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(no subject)
тайные знания
quirrc wrote in ljwin32_sema


I didn't try it.
I use it all the time, especially because of those status messages.
I tried but switched back because of "No mode specified" errors.
I get those errors sometimes but use anyway.
I don't use because I connect via proxy with authorization.
I use it because I had connection problems without it.
It does not work at all at my computer.

(Deleted comment)
Yeah... I just put on the new Semaj, found the option, but have no clue what it does...

I picked "I didn't try it." but I have enabled it and it looks very useful!

Works fine under Windows 2000 with SP4.

Doesn't work for me, I get a "cannot contact server" error right away (Win XP PRO SP1, IE 6.0.2800.1106, cable, no proxy)

anyone know what urlmon is yet?

I use it, but I've never seen any of those error messages, and it doesn't seem to be any different with it than without. *shrugs*

As a non-techie, I have no idea whether I should be using URLMon or not. I use Netscape 7.x, so I don't even know if URLMon would work with my browser or not. I haven't been getting any error messages without it, and with a cable modem connection is so quick I wouldn't see the status messages anyway. Is there some advantage for me that I don't understand?

Secret (offtopic) tip#5 : I hope you noticed that you can use mood icons with custom text.

I love that new feature! I've wanted for a long time to be able to use custom text, but I love the little icons, too -- a mood report looks so bare without the little sun faces (I use Moon Mama's Silly Suns). Now I can have both. Thank you!

those messages should be visible on large replies like loading friends

The poll doesn't have an entry that best describes my experience. I turned it on and everything runs trouble free. I do get to see the messages now as the program wanders quickly through the steps it must accomplish to do its magic.

Just for reference - I never got any error messages, but I switched to using URLmon because you suggested to do so (in some post). And I've still not had any errors.

Secret (offtopic) tip#5 : I hope you noticed that you can use mood icons with custom text.

You can? ::didn't notice:: Uh...how?

Just choose one from the list, then put your cursor in and type in your own text. It will use the icon for the mood you chose, but it will replace it with the text you typed. =)

Is there a place to make suggestions?

I realize that this is an off-topic comment, but I have a feature suggestion for Semagic.

My suggestion is, how about allowing users to cross-post to multiple journals, possibly using the "edit last entry" feature. All you'd have to do is add a new field to the windows where that feature is implemented. The new field would allow the user to choose a new journal as the post destination. This would be easier and better than saving the entry as a file and then re-importing it. If you wanted to be really fancy, you could allow a check-box which if checked, would automatically add a small bit of text to the end of the post stating that where the original entry was posted and at what time.

Re: Is there a place to make suggestions?

just copy/paste entry

(Deleted comment)

Re: Totally unrelated question

as u know there're some caching problems at LJ causing checkfriends notification to be very often. Ininitally there was a guess that maybe next lastupdate time suddenly becomes lesser than previous one so i added special check but didn't see it myself, (it's enabled in options/friends). later it was found to happen randomly,but i just left those parameters. So if it's too annoying you can turn it off, but anyway this means you'll get false checkfriends replies and this is LJ error. if this happen too often you can report it to http://www.livejournal.com/support/ (providing link to this comment so they will know what r u talking about).

(Deleted comment)
i downloaded my semagic, but it says "decoding error, Warning -some data may be corrupted, apply to program author".

my guts says since i'm using korean unicode that's what caused the error :-/

help ASAP please.

go to options/general and activate "Debug" option, it will save those responses to files which u should send me quirrc @ livejournal.com (zip them, not in plain text or unicode in it will be corrupted bu mail program). also write your exact version of windows (i.e. english win 2000 with US region default, korean IME installed).

I get the, ERROR "cannot connect to server, Try again later.

Custom text with icon is excellent but I can't get it so that I have a normal mood and icon, it only comes up as text. I have to go to LJ Edit page to fix it. What's up with this?

u mean that "Icon" is checked but still as text? what version r u using?

I am curious - what is thie URLmon!?

I use Semagic and love it, but I do have a question.

How can I go about enabling support for iTunes for Windows? Is this something to come in future versions?