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(no subject)
тайные знания
quirrc wrote in ljwin32_sema

Now you can upload images to another 3 popular sites: photobucket.com, imageshack.us, tinypic.com. Imageshack and Tinypic do not require to register before upload but have certain limits after which images are automatically resized as you can read in the terms of service for the particular site. Images are uploaded using emulation of web interface with cookies from Internet Explorer. Repeat the steps described in the previous entry except additional authorization step which is specific to Flickr. Keep in mind that cookie may have rather short expiration time. For example, cookie for Photobucket is now set for 2 weeks so you will get a message that you need to log in again.
Also now you can select default image size and use tags for Flickr (via right-click menu) and paste image data from clipboard. By default, images for Flickr are inserted as middle-sized (240 px) clickable thumbnails pointing to the full image page.

Download page


I seem to lose my settings each time I close the program. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

eh, I mean general settings, not setting for those picture-sites.

It seems to not be abole to access my custom moods. :-(

I can't wait to try it out using photobucket!

I downloaded the new Semagic but where are the photobucket settings?

(Deleted comment)
No matter. Go to the admin comsole and type ban_set mithgol.

It rox.

macros - music detection?

I'm using Semagic to post to a WordPress install. WordPress doesn't have support for a music detection/information field. I was thinking I would just include music info as the last line of every post.

Would it be possible to create a macro within Semagic that can grab the detected music information (using an approved media player, of course) and add it to the body of an in-process post?

I think the only thing I'd need to do that is to know the parameter (it's not as simple as [lj-music]) to call in the macro and the formatting would be up to me. But perhaps it's more complicated than that?

Re: macros - music detection?

Have you looked in Plugs or third part add ons for Word press, I used to Use that software longbefore I went EE, And I was able to use a Addon/plugin for it.

If its not about ask in Wordpress forums that was how I had many help getting things to add to my blog.

How do I change ALL MY PREVIOUS ENTRIES (nearly 1,400 of them) to PRIVATE? I've heard that there's a way to change the security settings on all previous entries through this program instead of going through each entry. That'd be a little to much. THANKS!

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Is there a way to turn off the userpic? I find it very annoying for some reason.

right click on it to get context menu

since the previous update, the 'detect music now' function is nonoperational. i'm using itunes, and it worked fine previously.

i downloaded the latest version and now it won't sign in. it just gets stuck "detecting proxy" and won't do anything. i've tried uninstalling and starting from scratch, but still the same thing. i'm running xp, and i even tried the 95/98 version, but it does the same thing. i assume there's some setting that is messed up somewhere, but what? any ideas?

press F1 in the error message.

And what about ljplus.ru? Will be image uploading support included in later versions?

Wow that's excellent

Thank you for all your hard work.

great job done quirrc! This was long awaited, at least for me!

(Deleted comment)
I feel weird asking questions on here but ... I dunno where else to ask.
Is there a way to get a list of all the entries or something?
I'm trying to make my journal friends only but 20 entires at a time and then day by day will take forever...

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Just wanted to say thanks for all the work you do on this program, not to mention the support you provide! (Maybe you should look into setting up a comm for people to help one another, so you can focus more on creating the actual program. :)