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тайные знания
quirrc wrote in ljwin32_sema
How to use Semagic in Linux with WYSIWYG editing.

Install it under WINE. Then copy mfc42u.dll to Semagic folder or
winetricks vcrun6
Now the programs works but WYSIWYG mode does not: either does not allow editing or crashes (depending on the system).

winetricks ie6
winetricks riched30
winetricks msxml3

Now WYWISYG editor works, it can underline misspelled words in HTML mode and work with Blogger or Wordpress and to save XML files

At first, I manually put dlls into Semagic folder and it worked in one system and did not in another.
Then I made it through winetricks command and it started to work always.

For those who uses Semagic on Mac: use Ctrl+F12 to enable non-English text.

For image upload to LJ Scrapbook set upload block to 0 in options in the upload window.
Drag-and-drop of images works only when dropped into the image upload window (Journal/Pictures)
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уважаемый quirrc, после нескольких новых релизов движка lj, симаджик при загрузке изображений в скрапбук вываливается с ошибкой 500, что делать?

при том что через веб-интерфейс все загружается нормально, сервер не отдает таких ошибок

Edited at 2010-09-16 02:20 pm (UTC)

Это у них, поддержка отвечает что меняют систему.

спасибо, я понимаю, что у них, когда обещали закончить?

Hi, I've recently begun having problems uploading to scrapbook through Semagic when I haven't had any problems before. Every time I try to upload an image, it appears to process but then I receive this error: http://i52.tinypic.com/oaxc08.jpg

I tried upgrading to the latest version of Semagic, but sadly it didn't remedy this problem. Is there a method to troubleshoot this?

They say they are changing something

No changes for me. Ubuntu 10.04

Remove all dlls from previous attempt and overrides.
Set system to windows 2000. Then
winetricks ie6

Yeah. This one works beutifully. Awesome. Thank you.

Произвел все указанные выше действия. При клике на ярлык Semagic в панели запущеных приложений на некоторое время появляется "Запускается Semagic". Затем оно пропадает. Как понять в чем проблема?

не знаю, может попробовать версию для 9x или переустановить WINE? У меня однажды было, что не запускалось, я удалил WINE, папку .wine с диском и конфигурацией, тогда заработало.

i'm a pc user, but i have a friend who uses mac, and i was trying to talk her through installing and running semagic via WINE. she managed to install both programs, but cannot find the semagic folder or the mfj402.dll file, so she can't get semagic to start.

since i have no access to a macintosh computer, i cannot try to figure this out for her, as much as i'd love to.

can you help?

I used mac only once so I do not know either. mfc42.dll can be also installed by running winetricks vcrun6

don't suppose you know of any mac users who've managed to install and run semagic successfully? seems like maybe one of them could help.

Here http://community.livejournal.com/ztaburetom/437403.html
one user writes that he used macindows with built-in wine.

thanks! <3

Спасибо за интересные факты!
Тут такие класные кролики!

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