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Export of pictures
тайные знания
quirrc wrote in ljwin32_sema
Now you can export all pictures from your LJ Scrapbook, Flickr, Picasa or Yandex Fotki account. For LJ Scrapbook, protected pictures are only downloaded if you are permanently logged in via IE and the cookie is accessible to external applications. For Flickr, photosets are not preserved, pictures are downloaded into selected folder without subfolders. Export button is available in the picture upload window.


Not seeing how to make this work. Directions?

Export button in the upload window

trying to post photos to flickr with entry and when up trying to upload photo file i get an error

Error Sending File

Error: 100
Invalid API Key (Key has invalid format)

Thanks, I broke it during making the export. Now it should work.

Сегодня(!) при попытке отправки фото в ЖЖ,появилась следующая ошибка
Фотосайт со вспышкой: Ошибка 30.07.2011г. от Rostislav
Ошибка 30.07.2011г.Flamber.ru
Подскажите пожалуйста,что делать?

Там написано, что повторите запрос позже. Пока не работает, используйте другой хостинг.

This is off-topic to the subject of the post, but I don't know where else to ask:

I've been using "Hide this user name in login dialog" to clean up the list of journals and comms that appears in my "journal" dropdown list, and I inadvertently deleted a journal name that I still need.

Is there a way to undo this? (I don't want to just recreate the login because the "Post options" toolbar is playing up on all new accounts that I create in version; it's refusing to display along the bottom of the program window. The entry I deleted is the only one where it displayed correctly.)

Type username again and go to options to unhide.

Unrelated to the subject of the post, but bothersome.

I've been having posting issues using Semagic. Every other attempt to post results in the program locking up. This also happens if I use the "Skip" option on spell-check, or if I use the equivalent to "Ignore all" during spell-check. The only way out is to use Task Manager to close it, and that results in losing post data—oftentimes, long posts.

System is Windows 7 Home Premium, fully patched; Semagic is running in XP Compatibility Mode because otherwise it wouldn't run at all.

Anything that can help is much appreciated.

Edited at 2011-08-01 04:40 pm (UTC)

Re: Unrelated to the subject of hte post, but bothersome.

You mean when you selected to spellcheck via MS Word in options? That method is unreliable, use it only if it works for your computer.

Having a problem getting the settings for the blogger account to use Semagic. I'm pretty sure I've set everything up correctly but I keep getting a server error. Could I get some help, please? Thanks so much!

you should select blogger.com from the dropdown list and everything is subsistuted. Then enter gmail emial and password. I just checked and it works but sometimes in the past I remember it was giving random errors.

I keep getting server errors. I just tried it again.

Can you upload images? It uses the same API. press skip login and try to upload from journal/pictures.

It's so weird. I can skip login and I see it there. Anything else says server error

(Deleted comment)
Без, там очень сложно. Так же, как отображаются в списке альбомов в окне загрузки.

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Re: Exporting photos

You export from scrapbook? It does not process tags at all. The gallery list should be the same as you see in the upload window when pressing "gallery". Where do you have colon, in the gallery name?

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(Deleted comment)

Re: help on multiple service logins?

The name in the login window should be different for two services so that it will no overwrite it. The real username you enter in the server settings.

(Deleted comment)
Пока Вы можете отключить вставку HTML в настройки/редактор

Скажите, пожалуйста, в чём может быть проблема:
Открываю семаджик, ввожу логин и пароль, нажимаю Вход на сервер, и тут же вылетает: "Невозможно связаться с сервером. Попробуйте позже"
Если ввести мои логин и пароль через браузер - всё нормально. Как мне быть? Хочу пользоваться программой, но ошибка при входе не даёт это делать.
p.s. раньше всё было ок

Обычно после обновления, тогда нужно заново разрешить в файрволе, т.к. он думает ,что это новая программа.

A bug (a feature request) in synchronization


Is it possible to export LJ entries sorted strictly by date? I started filling in my LJ in 2007 then later added some entries starting from 2004.

SeMagic unfortunately exports all entries in the same broken order - firstly 2007 - 2007Q2 entries, then 2004-2007 entries, then 2007Q2-2011 entries.

Re: A bug (a feature request) in synchronization

Try this:
there is a new option in Options in Synchronization window to export by ID, it is on by default, you can uncheck it to export by date.

I need to creat back up of my blog with Semagic. Is it real?

You cannot create a restorable backup, you can download all entries in Links/Synchronization and export as html file.