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quirrc wrote in ljwin32_sema
Download Semagic from SourceForge:
Click here for direct download links and more info [http://semagic.sourceforge.net]</u>
Only this version is recommended for new users.
There are 2 versions of the program : for 9x with limited unicode support runs on windows 95/98/ME (and also on NT/2000/XP), while version for 2k with full unicode support runs only on NT/2000/XP (
read more about unicode support).

Special (secret) tip#1: Checkfriends protocol (what makes tray icon flash when there're updates at your friends' journals) is disabled for free LJ users.
Even more secret tip#2: Sometimes it's useful to read comments to several previous posts to find answers to your questions.
Secret tip#3: you can use context help (for example, to get info about music detection just place cursor into Current music field and press F1).

You can also add syndicated account semagic_files to your friends to get info about updates directly from Sourceforge.(in this case please don't post in that account comments about errors because i'll not be able to get them emailed so that to see and respond)
If you didn't use read
here about its new features.

If you prefer to use or need Russian interface you may find a link here or download it from Sourceforge.

I really love the birthday popup! Thanks, people! It erally was a nice surprise.

I love the pop-ups and friend changes pop-ups and the new spelling! It finally works for me, and I can even use my own English-UK directory, brilliant :)

Is it me or are you doing lots of work on Semagic? Because it wasn't long since the last update. But either way it's good that you are doing this for us users. Thanks.

I love the new Tab Support. I just wish you would make reverse the tabbing order, so that if I continuously press Tab it would cycle somewhat like this: Subject, Body, Preview, Post, Security, Mood, Music, Userpic ... and then the other post options.

I think that would make more sense :)

Other than that, thanks very much!!! You guys are doing a bang-up job :D

It's tabbing for you? It still only tabs between Subject, Post, and Journal for me, just like before.

i'm not sure this has to do with your work or the dictionary. when i run spell checker and it comes across a word it doesn't know, it automatically enters the first suggestion so that when i want to add the work i typed by clicking "add to user dictionary," the suggestion is added instead of the word i typed and the word is replaced. i seem to have to retype into the "replace with" box what i originally typed in the entry and click on "replace and add to user dictionary" in order to add it.

What does this mean exactly...?

Thank you for the wonderful client! But ever since I downloaded the last version, I can't download my friends list. I get the error:

"Request returned code 200 OK while no "success" in server reply found. Display response? (this is a very rare error and it indicate problems with your computer)"

I tried a clean uninstall/re-install but... :/

Just wanted to let you know. I'm not sure if it really is my computer's fault or not.

Re: What does this mean exactly...?

try 9x version and reply if it worked

(Screened comment)
I just wanted to say thank you for all of the work you're doing. I think Semagic's a great program and appreciate you making it available for us.

Client crashes constantly

Does anyone else have a problem with the client crashing at random every time you run it?

I can never get the client to stay open for more than a minute before it crashes. Version worked fine. I'm running Windows XP. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Re: Client crashes constantly


okay, im well aware that this was asked already, but i dont know about those who asked, i have yet to fully understand how this feature works.

can you please explain how the "secret loves" feature works? do i have to create a "secret loves" filter in my friends view? or is there a specific place within semagic where i can list them? yes, i know about enabling it under options, and the box is checked and the feature is enabled. i simply do not see how i put it to use. ive checked and rechecked, and i dont see a place to put a "secret loves" list anywhere. please dont link me to a previous post, because as i said, ive read them all. thanks!


Re: "secret loves" ?

you didn't read comments and context help for friends dialog (friends changes page)

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Love the icon! GREAT game!! One of my faves. Is that.. Lavitz? =]

(Deleted comment)
Ok, ever since version, I have had the problem that Semagic will work for a while, but then if I close it and restart, or if it locks up, I start up Semagic, and just get the toolbar that says "Robert @" and a blank program. Has anyone else had this problem? Version never had this problem...

if works and at the same time crashes this may be due to optimizations i turned in new version to decrease size (which doesn't affect most of computers but maybe for you it's the reason). In the next release I'll turn off optimizations and if you try it post here

i love the new client.

but when i delete people, or people delete me, the arrows are all ... wrongly coloured. for example, if i have deleted someone, and they delete me back, it'll show the green mutual-add arrow. or if someone deletes me first, and i delete them back, it'll show the red they've-added-me arrow.

this problem only started with one of the recent versions of semagic... the one that included secret loves (for lack of knowing which number it was).

anyone know how to fix this?

if you mean friends changes page, it's kept only for compatibility because now there's new friends history page (activate in options/friends). If you don't like those new colors (more reasonable to my mind) just clear(Reset) that page.

Hi, sorry to bother you, but I have a question. I used semagic regularly back home on my desktop computer and had no problem with unicode.. ie, Japanese text. However, I've downloaded it onto my laptop now, and used the same version I had previously, on the same Windows platform (xp) and now I can't paste Japanese text into it anymore. They simply come up as squares. So, I upgraded.. but the same thing occurs. I *AM* capable of seeing Japanese text in my browser and in MS Word, so I don't really understand what's different, or how I can manipulate semagic to try to get it to read Japanese text. Any suggestions? Thank you~

set other font in view/set font. the default one doesn't have japanise charset

i'm going to take more time and see exactly what is going on with it to better assist you in debugging, but the spell checker doesn't really work properly. when it finds words not in the dictionary, hitting add word just changes it to whatever it thinks it ought to be.. also hitting skip seems to just replace the word regardlessly as well.. sometimes (which makes less sense and i haven't noticed a pattern yet) it highlights a correctly spelled word as mispelled, then gives me suggestions that are obviously for an incorrectly spelled a few words away from the highlighted word..

it looks like one other person reported simaler problems..

as you can see by this post i desperatly need spell checking! :) and once again, thanks for putting all this work into semagic, it rocks, even if it cant (currently) make me look like something that isn't an idiot.

post exact text which is incorrectly spellchecked for sure or better send it to quirrc@livejournal.com (with your user.dic or clear it before checking)

(Deleted comment)
you didn't read secret tip#1 in this post