August 20th, 2004

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As you might have noticed, recent changes at LJ may result in more markup errors than before if your entries contain incorrect HTML. Semagic has an option to automatically replace 2 spaces with &nbsp; because most browsers do not display consecutive space characters. But Semagic does not preform HTML parsing so if that option is enabled all such characters will be replaced though that is allowed only for text according to HTML standards. If you type several spaces within such HTML tags like img and they are replaced by &nbsp; the resulting HTML <img &nbsp;src=""> will be treated as error. In WYSIWYG editing mode that is not a problem because you do not manually enter HTML at all.
So if for some reason you want to type HTML tags manually it may be better to disable the mentioned option in Options/View. Additionally, the latest version of the client removes all &nbsp tags placed inside <img>.
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