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тайные знания
quirrc wrote in ljwin32_sema
The latest version of Semagic contains the following changes:
· Posting to vox.com (no editing).
· Post options for Blogger (tags, draft state).
· Upload into personal albums at fotki.com.
· data: URL for images.
· Adult content setting.
· Fixed entry deletion with Blogger, picture upload with WP, music detection with foobar2000.
· Loading settings from .ini files is disabled.

Atom publishing API implementation at Vox contains some errors that prevent editing of existing entries. That means that you can press "save" but entry is not updated at the server without any error messages.

Settings from .ini files are disabled because this method is slow, does not work for some users and generates many random crashes for large .ini files. It is replaced with another option that exports/imports registry key to/from a binary file (semagic.re1). You can copy that file with Semagic to a flash drive. Note that you need to set empty draft folder in options instead of direct path.
So exit Semagic holding Ctrl key; that saves semagic.re1 file. Then open program files/semagic folder and copy livejournalu.exe and semagic.re1 and other files to flash drive. Then run it from flash drive. An error message while importing registry file means you cannot use this method because you do not have sufficient adminstrative rights.

Do not change adult setting if you use a blog site that does not allow such entry property or you will get an error and will not be able to post. Or disable completely from the right-click menu on the dropdown list.

data: URL works only for Firefox, Opera and IE8 and has different image size limitations for each browser (and also there is a general limit for LJ entry size). Use it only if you know what it is about.


Thank you, thank you! :)

IE8? I thought that it was only up to IE7?

hi there! any plans for MacOS X support?

read FAQ at the download page

Is there a way to make the friends in the list that makes a usertag show only mutual friends?

I don't know if this is the place to offer an error report - but when I cross-post to insanejournal (a journal that does not does not allow such entry property) - no matter what setting I use for adult content I get the same metadata error and am blocked from posting. I have now toggled between all four 'adult content' settings and am blocked from IJ.

disable from by right-clicking on the dropdown list for that user

Bug report: Incorrect formatting shows as correct in WYSIWYG view

WYSIWYG view does not match the one after posting to LJ so WYSIWYG view
can't be used to verify correctness of formatting

Sample post entry:

Try to post it to LJ - it contains incorrect <td width="154" valign="center" bgcolor="#fcf6d2" align="center"> entry which shows up in LJ after post as bare HTML, but this incorrectness is not viewable in WYSIWYG

How long does it take for the authentication process to finish? After waiting a long time, I clicked on Skip Login and it freezes. Help, please?

most likely it is your firewall

I was able to connect to my proxy with the version of Semagic prior to this, but with this new version I can't. It gives me a "Cannot contact server" error.

I don't know my proxy login/password, though; presumably, I was just able to use the proxy settings for IE before.

Edited at 2008-04-26 07:54 pm (UTC)

nothing changed with proxy, that is your firewall.

Is there any possibility ever of creating a Sema client for Mac?

read FAQ at the download page or previous entry here

well, it works with Vox, but boy is it clunky. Ended up having to completely disable proxy and I'm still not sure I won't be forced to enter the email address every time.

you will not be forced if you do not change existing account in semagic but create a new one

When I paste text from microsoft word, I want the option of text or hmtl to pop up. I used to get this but suddenly I don't and I don't know how to get it back. I don't want hmtl or wysiwyg; I want the text I'm copying to look like anything else I would type into Semagic. Thanks!

it was appearing automatically when data contained some particular garbage styles. also you can manually select edit/paste special and also select default type.

Thanks. I think, it would be a good idea to add automated typograph. Examples are here: http://www.typographer.ru/, http://web.artlebedev.ru/tools/typograf/.

you mean default autoreplace list? where to get such list? at least the one you personally need

I don't think your 'adult content' addition is working correctly. I never touched it. it's set at 'journal default'. Yet when I try to post to multiple jounrals it won't post to IJ telling me something about 'unrecognized metadata.. adult content'. Can this be corrected??

Thank you for a great program.

It does not work as it should but there is a workaround i.e. you should go to that account and select disable in the context menu for that dropdown list.

unfortunally it's not working

do you have any mirrors?

I just updated and now I can't connect anymore. In an above comment you said it was the firewall, I don't understand why it won't connect anymore?

because the contents of .exe file is different if firewall desides based on content but not on path only. so you need to explicitly add each updated program to allowed list.