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sema wrote in ljwin32_sema
Semagic 1.2beta6U, full unicode support, only for Windows NT/2000/XP, will not run on other Windows versions.
download zip.

Semagic 1.2beta6, limited unicode support, for Windows 95/98/ME.
download zip.

Source code can always be taken from

Limited unicode support in the version for windows9X means that you can correctly see, post and edit only those entries (and other information like user names) that contain non-latin symbols used in you current code page. Other non-latin symbols will be displayed incorrectly and will be corrupted after editing. For example, if you have French regional settings you'll be able to read/write symbols like "ùéèçà" but will not be able to read/write russian letters.

You have to install support for languages that you expect to use, for full unicode support in the version for NT/2000/XP, at least you need a unicode font installed in your system and this font should be selected in Semagic, you'll most likely have problems with the default font. I use Microsoft Sans Serif (not MS Sans Serif!)

Please note that version for NT/2000/XP (U-version) will not use your settings from previous version. In particular you'll have to reset friends changes at least once.

Except the unicode support there are the following new features:

  1. Login dialog now also has tray icon

  2. Memory used by program now reduces when you minimize Semagic in all the ways (only in NT/2000/XP).

  3. Semagic now recreates tray icon after explorer crash.

  4. Option "Show program version in caption"

  5. Music detection in Apollo player (thanx mrgatsby)

  6. A lot of bugs were fixed

I'm aware that some people have problem logging in with Semagic while having no problems with official client.
For those people - please try this new version and tell me whether such a problem still exists for you.

Very old idea: may you put 'stop flashing' menu item under LiveJournal menu of main program window?

D'you think it's so useful? :)
You may stop flashing by single clicking on tray icon also.

How do I install it for XP?
Copy it to my old Semagic folder??? There's no .exe

Extract all the files from archive to any folder.
Use WinZip (for example) for extraction.

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I had the problems logging in with the Beta4 (behind NAT)... now no problems with Beta6. Thanks very much! it looks great!! :)

I'm glad to hear it :)
Please close your support request then.

Thanks, you're a star!!

Excellent! I'm glad to see another release of your client. Thank you for your continued work!

Marvellous! Thank you.

Love it, love it, love it!

But what happened to "save state" on the 'edit friends' menu? Or is it automatic now?

Also, I totally dig the 'preview' feature. Very cool indeed.

That's what the "reset" button is now on the "Changes" tab, less confusing for beginner users :)

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i'll go and do it in just a minute :) all the old full privs have client: sema privs too. i'm just the best category priv at pestering ;)

thanks sema, it's great :)

Faboo! I love your client, and am very happy you added music detection.

Thanks for the wonderful work.

Fantastic! I'm so happy that you have continued to work on this client and that you are willing to share it with us.

Thank You!

this is brilliant. thanks.
good job.

I absolutely love it! I had just made a journal entry regarding obtaining the earlier one. I'm glad it's ready.

I did notice one thing, and I'm not sure if it's consistant, but I tried it out a few times. When I go to edit an entry, it seems to not want to post it and stalls up unless you preview it first. Probably just me though.

I have the same problem...(and this is the 1.2beta6a version)

Awesome work, man.

Just wondering, offhandedly...is music detection for Winamp3 in the future for this client? I don't think there is one that does it yet since WA3 is so new still...technically, still a beta, heh...