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тайные знания
quirrc wrote in ljwin32_sema
A quick review of changes in Semagic during last year: now it works with new version of Blogger, you can specify image size for LJ Scrapbook and put them under lj-cut, Semagic works on Linux and Mac OS via Wine.
The latter is reported to depend on particular version of Wine and system, e.g. for me it runs fine with the most recent version of Ubuntu but for some users crashes randomly (Update: now is reported to work for all after an update of Wine; only parts that depend on IE will not anyway). It is not reported to crash on Mac yet.
Posting to Blogger requires authentication using your google account (gmail email or other email address and password) instead of Blogger username and password.
Image upload to photobucket and tinypic from Semagic no longer work. You can use fotki.com for quick uploads without registration instead (select "Fotki.com Hotlinking" as image server).


Добрый день.

Есть небольшая проблемка.
При загрузке картинок на сервер, если это делать через "Журнал/изображения/открыть Livejournal Scrapbook" - и выбрать при этом "320*240+ссылка" или "640*480+ссылка" в полученный в результате код вставляется еще и width="" height="", так вот суть проблемы - в width="" height="" - почему то в некоем хаотическом порядке вместо размеров приравненных к 320 или 640 - вставляется оригинальный размер картинки. Что при загрузке большого количества картинок достаточно проблематично потом в ручном режиме убирать все неправильные width="" height="".
Нельзя ли поправить ?

Заранее спасибо.

После загрузки маленькие картинки скачиваются обратно для определения реального размера (т.к. не ровно 320на 240 если соотношение сторон другое). Если размер почему-л не может быть получен , то он не менялся. Теперь удаляется.

I'm still relatively new to Semagic. Is this download important for those who use it with Win XP? I'm not sure this upgrade applies to me. Thanks again!


I seen that it is, but I get an error message:

Error opening file for writing


Click Abort, Retry or Ignore. :(



I'm new to Semagic too. also, I'm not an English speaker, so please, be patient with me.

Isn't this update function automatic: when you click on Links and choose Update Semagic? Should I download the whole file again (Win XP)?

yes and exit the program before install

I LOVE this program. It's small, easy to use and has every thing I could possibly need.


I regularly export my journals to my local pc. I'm looking for a viewer to view these journals when I choose.

Will this program accomplish this?



no idea. you can export entire journal with comments again using ljarchive (search google)

Somehow when i loaded it up, it saved over really really long draft with a much shorter earlier draft which is now both the "draft" and "old draft" files. How can I restore the longer one?

If it is overwritten you cannot restore. in the future, better save manually selecting file names

thanks for Semagic. It's really neat and convenient

"...works on Linux" now? Oh, cool!!! I can't wait to get home to install it! :-) I haven't missed Windows much since I installed Kubuntu last winter, but I've missed Semagic a lot!!!

I am running

before when I would check my friends list, it would show people that deleted me, if I deleted them, well it's not doing that anymore.

it's just taking them off.


may be that is an error in the program? there was some with friends but was fixed since

(Deleted comment)
help does not work unless you manually copy winhlp32.exe (search google)

Спасибо за Ваш труд. Он многим помогает :)

Thank you for your very useful program! I am running Vista and primarily only want to use Semagic ( as a way to batch upload images to my lj scrapbook. I get a lot of the error "The handle is in the wrong state for the requested operation. Cannnot Contact server. Try again later"

I am trying to batch upload 30plus images and this happens on at least 3 every time I upload but tonight it's happened on 75% of them and just won't let me get the files uploaded (despite retrying 3-4 times per file). If I hit ignore I can get maybe a few uploaded then since they are in series order it's a different mess with only a portion uploaded.

I tried Fotki.com and it wouldn't work either but got a different error there.

Do you have any advice or know what's going on?
Is there any way around that? (I tried using the free

Keep in mind that friday or saturday evening is usually scheduled maintenance time due to the lowes load. you can also switch between wininet and urlmon in options/advanced or set upload block size to zero in the options in upload window

i recently re-downloaded the semagic. i remember the last time that i had it, it worked a lot like MS word, especially spell check with the squiggly little red line. But now the little squiggly red line that appears underneath misspelled words in Semagic has disappeared.

how do i turn this on, if possible?

in options/ spellcheck. you need also to download dictionaries from the same page.

When using Semagic with the "Rotate Userpics" checked, and also "Post to Multiple Journals", it rotates the userpic after posting to the first journal, so the userpic is different between the first journal and the other journals selected. Can this be fixed?

I'm running Semagic, and have encountered a problem I have not been able to fix, even after running through the help section.

I cannot get Semagic to preview the userpic being used for that post, though this function was working just fine two weeks ago. I used to have an option in my settings of "preview userpic" or "show userpic preview", but that option has disappeared. I've checked through all the toolbars I could view to make sure it hadn't gotten unchecked. And when I first log into Semagic, there will be a white, blank userpic where the preview should be, which disappears after about ten seconds. I've tried updating my userpics through Semagic in case it had lost the images as well, and it has not helped.

I am thoroughly confused. There was no update of Semagic between two weeks ago and today, so I have no idea how this has happened.


IF you mean in post options you can take this: http://semagic.sourceforge.net/Semagic1710for2k.exe
But if you did not change anything it is very likely you have got a virus.