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Semagic 1.3
quirrc wrote in ljwin32_sema
The new version of Semagic can be downloaded from Sourceforge:
There's a list of releases there, you should download only the latest one ( Other versions are shown only for better view on download statistics and revision progress.
Many changes were made since including some that were requested so frequently that even special FAQ/howto existed (like the one about how to hide username in login dropdown list).
You can read revision history for all changes. The major ones:

  • All data about your userpics, shared journals, friends and web menu is stored in the registry so once you logged in and stored this data and password, you may post, view friends etc. in just_edit mode. You need to re-login if userpics or shared journals or friendgroups have changed (i.e. data that is downloaded only during login). Note that auto login may not work for you now.

  • All friend changes are registered and accompanied by popup messages (enable in options/friends dialog).

  • Now you can use context help (press F1 when dialog is opened or control has focus).

Unicode support in both versions remains the same (read here), version for 9x with limited unicode support runs on windows 95/98/ME (and also on NT/2000/XP), while version for 2k with full unicode support runs only on NT/2000/XP (now installer prevents you from installing it on 9x).
Please note that if you do not like this new version you can always download from a link in the previous post.

YAY! and I'm the first to comment. Go me! Great work on Semagic man.

you're the first to read

i've been keeping an eye on the updates, great work! :)

What's the purpose of the secret loves list? The help file is a bit vague.

(Deleted comment)
i second the question about the secret love list. what is it?

(Deleted comment)
Nice review... Should the average user wait for a new version with these things worked on, or would these be negligible to the casual LJ Semaj user?

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
thanks, I'll fix most of it in few hours. Actually security change feature isn't in the changelog. I'll disable it right now.

[!] когда делаешь экспорт в html, и нажимаешь на середине процесса stop - программа вываливается с ошибкой.

win xp, p4-2000, semagic

use I disabled this feature (it wasn't actually in the change log).

I noticed that birthdays are listed now on the Friends view. My question: Is this the full extent of the Birthday functionality or is there now a notification on starting up the program? For example:

"The following users have birthdays today:"

There's a notification (must be), try to change computer date. But the message is only when you open friends dialog and only once a day.

(Deleted comment)
Have you looked in the About box and context help for "current music" field?


i had some code added to that detects XMPlay player music. it was tested good enough and for sure should be included into the newer releases!

the versions w/ xmplay support are here:
unicode installer
ansi installer

I could participate in moving my code into newer versions

Whoa! Working spellcheck! Yay!

The Spell checker has not changed in quite some time.

Are %% fields for preview template described somewhere?

check the context help in preview dialog and the template text itself. field names are self explanatory.

yay! new version of semagic!! But I'm sad, because I haven't been able to use semagic for like 6 monthes, and still can't. Problem is since I set my computer to run in sjis mode (default text encoding=japanese on the regions/languages panel), Semagic errors on trying to paste if I'm using Japanese, which I usually am...
The error is:Client Error: Invalid text encoding: The entered text is not a valid UTF-8 stream.
Basically this means semagic won't work on any computers here in Japan (unless they're silly and running in english mode)...I was so hoping it would get fixed it in this version...
just letting you know...
Thanks for the many fine years of use before that though! =)

I think I've seen somewhere in the comments to the prevoius post about it and possible solution (or maybe that were you asking?).

(Deleted comment)
okay i hardly ever use semagic and am a very new lj user, but something weird happened with my semagic. i cant seem to log in, and im not sure if i forgot my password, since usually i was automatically logged in, or what...but it just sits there looking frozen when i try to log in. whats something i could do to make it work?

that's because you can now post in just edit and don't need to login every time. Anyway press cancel, and then just_edit. I've noted in the post the cases when you'll need to login