September 11th, 2007

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A quick review of changes in Semagic during last year: now it works with new version of Blogger, you can specify image size for LJ Scrapbook and put them under lj-cut, Semagic works on Linux and Mac OS via Wine.
The latter is reported to depend on particular version of Wine and system, e.g. for me it runs fine with the most recent version of Ubuntu but for some users crashes randomly (Update: now is reported to work for all after an update of Wine; only parts that depend on IE will not anyway). It is not reported to crash on Mac yet.
Posting to Blogger requires authentication using your google account (gmail email or other email address and password) instead of Blogger username and password.
Image upload to photobucket and tinypic from Semagic no longer work. You can use for quick uploads without registration instead (select " Hotlinking" as image server).