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тайные знания
quirrc wrote in ljwin32_sema

A reminder how to post youtube videos:
copy URL to youtube video to clipboard and press button (with disk) on the toolbar in Semagic. This will add lj-template tags around video link. For other video sites, find <object code, copy it to clipboard and press the mentioned button. This will add lj-embed tags. As far as I know, lj-template tag (automatic generation of embed code) works only for youtube. Embed code for youtube also works but lj-template allows you to manually edit the links later.


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Hrm.. I just use the embed code directly off of Youtube and haven't had any issues...

The code disappear so you cannot edit it, lj-template allows to edit it later

Thank you! The disappearing and uneditable codes were very annoying. :)

Will you add iframe video posting support? Or that code can be pasted as is?

there is a video button at the toolbar, it adds <embed tag around video code that you placed to clipboard

I feel ecstatic I found you website and blogs.
increase youtube views

I just copy URL of Youtube and past it, it will automatic change to video. It easy

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