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Concerning spell-checker
sema wrote in ljwin32_sema
A lot of people lust for decent spell-checker in Semagic.
Note - bradfitz promised to pass me the licence on the spellchecker that is used by official client and was bought on behalf of LiveJournal.
But it was rather long time ago, still there's no answer from Brad and I decided to release new beta meanwhile.
So, let's just wait.

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i reccommend that you get the facts together before you state something that makes you look like an ass

In future - don't preach at me ever. And please, refrain from posting in my journals from now on.

you have however proven that you are unwilling to work towards a common goal <...> you have repeatedly stated that you prefer to work on it alone

I'm tired of argueing with you...
It's YOU that don't want to work towards a common goal - you've repeatedly stated that you don't want to send me patches, wasn't you?
You want to rule the project - i don't want you to. Period.
Case is closed.

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