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quirrc wrote in ljwin32_sema
Click here for download links and more info [http://semagic.sourceforge.net]</u>
Also read there about links to dictionaries.
This release has many minor enhancements but not such significant changes like spellchecker. Also this version has another interface for network operations in addition to the previous one. You can activate it in options/general ("use URLMoniker"). That interface uses all settings from Internet Explorer (like proxy) and should be more stable (and has progress messages especially useful for slow modem connection). If it does not work at your computer you can disable it to use previous interface (anyway to have 2 interfaces to choose from is better that just one). Also this release has console command and support for timezone setting. Read more in help (especially about tz format).

Note that many users have been reporting recently that checkfriends notifies too often. This affects users of all clients (i.e. not due to Semagic) and (hopefully) will be fixed soon. For now you can increase notification threshold.

Music detection for iTunes is not supported
Special (secret) tip#1: Checkfriends protocol (what makes tray icon flash when there're updates at your friends' journals) is disabled for free LJ users.
Even more secret tip#2: Sometimes it's useful to read comments to several previous posts to find answers to your questions.
Secret tip#3: you can use context help (for example, to get info about music detection just place cursor into Current music field and press F1).

If you didn't use read here about its new features.

If you prefer to use or need Russian interface you may find a link here or download it from Sourceforge.

I have noticed a lot of pop-ups when Semagic is running lately. Is it, or the dictionary, adware?

what adware? it should be a couincidence. It does not use advertizing popups etc.

Can we re-enable the checkfriends protocol ourselves? Considering that it was the main reason I started using the client from the very beginning, and one of its most useful features to me personally, not having it around comes as quite a blow.

You're Early Adopter - it should work for you.

And the checkfriends protocol is on the server side, so you can't just enable it yourself.

Is the URLMoniker stuff IE-specific? I use Netscape by preference; not asking you to do extra coding, just wondering if the current version will work for me.

windows is based on IE, IE on urlmon.dll that i use. that means that now IE (i.e. computer) is to blame if smth doesnt work but not the client. I already used that dll in historyitem dialog (save html), it was saving it based on IE cookies so, for example, you had to be logged in to save protected entries.

A few days ago I downloaded a version of semagic that had my profile pic on the interface, but for some reason, I deleted that version for another. Now I have several versions but cannot find the one I deleted. I like it best. Anyone know which one I mean? I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

most likely u mean userpics in the preview. that's availiable in ver later than .

(Deleted comment)
(Screened comment)
what exactly version u r using and does it happen with and

i've not done anything aside from upgrade to the current version from and now all of a sudden in spellcheck i am seeing japanese text under the "not in dictionary" display. :\

scratch that. i uninstalled and reinstalled and spellcheck is not working at all now. heh.

(Deleted comment)
What is this "secret love" option and why doesn't it seem to work for me at all?

yea, that's what i want to know too

I've always used Semagic without any problem but now with I get a "Client Error: Invalid argument(s): Invalid tz" error everytime I try to post. I can't post anything...

I had that, too. If you go to "View-->Options", on the bottom is an area for you to input your Time Zone. That's the tz in your error. Whatever you put in there, it isn't a correct time zone. I looked mine up, saw I had the wrong number, put the correct one in, and now it works fine.

i download semagic, because my friend has it, and it is AWESOME. but at my house it says "cant connect server" when i try to sign in, do you know why this is?

u can enter login and password, press just edit, go to options and activate UseUrlmon. then press logout and login. this will enable URLMoniker so that u'll be able to see also progress messages.
if you see "Starting to bind" and then error, that means no connection at your comp. if also "Finding resource" but no ip resolved (66.150...
that means problems with DNS.
but anyway check proxy settings first, look up in your browser

Japanese Text Problems

I've been using Semagic for about two weeks now and I'm having trouble entering Japanese text.

I am using built Sat Nov 22 15:04:30 2003. I am using XP Pro with the Japanese IMEs installed.

Previously, I could click the text areas, click "JP" on the language bar and begin typing in Japanese. Now, I no longer get the expanded language bar when I click on Semagic and I am unable to enter Japanese text. All I get are the "JP" "Microphone" and "CAPS/KANA" buttons. Where are my text method buttons and such?

Otherwise, thanks for the great app!

Re: Japanese Text Problems

exactly what versions did u try when it worked and not. try, and see if there's any difference between them and also between different controls (i.e. u if u can enter japanese in Current Music but cant in main window or subject or Edit last entry dialog).

This comment has nothing to do with the post, but... I just wanted to praise you for your work with this client stuff. I noticed you didn't have an email address to contact, so I just decided to write it here. Having the client makes it so convenient and I can do all sorts of things at the touch of a button! (But of course, you already know that.) THANKS!

The CTRL+ALT+L "quick link" functionality doesn't work for me at all. I'm using Windows 2000 Professional on a Dell Optiplex GX270 running BIOS revision A02 and it looks like I'm suffering from a problem similar to the one described here. Unfortunately, I don't have the option to turn off the BIOS feature that is stripping out the CTRL+ALT+L hotkey. Any chance that a future release of this program could either assign an additional hotkey to this feature or all users to reassign it?

Alternatively, you could extend the Semagic macro facility with a token that inserts the contents of the clipboard buffer ([lj_CB]?) instead of inserting highlighted text. Then I could make my own macro that just did <a href="[lj_CB]">[lj0]</a>. This is probably the better solution anyway because it make Semagic more versatile. :-)

Perhaps better still, the new tokens should be ! delimited the same as the text selection; [ljcb0], [ljcb1], and so on.

Whenever I set the default language to Japanese and open semagic, it gives me a critical error and freezes Semagic. Is there any way to remedy this?


where do u set that default language? what version of OS and semagic do u use? i need more info because don't have access to japanese OS myself

(Deleted comment)
I have used Sema a few times on two different computers and the spell check never works. I just pops up with spell check problem. On another computer it said I needed to add a dictionary and I did but the same problem is still occurring. Is an option I need to turn on? Thanks.

u have to enable built in spellchecker as described at http://semagic.sourceforge.net

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