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beta4a is out, only bug-fixes
sema wrote in ljwin32_sema

Some people report that checkfriends by group sometimes doesn't work - icon does not flash when it should. I still can't reproduce it, please report a detailed information in case of such problem.


  • Date/time controls on the corresponding bar sometimes does not fit

  • Sometimes friends state (changes) was reset unexpectedly

  • Carriage returns were cut (at the end) on Paste

  • Preview was shown twice sometimes

  • Problems with setting checkfriends mode to "All"

  • Flashing icon sometimes was corrupted

  • GUI bug

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another minor glitch

when i set the font size (from the view menu) to a larger size, it also increases the size of the text in the 'subject' bar. this cause the text to disappear 'under' the form, and the cursor to appear over it.

sorry about all these niggles, i do love the program really and am very grateful for all your work. :-)

Couple of problems

I'm using this on Win2k (I think SP2)

1) The interests drop down box is empty (I don't think this was happening with yesterdays beta tho)
2) After spell check is completed it brings up a dialog saying that the program is busy and inviting me to "Switch to". When I do this, Word manages to close and submission continues as normal.

Hope that makes sense.

Re: Couple of problems

1. (you mean moods, not interests, right?) Please redownload file, it's aready fixed.
2. see my previous post

Re: Couple of problems

Oops - yup. Moods.

Thanks :)

hmmm, are you supposed to not be able to tab to the mood and music boxes?

I'm still trying to find an appropriate solution.
Now you can move there only by mouse.

maybe a keyboard shortcut would be more possible?

Yeah! No more crashing when setting friend's colours!

i downloaded semagic and everything..and the server is set to www.livejournal.com and ive tried the default path and cgi-bin/log.cgi as the path (thats what my brother uses) and neither of them work..it will come up with the Cannot Connect To Server box...it also does this for the deadjournal server, and ive tried both of them for days and no improvements have been made. any ideas?

Sema - Is there any way to get more details out of the connection error? At my home, beta4a works fine, no problems. At work, I am behind a proxy server, and I can only connect about 25% of the time, and I don't know whether it's getting an error from the proxy server, or just unable to connect or what. If it was, I could work around it. thanks.

Just thought Id congratulate you on a cool LJ client. The friends groups dont randomly change themselves after I was told to use your client. Thank you:)

if there's no wspell in Semagic, it's not illegal, it's just a blowhard being pissy, right?

I absolutely love your client, sema, and kudos to the dev team you work with. I hope that this business with visions doesn't kill this great, great client.

If the situation leads to you not being able to continue with the current version, would you be able to and/or want to recreate this client from scratch (or from the last legal client)?

You've done a great job. I hope this situation doesn't put you off continuing to make a great client.

I'd like to second that. IMHO, Sema's is the best LJ on any platform. I'd hate to see it go.

I agree. Sema has done a great job with it, I've already emailed him encouragement not to give up.

I'm really sorry for being ignorant, but... is the client just gone? Not to come back at all? I want to make sure I haven't misunderstood something...

Just a short commentary.

You rock.

My HD drive crashed and I lost the installer file. At the moment I'm stuck using the official client. Anyone have beta4a???

Have I ever told you that I love you?

I love you as well. ^_^

Just Sending Some Praise and Well-Wishes

I know this may not make much, if any, difference, but I feel like I have to say something here. Your client is the best one out there. I love the layout and it has some spiffy features I don't think the official client has. Spellchecker or not, I would still use the Semagic client hands-down. I hope after all is said and done, issues can be worked out and we can see more of your work for this client. It's really sad to see that some people are so jealous that they may have competition that they wait till the higher-ups are gone and throw a hissie, punishing innocent people because they have to be king of the mountain.

I really hope everything gets settled and that incidents like this don't have to happen in the future. Cheers and good luck! Your work is greatly appreciated.

I've been having this problem lately that if my computer crashes, the music and mood i set for the post get lost, even though it saved the actual post content. Any idea why this would be?

Keep up the good work sema, dont let visions get you down, hes just a silly little boy who threw a tantrum, took his ball and went home.

Who cares if you dont have wspell? Its only useful for Americians. It deems words such as words like 'realise' incorrect and attempts to replace them with US spellings like 'realize'. Australians/Brittish english uses slightly different spelling on a number of words like that, and wspell calls them all wrong. Office spell check can be set to whatever dictionary you install it with and it works just fine.

Don't know if you ever plan on bringing this superb client back from the dead, but ...

I am running Office XP on Windows XP. It ran perfectly, doing it's spellcheck through MS Word XP. Until I installed both the 'Office XP Speller Update: April 25 2002'.

Now I get a 'new_lj' dialogue box, with 'SpellCheck problem' twice, when I try to spellcheck.

Any idea why? I can't remove the Office XP Speller Update without uninstalling Office XP.

Any one else having this problem?

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