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New Semagic
sema wrote in ljwin32_sema
Semagic 1.2RC2U, full unicode support, only for Windows NT/2000/XP
Download installer.

Semagic 1.2RC2, limited unicode support, for Windows 95/98/ME.
Download installer.

Source code could always be taken here.

Read here about unicode support in both versions.


  1. Toolbars

  2. Macros (Ctrl-Alt-M)

  3. Ability to create link to user with arbitrary name (look at Make link dialog), like this: bradBrad Fitzpatrick. Note: this is not supported by server and thus will lead to huge HTML code inserted in your post.

  4. Help is now a control bar. You can describe custom shortcuts in file help_custom.html. Do not edit help.html - it'll be overwritten by installer.
  5. Text color picker (in the toolbar)

  6. Wrap with tag (Alt-W)

  7. New shortcuts - look at Help. Note: some new shortcuts, like Ctrl-Alt-W accept two parameters, the parameters should be delimited by "!" sign. E.g. if you type "test!strong", select it and press Ctrl-Alt-W it'll lead to <strong>test</strong>

  8. Offline mode - Just edit button in login-dialog

  9. Many thanx to gera, he was the initial contributor of the above features.

  10. Web menu and Logout added to tray menu

  11. Don't e-mail comments post option

  12. Find.. and Replace.. in Edit menu

  13. Music detection in STP Player

  14. New dialog appears when you may loose your post.

  15. Save/Open file now works as usual, e.g. it remembers file name.

  16. You may now change subject field height

  17. Stop flashing added to main menu

Fixed: a lot :)

RC means Release Candidate, first RC was internal release. I'm about to fix this state and after testing period release stable 1.2 version.

Awesome, thanks a lot ! :)

Looking good, as always! :-)

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Looks great, I'm on XP- there still seems to be a long pause in using the spellcheck and sometimes the old one would "cannot find server" and you have to cntl+alt+del and cancel winword and do it again. Will you be getting a spellcheck like the old lj ones? Some people don't have MS Word and can't spell check...

yeah i noticed this problem too. i do have word, but it takes forever to load and is very annoying. An independent spell check would be very handy.

Great! Only problem I see is when I switch usernames, the time hangs. So if I switch at 6:19:24 AM...the time stays at 6:19:24 AM unless I un-check "Update Time Automatically" and re-check it. I had the same thing happen in the last release, but didn't report it yet, since I didn't know if you'd been informed of it yet.

Thanx a lot, I'll fix it.

Excellent! (..and a minor issue)

I'm very impressed. Great job.

one small problem: when editing my last journal entry, it says entry id is WAY too large (85169) When i scarcely have 300 entries.

Just figured i'd mention.

Again, very skilled job. Can't wait for the next version, things just keep getting better!


Re: Excellent! (..and a minor issue)

Your ID is OK ;)
Note - it's an ID, not an ordinal number.

Looking great, but whenever I go to edit friends, I get an error saying "Decoding error. Warning - some data may be corrupted, apply to author", usually twice. My friends list does load if I hit OK both times, though, so I'll deal with it.

Woah, just noticed the links to LJ support under the Web and Help menus. Good idea.

   I totally, absolutely and perfectly love it!  Especially New#3!

   Of course when one starts to use it, will find little weird things :P
   Say, I made my favourite macro, Ctrl+SPACE and macro text is “&nbsp;”.  Still, Semagic puts a space after it.  It should only when I tell it to put a space.
   On the other hand, how to control cursor movements with macros / is it possible yet?  Say I would want to make a TD macro which would write <TD>¤</TD>, putting my cursor where I now wrote a Universal Currency Note sign :]

cya ^^/

Oh, wow... cool! I can't wait to play with the new features.

You've really outdone yourself this time! :D


(Deleted comment)
Try to turn off spellckeck.

I'm really impressed. Thanks for your contribution to making live journal posting much more robust and fun.


Nice work, sir. All those bells n' whistles...I don't know where to start!

The only feature I would like to see is an option that allows you to only view a specific group when double-clicking on the flashing icon. For example, I have semagic set to flash when anyone in my 'close' friends group posts, but when I double click the icon it shows me all my friends, not just the friends group that I wanted to read about.

yes. good suggestion. I've been wanting this too.

Wow, how do you do it!?