February 7th, 2006

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Now you can upload images to another 3 popular sites: photobucket.com, imageshack.us, tinypic.com. Imageshack and Tinypic do not require to register before upload but have certain limits after which images are automatically resized as you can read in the terms of service for the particular site. Images are uploaded using emulation of web interface with cookies from Internet Explorer. Repeat the steps described in the previous entry except additional authorization step which is specific to Flickr. Keep in mind that cookie may have rather short expiration time. For example, cookie for Photobucket is now set for 2 weeks so you will get a message that you need to log in again.
Also now you can select default image size and use tags for Flickr (via right-click menu) and paste image data from clipboard. By default, images for Flickr are inserted as middle-sized (240 px) clickable thumbnails pointing to the full image page.

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