) Please help?


as you can read in the previous comments here that was a by-effect of full unicode support based on non-documented behaviour of richedit3.0. that is fixed in the next release.

Ah. I had looked through the comments and not seen anything about that. Sorry.

Вопрос по поводу языка

Можно ли клиент переключить на русский?

Re: Вопрос по поводу языка

русский интерфейс в

Re: Вопрос по поводу языка

Т.е. качать ?
если так то качаю =)