Magic Magpie (quirrc) wrote in ljwin32_sema,
Magic Magpie


Download Semagic from SourceForge:
Click here for direct download links and more info []</u>
Only this version is recommended for new users.
There are 2 versions of the program : for 9x with limited unicode support runs on windows 95/98/ME (and also on NT/2000/XP), while version for 2k with full unicode support runs only on NT/2000/XP (
read more about unicode support).

Special (secret) tip#1: Checkfriends protocol (what makes tray icon flash when there're updates at your friends' journals) is disabled for free LJ users.
Even more secret tip#2: Sometimes it's useful to read comments to several previous posts to find answers to your questions.
Secret tip#3: you can use context help (for example, to get info about music detection just place cursor into Current music field and press F1).

You can also add syndicated account semagic_files to your friends to get info about updates directly from Sourceforge.(in this case please don't post in that account comments about errors because i'll not be able to get them emailed so that to see and respond)
If you didn't use read
here about its new features.

If you prefer to use or need Russian interface you may find a link here or download it from Sourceforge.

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