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Scrapbook error 500
тайные знания
quirrc wrote in ljwin32_sema

Everyone is now getting error 500 when uploading to Scrapbook after recent updates there. It is not known whether it will be fixed soon. So I switched Semagic upload via other (newer) API mode.
Additionally, this version has tags autocompletion, you can post to Typepad and 2 dictionaries are packed in the installer so its size is now 1.9MB.

Download page

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>>It still downloads galleries via old method

Is this every gonna be changed? I can't update my galleries anymore because I've reached the limit that this method can handle.

Thanks for the update.

I could not fix it quickly being afraid to break smth. Galleries relations are too complicated.

Try this:
I removed galleries relations completely so it does not show parents.

That is awesome, thank you so much!

Yes it's different, but at least I can upload pictures again with Semagic :-p

You made my day with this! Thank you very much! :D

Thank you for continuing to update this!

Thank you for fixing this. I wasn't sure what had happened.

think I've found a bug with the new auto complete part of Semagic, anytime I try to post to a community that doesn't allow tags in it completely crashes Semagic. Also looks like with autocomplete it tries to complete with a tag already in and the cursor doesn't appear either when typing in the tag or location box

Send me crash dump to quirrc@livejournal.com

Also did you update tags before posting? When does it crash: when you enter tags when it is supposed to be no autocomplete (no tags) or on posting?

Try this:
I do not see cursor problems myself but not it explicitly sets focus. I cannot fix crash without dump file. I enabled online dumps, if it uploads it for you (sometimes does not) do not send.

where is the dump file saved on the old version? I could send you that as I just tried to do the same error and its not doing it now. I've looked in the Semagic folder but nothing about dump file is there.

or what is the dump file called?

livejournalu.dmp in semagic folder

Thank you! It's great programm.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Hello! I'm having a problem with Semagic: when you open the menu item "Open history ..." issue - Invalid password, and does not reveal the history records. Previously, this had never happened. help. Thank you. removal / installation does not help. can you fix it in the new version. I wait.

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