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Working with other sites
quirrc wrote in ljwin32_sema

Initial version:
Server settings can be changed from the menu in the login dialog: you should just replace www.livejournal.com with the appropriate site name, for example, test.livejournal.org if you have account at the LiveJournal test server.
Semagic stores settings in a registry key with the name based on the .exe file name. This means that if you have 2 copies of the same program, say, livejournal1.exe and livejournal2.exe, they will use separate copies of settings, and you can use unique server name for each copy. When using offline history it is more convenient also to place these copies to separate folders.
For example, I have a test account at test.livejournal.org with the same name as my main journal at www.livejournal.com. I installed Semagic as LiveJournalU.exe in Semagic folder and another copy into Semagic1 folder renaming .exe file into LiveJournalU1.exe so programs use both own settings and own storage for downloaded entries.

After version

1) all settings including server are associated with profile name
2) profile name can be different from username, by default it is the same.
To modify username and server go to Server Settings in Login dialog.

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ty, that really helped me out :)

almost as nice as posting into several journals simultaniously

MultiJournal.com will be support Multiple journal servers all from 1 client. Mainly alot of the devlopment and testing is done with Sema. You can view the multijournal community and check on updates of the protocol going on.

random question, where can I get the blogging plugin for windows media player, that enables automatic music detection?


(re)read second entry from the top

Thanks! I've been waiting for some information about this.

Using this for other Forums

Is there a way to use SeMagic to post on other forums say fictionaddiction, rpgnet, yahoo groups, etc? Is this what the above post was about?

i have semagic and i want to be able to post in both my journal and into various communities that i'm part of

how can i reconfigure smemagic to do this or can you remend another client application


Re: community posting

select community in the "Journal" dropdown list (activate in View menu if it's hidden)

On the next version, if you don't add support for more other journal sites, could you at least let us either pick or change the colour of the task bar icon? Having 2 copies of Semagic open kinda gets confusing after a while.

it shows tooltip with server name over the icon

It would make it a lot easier, I just tried this idea. I've been switching them back and forth manually, and this works a lot better. I have the shortcuts named differently, but being able to tell at a glance which I had open would help a lot.

i do think you need to add some kind of profile support.

I have been using semagic with livejournal no problems. I now have another journal on journalfen - can I use semagic on journalfen to post on communities and if so how do I do it?? Journalfen support directed me here so I hope you can help.

you should do what is written in this entry

I have the Post Options, Subject, Active Journal, Post/preview, Status Bar, and User picture toolbars selected under View, and when I originally just used the client for LJ, the user picture was on the right of the Post Options, but when I logged in to DJ, the user picture wouldn't move back to where I had it with LJ. The same happened with GJ. When I logged back in with my LJ username, the user picture moved, and it's now stuck underneath the Post Options instead of on its right. I keep trying to move it back, but they only switch places instead of staying side by side like I had it originally. Is there any way to put them back side by side, or would I just have to get rid of one or the other?

make the main window wider

тысяча извинений за русский

скачал вашу программу
(19 Jun 05), а она не соединяется с сервером

Re: тысяча извинений за русский

нажмите help, Why I cannot connect to server. точное выполнение помогает почти всегда.

Re: тысяча извинений за русский

уже справился: файрвол...

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