Sema (sema) wrote in ljwin32_sema,

New Semagic

Semagic 1.2RC2U, full unicode support, only for Windows NT/2000/XP
Download installer.

Semagic 1.2RC2, limited unicode support, for Windows 95/98/ME.
Download installer.

Source code could always be taken here.

Read here about unicode support in both versions.


  1. Toolbars

  2. Macros (Ctrl-Alt-M)

  3. Ability to create link to user with arbitrary name (look at Make link dialog), like this: bradBrad Fitzpatrick. Note: this is not supported by server and thus will lead to huge HTML code inserted in your post.

  4. Help is now a control bar. You can describe custom shortcuts in file help_custom.html. Do not edit help.html - it'll be overwritten by installer.
  5. Text color picker (in the toolbar)

  6. Wrap with tag (Alt-W)

  7. New shortcuts - look at Help. Note: some new shortcuts, like Ctrl-Alt-W accept two parameters, the parameters should be delimited by "!" sign. E.g. if you type "test!strong", select it and press Ctrl-Alt-W it'll lead to <strong>test</strong>

  8. Offline mode - Just edit button in login-dialog

  9. Many thanx to gera, he was the initial contributor of the above features.

  10. Web menu and Logout added to tray menu

  11. Don't e-mail comments post option

  12. Find.. and Replace.. in Edit menu

  13. Music detection in STP Player

  14. New dialog appears when you may loose your post.

  15. Save/Open file now works as usual, e.g. it remembers file name.

  16. You may now change subject field height

  17. Stop flashing added to main menu

Fixed: a lot :)

RC means Release Candidate, first RC was internal release. I'm about to fix this state and after testing period release stable 1.2 version.

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