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sema wrote in ljwin32_sema
I'll be on vacation till 15 of July, so will not be able to answer your requests and so on.
See you!

Have a great holiday! =)

have a good one, man. you deserve it.

Ahhh you ass you stole my "You deserve it" idea!!!

Hope you're having a great (and well-deserved) time.

This LJ Client is absolutely amazing. I love using it.

Thanks so much!


I hope you had fun in your vacation.

I just wanted to ask, if the music detector detects mp3 that are played in mIRC?

this isn't a user of live journal but, i got deadjournal and it won't let me do anything off of your client and i was wondering how do i get the livejournal options onto deadjournal through your thing

с возвращением
а где качается последний русский клиент?

what music prog so i have to use so your prog will detect my music

Winamp 2.xx, Sonique, FreeAmp, Apollo, MusicMuch Jukebox, MS CD player

have a good one..... *notices its the 19th* damnit! :)

cool client, ;)

the server feature from the login screen should be linked to a particular account. having a journal on lj, and then a seperate one on ujournal, it would be nice if i didn't have to change the server info whenever i want to post in the other journal (the lj being my main). would this be a hard feature to impliment?

This is by design, read explanation of this feature here:
If you want to constanly use Semagic with different servers just copy .exe with different name and you'll be able to tune and use this 2 (or more) copies independently.

Извините а почему у мен выдает постоянно надпись Can't connet to server try again in few minutes. Хотя неюникод клиент работает замечательно

Sema, I wondered if you could make Semagic support the "Music Detect" on mIRC.
mIRC has his own player.. mp3, wav, wma, and so on..
And I want to know if you can male Semagic support it.

Thanks in advance..