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тайные знания
quirrc wrote in ljwin32_sema
Now those of you who requested xhtml compliance can use it in Semagic because it is integrated with HTMLTidy (http://tidy.sf.net ). This library is an HTML parser that can check and fix HTML in a desired way. Currently the library is used with default options and xhtml output turned on.The usage of the library is enabled in Options/Editor and works only in WYSIWYG mode i.e. when output of mshtml should be converted to proper HTML before posting entry or switching to HTML mode. Also when this option is enabled, <strong> and <em> that are generated by mshtml are replaced with <b> and <i>.
HTMLTidy is applied before conversion from <SPAN atomicselection="true" etc. to LJ tags so it may rename internal attributes making conversion impossible. Please do report if you will have any such problems when using lj-cut and lj-poll tags, complex code with many attributes etc. An example error that was already fixed is disappearing spaces between <div> tags when alignment attribute was set.
To quickly see what HTMLTidy does you can type some text in WYSIWYG mode, apply bold and other formatting, switch to HTML to see the code that mshtml generates, then enable option in Options/Editor, switch to WYSIWYG and back and compare.

Another new feature is ability to save and load settings from .ini file rather than registry. The file is saved in the installation folder, initial initialization of it occurs when you enable corresponding checkbox in Options/General. Working with registry is faster so better enable .ini file only if you really need it. Note that if you manually edit that file do save it in unicode format or the data will be corrupted. The size of.ini files is limited on windows 9x so that option is disabled to prevent data loss because typical size of settings in Semagic is significantly higher than that limit. Also note that it is for those who need to quickly run Semagic from removable drive in the first place, i.e. friends history is not saved etc. so to transfer settings to a new computer better export corresponding registry key via regedit (HKCU\Software\Alex Semenov\LivejournalU)

General reminder how to use Semagic with several accounts. If you have accounts with different usernames: type new username in the login window, select server and press login. If you have accounts with the same username: type anything to represent another account in the login window, go to server settings and change real username, press login.
Also note that posting to multiple journals works only with accounts listed in the login window, not with communities.

Download page


I've been wondering this for a while. I know how to set up multiple journals, but what if I delete one of my journals, how do I get it off Semagic? I've tried everything but can't figure it out.

It's not vital, it's just kind of annoying to still have those journals in there that I don't use anymore.

hide username in options/general

Turning on "Use .ini File to Store Settings" Option gives an error

initial initialization of it occurs when you enable corresponding checkbox in Options/General.

I did that, clicked "OK" and I got this error:

I tried to turn on the Debug option, but I didn't see any files that contain information about what happened.

[Semagic version; MFC 6.0; WTL 7.5; WinXP Home, SP2; Pentium M, 2GHz, 1G RAM]

Re: Turning on "Use .ini File to Store Settings" Option gives an error


No .ini file is created for the settings. The only .ini files in my Semagic installation folder are:


I diden't know where to post a request, but is it possible to add an off-line entry feature that will auto post when the software detects an internet connection? I spend a LOT of time away from a connection, and it would be a big help if this software for my laptop would do the same thing that the software for my pocket PC does. It's just easier to type on the laptop. Thanks again.

Re: Feature request?

You mean queue should detect connection? (or you just need queuing feature that you did not knew about)

Not working with IE7 RC1.
Visual C++ Runtime Error.

Dont be surprised. At least on clean install of xp+ie7 it works.

Just waving to ask that when you have the time, you can check out whether you can add music detection for Media Player Classic... it is source-code available (GPL, in fact), so shouldn't be that hard.

Repository interface at http://svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/guliverkli/trunk/, check-out using subversion: svn co https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/guliverkli guliverkli

I just happen to be a satisfied user of both. If you really don't have the time, I can look into it and send a patch.

Also, there's a Windows Media Player 11 beta out now, too... *grin*

I am also writing to ask about the "auto-detection" feature for Windows Media Player. According to your help file, I should be able to set it up using the WMP API file, however I have looked through my computer - even did a search - and cannot find any such file. I even went to Microsoft and downloaded & installed their WGA plug-in patch and still nothing. When WMP tries to detect all I get are 2 or 3 little characters (look almost like Chinese characters, actually). I tend to use my WMP more than anything else, so would really like to get this working when doing my LJ posts via Semagic. Oh and yea, I'm using the WMP 11 right now (recently updated from 10). Jury's still out on whether I like it more than 10.


Thanks in advance!

semagic takes me to a singles website
what is going on

Download adaware or other spyware removal tool

Posting to a Geeklog Website

Do you know if I can use this to post to a Geeklog website?

I have a plugin installed on Geeklog that will allow me to use a Blogger API client to post but it doesn't seem to be working


Configuring your Blogger client

For details, please refer to the documentation of your Blogger client. It will, however, usually ask for the following information:

* Username - simply enter your Geeklog username
* Password - again, this is simply your Geeklog password
* RPC-URL - this is the URL the client will want to connect to. Enter the URL to your Geeklog site + '/blog/', e.g. http://www.example.com/blog/. If you're unsure, the RPC-URL is also displayed on the plugin's admininistration page (select the "blog" entry from your site's Admin block).

Thanks for any assistance.

i have just a problem:

when i`m sending post to my blog via semagic, it set TAG "Uncategorized"
BUT i`m set another tags!!! (new tags)

todo: need to send comands to create new category (tag).

when i tested they were creating

hope i can ask this here

I am having some issues with tags. Ever since I tried to post to a community and use their tags, I can't get back to my journal's tags.

No matter which community I click to post to, OR just posting on my journal - I still have just this particular community's tags listed, and mine are not available on the list.

Any idea how I can get my tags back?

Re: hope i can ask this here

Here's what I do:

a) Go in Semagic's installation folder, find taglist.txt.
b) Open it with a text editor like notepad or editpad, not msword.
c) Delete all tags inside, save file, close it.
d) Start Semagic*, make sure your journal is selected.
e) Hit 'Update' for tags and that's it.

= )

It would be really nice if there was a way to do this from inside Semagic without having to hunt down taglist.txt. ::looks hopeful::

*(I usually do this with Semagic running on the background but I can't tell for sure if it will work for you that way.)

any chance you'd be able to add some sort of feature that saves all the different locations you use, so that you don't have to type them out every single time? sort of like how it saves the tags...

Re: location field

For now you can create a macro that has a submenu with a list taken from file. create a file with list of locations, create macro, place cursor into locaion filed and select from menu. read help for macros.

the drop-down menu from comunity button not working for me in this release - the lj-user button and lj-cut - working well.

OT from what you've posted...

The time zone is listing the correct time in Semagic, but when I post, my entries are always one hour too early. Any idea as to why this might be? My settings via LJ show the correct time zone.

smth wrong with daylight saving at lj server, clear timezone and post as is.

In version in case of storing settings in ini-file program don't saves friends information. Friend list is available only after refreshing from server.

semagik coud not connect to the server, please help

I have this same problem as well.

i used to use your program years ago and am now returning.

i love the new features you've added since i've been away. i really, really wish you'd add service to forumsigs.com as well as flickr. i've used lots of image host sites and it is by far the best. so great i began paying for use even though payment isn't required. plus the fellow who runs it is a really swell person. when my cc got stolen he offered to give me a month free until i could get the bank issues straightened out.