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Copy to Semagic
тайные знания
quirrc wrote in ljwin32_sema

The latest statistics on Semagic downloads say that Firefox is the most popular browser (among Semagic users). So I created a Firefox extension that adds context menu item to copy link or text to Semagic. It behaves in the same way as IE version does. Download it here (left-click): http://semagic.sourceforge.net/copytosemagic104.xpi

It will prompt to install it at the top of the browser window. After installation and browser restart you should open Tools/Addons, find addon, select its settings and browse for Semagic executable C:\program files\Semagic\LivejournalU.exe.

Writing comments:
click with the extension on a Leave comment link (with ?replyto= ), Semagic will switch into comment writing mode i.e. will remember the link, when you click "Post" it will post reply to that link and open web page with resulting comment. Comments are enabled only in the new version of Semagic ( Also this version can send personal messages (in Links menu and friends window) and shows inbox contents.

There is a way to do the same for Opera, requires manual editing of its menu files
There are no such easy way to do the same for Chrome (because it requires to run external application).


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That's an interesting chart.

It happily switches to Semagic, but it doesn't paste the text into it.

Windows 7 - 64-bit, if that makes any difference.

Does it paste URL of the page or nothing at all? Does the same work from IE?

any plans to add Mac OS support?

You mean Semagic for mac? It works via WINE. at least reported by some user, I did not check.

Works for me, and it's lovely! Thanks!

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searh google for ljarchive

Thanks for the FF extension, and thank you for all your hard work in general on Semagic.

Just one question: do you have plans to create the same extension for Chrome?

Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

No, at least for now, since I was familiar only with FF extensions. Also that extenstion require to run external application, that is more difficult.

Are there any plans to work on compatibility with Dreamwidth? Most things work fine, but it seems to have issues retrieving friends, friend groups, and icons.

That was strange. I tried using the plugin under WIN 7 + FF 3.6.9. in two ways - trying to comment on a comment, and trying to comment on the main post. No text was copied, though when I posted it did post somewhere to this community.

Re: WIN 7 + FF 3.6.9

when you reply to a comment it should not copy text, just link

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Offtop about your userpic))

Oooh, i'm looking for so long the author of this picture that you have in userpic! If you know the author (and perhaps the title of this picture) - tell me, pleeeeeease!)))

language-dictionary settings

I am having trouble using/activating the language dictionaries (setting-switching languages) on this semagic. It's looking for .dll files, although I have installed all three dictionaries (English, French and Spanish). Please offer some help in this matter. I'd appreciate it.

Re: language-dictionary settings

dll is for interface language. Dictionary is selected in Options/Spellcheck. Or press spellcheck button on the toolbar

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No, you have to wait for wine to fix.

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I love Semagic. ♥ I was wondering though, is it possible to post a batch of pictures that are already in my Scrapbook?

copy their links in clipboard and insert in semagic via insert image dialog

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It adds context menu item that opens Semagic and passes link or selected text to it.