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1.2 beta 4 is out
sema wrote in ljwin32_sema


  • Preview. It uses template -- file sem_preview.html.
    You may edit this file to change the look of preview. There are macros %%subject%%, %%event%%, %%time%%, %%mood%%, %%music%%, they are replaced by corresponding values from your post.
    Thanx to vadimkle for the initial contribution of this feature.
  • Checkfriends by groups' mask

  • Colorization of friends' list. Contribution of vadimkle.

  • Installer

  • Entry time panel - now you can set arbitrary time of a post

  • "Read group" menu in tray-menu

  • XP visual styles support (there are some issues though)

  • Ability to open friends' list on new friends' posts

  • Confirmation of draft load when entry or subject fields are nonempty

  • Ctrl-Reset clears entry and subject fields

  • "Saved state" button was moved to "changes" tab and renamed to "Reset"


  • Mailformed URLs in "Edit entry" dialog menu

Source code can always be taken from

looks beautiful!! thank you to all who worked on this :D I love this client, and I have switched at least a handful of users to it for all the features and ease of use :)

oh man, i thought i was the only one who has been praying for friends group notifications... now my dreams have come true!

I seriously dig this new version!!!!!

Nice one! :o)

ooh lovely! i've been waiting for a checkfriends by group :]

sorry to have a bug for you already tho - in the options, if you have it sent to only check certain groups, then it doesn't let you change it to 'check all' unless you manually unselect each group you've got it checking first (well it does let you change it, but then if you go back into the options it will still be set to only check those groups, so i guess the change doesn't take)

I found my new favorite client! Good Job!


I love it! You keep outdoing yourself with each release.

By far, Semagic is my favorite Windows LJ client...and with my install of Linux this weekend, I fell in love with LogJam.

Heaven, I'm in heaven!

I like it! Good job!

what's the deal with XP visual styles support?

i like the installer thing. easy.

it looks really good! yay. thanks.

How do you put your own background on your journal..i have a saved background i want to use

what makes you think that a community about releasing a new version of a client will be able to help you? off topic.

read the FAQ:

How do I add a Background Image?

and if you have problems, ask in support, not here.

My life is now that much more enriched. Thanks. ;)

i was told by support this was the place to say this....

i'm using the latest version of the sema client under windows 2000.. noticed a couple of problems (which i also had with the previous release, but never got round to pointing out)...

1. i know of at least two people who have removed me as a friend since i've been using the client, yet there is nobody in the "people deleted you from friends" area of the "changes in friends" tab of the "edit friends" dialog.
the "people added you as a friend" seems to be working just fine.

2. the items in the post options area are missed from any tab order.

1. Most likely you've never reset friends' changes state (is you "people added you as a friend" list contains all of your friends?). Just press "Reset" button at least once.
2. Known issue. I work on it.

Running Windows 2000, SP2.

Anyone seeing this problem?

Yes.. win2k advanced server SP2 here and I see that kind of behavior everywhere.

Wow .. first off thanks for the great work .. I just downloaded it today. I have noticed a few things that don't seem to work for me:

1)Under settings / Friends .. I have the "show message" ticked. When the message does appear and I click No .. it still takes me to my friends page. Suggestions?

2) also under the settings / Friends tab = Add "?since=" friends page url - what does this do exactly?

3) I'm using Windows XP home and the music detection doesn't seem to pick up anything from Windows Media Player .. none of the other clients did either so no big deal but I thought I 'd let you know

Thank you again for the great work!

1. Can't reproduce.
2. Try, it's not harmful :) It can add ?since=%last_check_time% to the url. It's not supproted by server so far but some people found it useful to avoid loading frends' page from cache.
3. Known.