November 24th, 2005

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There was an error in the previous version of the program that sometimes resulted in incorrect escaping of lj-cut tags. Now that is fixed and also lj-cut and lj-poll tags are made atomic. That means that their behavior in WYSIWYG mode is similar to lj-user tags which can be selected only as a whole and edited only via context menu or corresponding toolbar buttons. Note that this atomic behavior works only for Internet Explorer 5.5 or above.
For example, for not updated windows 2000 the initial version of IE is 5.01 so in WYSIWYG mode lj-user, lj-cut and lj-poll tags are shown as plain text and autospellchecking does not work (version is written in Help/About in IE, for XP users it is 6.0 so everything works).
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Also this release fixes a problem with spellchecker that existed for 2 years and appeared only if you did not have writing access to the dictionaries in the folder where you had installed them previously. That error resulted in a crash at some random point during spellchecking for those several users who had such unusual configuration but before in their reports it was not associated with the account type and access rights.

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