April 8th, 2002

  • sema

1.2 beta 4 is out



  • Preview. It uses template -- file sem_preview.html.
    You may edit this file to change the look of preview. There are macros %%subject%%, %%event%%, %%time%%, %%mood%%, %%music%%, they are replaced by corresponding values from your post.
    Thanx to vadimkle for the initial contribution of this feature.
  • Checkfriends by groups' mask

  • Colorization of friends' list. Contribution of vadimkle.

  • Installer

  • Entry time panel - now you can set arbitrary time of a post

  • "Read group" menu in tray-menu

  • XP visual styles support (there are some issues though)

  • Ability to open friends' list on new friends' posts

  • Confirmation of draft load when entry or subject fields are nonempty

  • Ctrl-Reset clears entry and subject fields

  • "Saved state" button was moved to "changes" tab and renamed to "Reset"


  • Mailformed URLs in "Edit entry" dialog menu

Source code can always be taken from
  • Current Music
    Rammstein - Du Riechst So Gut
  • sema

Concerning spell-checker

A lot of people lust for decent spell-checker in Semagic.
Note - bradfitz promised to pass me the licence on the spellchecker that is used by official client and was bought on behalf of LiveJournal.
But it was rather long time ago, still there's no answer from Brad and I decided to release new beta meanwhile.
So, let's just wait.