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(no subject)
тайные знания
quirrc wrote in ljwin32_sema

There was an error in the previous version of the program that sometimes resulted in incorrect escaping of lj-cut tags. Now that is fixed and also lj-cut and lj-poll tags are made atomic. That means that their behavior in WYSIWYG mode is similar to lj-user tags which can be selected only as a whole and edited only via context menu or corresponding toolbar buttons. Note that this atomic behavior works only for Internet Explorer 5.5 or above.
For example, for not updated windows 2000 the initial version of IE is 5.01 so in WYSIWYG mode lj-user, lj-cut and lj-poll tags are shown as plain text and autospellchecking does not work (version is written in Help/About in IE, for XP users it is 6.0 so everything works).
This requirement does not mean that you should use IE as web browser. That just means that certain set of system libraries that are installed with IE and that are used by many other applications should be updated to certain versions. Most of other programs that you use also have requirement of certain minimum version of IE.

Also this release fixes a problem with spellchecker that existed for 2 years and appeared only if you did not have writing access to the dictionaries in the folder where you had installed them previously. That error resulted in a crash at some random point during spellchecking for those several users who had such unusual configuration but before in their reports it was not associated with the account type and access rights.

Download page

Woohoo! Awesome, thank you!

Меню по-прежнему увеличивается после запуска некоторых программ.
При добавлении ссылки на ЖЖ-пользователя с использованием отличного имени есть две проблемы:
1. Нажимая троеточие для выбора пользователя я вижу надпись Loading..., которая не исчезает.
2. Нет возможности выбрать сообщество из списка.

меню пришлось отменить, т.к. у одного человека стало еще хуже, пока используйте

(Deleted comment)
I did not update dictionaries there after first upload

В CTRL+Z через раз работает

каждое подчеркивание изменяет буфер отмены

hey, in version 1526 and now in 1556, it won't let me make any posts. it notifies me of flist updates and otherwise behaves itself, until i try to post anything. when i hit submit, it gives me the error "client error: invalid argument(s): invalid tz".

i'm running windows xp professional.

any ideas?

Clear time zone in options

I am considering to get a client for posting on LJ so I wonder is there any other requirements besides having some version of Windows if you want to install Semagic? (I hope it isn't to have IE installed, if IE is required then I will stick with using web-client)

windows cannot run at all without IE though you can remove its icon from desktop.

Пожалуйста, сделайте раздельные списки тегов для сообществ и самого журнала пользователя. Ужасно неудобно, что теги, присваеваемые сообществам, попадают в собственный журнал…

в предыдущей записи написано как

И еще одно предложение.

To cancel autocorrection of a certain word use Ctrl+Z (Edit/Undo) and select Add to user dictionary from the right-click menu.

Сделать эту функцию только для тех, у кого отмечена автоисправление. А для тех, кто его не использует, сделать нормальную Сtrl+Z.

I'm using the latest client, but even with the last version I had a problem with html - cells and what not. WYSIWYG and the previews don't show my html accurately, and I have to just trust I have gotten it right, and then check it over once I've posted it. Is there some option I'm not checking or something? Because I'd really like to be able to see what I'm doing.
XP user.
Well done on Semagic on the whole :-)

I pasted text from the last entry in your journal into html mode and it turned out incorrect, pasting into wysiwyg mode gives correct. i removed extra newlines it was adding so if that was causing your problem you can take this:
if that does not fix it explain exactly ho do you get that incorrect html.

( I have a question. I never had this issue with older versions, so although it may seem just a minor inconvenience, I was wondering if there was a way to fix this. I save my comment code & the formatting for my updates in the draft uploading at the start of Semagic. However, once I downloaded a newer version, instead of saving my (default) icon, it saved an icon I had previously used. Now whenever I open the draft, the same icon shows up, defeating the purpose of the "rotate userpic" option that I've always used. However, before, when I could save (default) as the icon, it would open the default icon, but then go to the usericon after the one I had previously used, thus "rotating" the userpics. It no longer does this. How can I get it to save that way again? Thanks. »» ashley )

Ваш английский великолепен!

Можно спросить, откуда он у вас?

As always I love your work.

However, I seem to have a problem, that the version I've downloaded, which is the latest for XP, won't do backdated entries. It sticks them in as new entries...

Any ideas?

post backdated entry, open it via history and see if it's backdated in its post options.

Начиная с какой-то версии программа не проходит через наш firewall. Пишет cookie sent... висит очень долго и не запускается в итоге. С этими же настройками раньше все было в порядке. Что это за куки, можно ли их убрать?

Кроме того кажется, что как-то все-таки Semagic получает доступ в интернет, потому что сообщает о днях рождениях...

Версию только что скачал наипоследнейшую.


One of my icons in Semagic doesn't show properly (only a half of it)... I don't know how to fix that problem (since on LJ site I've no problem), I tried to update a few times the icon but that doesn't work.
Any opinions?

В снова проблема с учетом френдов.
Меня удалил один пользователь. На лжплюс это отображается, в семаджике не было ни сообщения, ни отображено в списке изменений френдов.

В ничего не изменилось.
Поставил птичку «Load offline state first». Загружается список в котором присутствует только одно сообщество. Нажимаю «Обновить». Появляется правильный список, но изменения (кто добавил/удалил) не отображаются.
закрываю. снова открываю. снова только одно сообщество ua_music.