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Semagic 1.2 Release
sema wrote in ljwin32_sema
Semagic 1.2, full unicode support, only for Windows NT/2000/XP
Download installer.

Semagic 1.2, limited unicode support, for Windows 95/98/ME.
Download installer.

Source code could always be taken here.

Read here about unicode support in both versions.


  1. "?filter=" in the friends' page URL is now optional when checking for friends' updates by mask

  2. History dialog is now resizable

Fixed: some.

It's (a sort of) release. I've done my best to make it stable but unfortunately there are still some knowing issues. In the next 2-3 weeks I won't read your bug reports and suggestions due to personal reasons. Be patient - I'll be back.

>>the next 2-3 weeks I won't read your bug reports and suggestions due to personal reasons. Be patient - I'll be back.<<

Whatever the reasons, you deserved a well-deserved break due to your work toward this - thank you!

One question when you comes back - will there be any plans to merge both version (win2k, & nt and win98 & me) to one program?

Once again, thank you

will there be any plans to merge both version (win2k, & nt and win98 & me) to one program

No, it's impossible. Win9x does not support unicode internally.

Thank you for an incredible program. It's so much better than the old Livejournal client I used to use... ::cough cough::

Anyway, one minor request. Is it possible to detail the changes between releases in a text document that installs with the program, and perhaps link it off the Help menu? Just because I'm a curious bastard. ;-P

Have a great few weeks off!!!

Just out of curiosity...

This certainly isn't an urget request, but in the future releases is it possible to have some way to edit what buttons are displayed on the toolbars? I know I only use a few from certain toolbars and I just thought it might be a good idea. Just a suggestion :)

Re: Just out of curiosity...

Thank you for making this point. I was just about to ask about it, but ya beat me to it. :)

Just leaving a comment to say I think a way to customize the toolbars would be muchly appreciated (by at least two people, heh).

:D -Zak

Does anyone know if the spell checker works in the new ver.?

The Semagic client uses MS Word for spellchecking. There are licensing issues with the spellcheck in the original Windows client being used in a derivative project.

There has been dicussions of putting Semagic on the license, but there hasn't been any word on when that will happen, if at all.

Error, unable to run.

"Failed to create empty document."

Re: Error, unable to run.

   Try uninstalling and reinstalling?

   I'll basically repeat what another poster said above.  Whatever the reasons, you need a well-earned break.  Thank you for your service to the community :]

PS:  I'll probably spank you with a Hungarian RC file when you come back ;)

Ya man, enjoy yourself. With all of these new features you've pumped out recently, you'll stay in number one spot untill you have more time. So don't worry, and besides this is all we need right now.

Great piece of code! Thanx :)

I don't guess there is any chance of getting a quick fix to allow Winamp 3 in the music detection is there?

oh that would be very handy indeed

The livejournal.exe file is linked to a missing export mfc42.dll:6508

I don't know if this has anything to do with installing it to a directory/drive other the default, but this I did. :/

Got this too, and I run Win98.

"The file LIVEJOURNAL.EXE is linked to export, MFC45.DLL:6508, that doesn't exist."

Fantastic, I've been looking forward to the new release. :) I like the little buttons with the add friend, lj-cut, etc. :) Very nifty. x

Hoorah for Sema! *claps*

This release fixes all of my previous gripes (i think it's not doing the "keep flashing after ive already seen the updates" thing anymore, at least not that i've noticed)... thank you!

I was just wondering.... is there ANY way to make the icon in the tray be colored!? I know it's a silly little thing but it's the only thing I'd liked to be improved;-)

(or is it just me that has it grey in the tray?? hmm..)

enjoy your time off!:-) thank you.

For me, the Semagic icon is not grey in the tray; it's blue. I'm not sure what's causing yours to not be colored. Are you running with 16-bit color, or 256? If you're using only 256, see if you can set it to 16-bit color.

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<repost from previous topic since it was ignored?>
Hi sema, I love your client! My only problem is: I too am stuck with version 1.2beta4a because its the last version that supports 200 character subject lines. I don't need to use unicode (as far as I know) and I have no problem submitting 200 char subjects (up until tonight) with the previous client. Is there any way to not use unicode and still use the features of the newer client?

Why would you need 200 char subject line??