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(no subject)
тайные знания
quirrc wrote in ljwin32_sema
Now you can update tags from server. Their list is downloaded and merged with the existing list from taglist.txt file which behavior was described in the previous entry.
Also the latest release has a poll creator and there are some changes with macros that are described in corresponding help topic. Note that at LiveJournal.com polls can be posted only by paid users.

About insecure passwords:
Note that the message that you may get during login is *not* from Semagic. Also later you will not be able to login or do anything at all (via client or web) if your password does not meet those requirements.

Download page

Yay for poll creator! :)

Looking good.

Will there be support for Technorati tags for Blogger and other blog platforms? It seems that that should just be a matter of adding some preformatted HTML to the bottom of posts - allowing multiple blogs to share the same tag list...

use macros. also you can use macros to assigning frequent set of several LJ tags.

Shucks!!.. JUST downloaded

I did too! Literally, just this morning.

So is there any way to suppress the pop-up warning about passwords? I've long had a dispute with LJ regarding their 'security' system. The dictionary they bought is faulty as hell. My previous password was relatively insecure and didn't follow several of the basic password security rules, yet was deemed okay by LJ. My more recent password follows almost all of the secure rules, yet they deem it insecure on a basis that is just ridiculous. (Their dictionary claims it's based on a dictionary word...all I can say is, the word in my previous pass is a COMMON slang term, and the word in my new one is thoroughly uncommon and nothing ever used in common speech.) In the past, I've known passwords of several girlfriends and now my wife...again, theirs are less secure than mine, yet get no flags. It's abundantly clear that their security measures are flawed at best, not even getting into the argument that this is an LJ, not a financial account that requires bullet-proof security.

That said...can we turn off the amazingly annoying and non-helpful prompt that comes up via Semagic now?

I agree. My password is a combination of words... and they all aren't even spelled right! The prompt may be coming from LJ (because their dictionary obviously contains all variations and incorrect spellings for every word and combinations of words imaginable) and the pop-up is totally pissing me off.

Thanks! I really like the poll creator and the updated tag support.

I have a suggestion/request. Would it be possible to do checkfriends on more than one friends group? I'd like to have it notify me on Default View (which I have set up already), and then on a separate filter that I read separately. I'd like a different kind of notification, maybe the icon turns red for first filter and blue for second filter, possibly with a different sound effect. That would make Semagic perfect for me.

Yay for the poll creator. Thanks!

Dear quirrc:

New Semagic user here, and I have a question/concern...

I wrote my first post and sent it. Or thought I sent it. It shows up in my history list in Semagic, and yet it's not appearing on my LJ recent postings page. I have refreshed multiple times and still do not see my post appearing. A friend who is a Semagic user says his posts usually show up immediately. What could be wrong, and how do I go about checking into this?



Ooops... scratch that concern/question. I wasn't on the actual Recent postings page; I was on the comments page of a recent post... for some stupid reason. LOL

my bad


I'm wondering if this is a Semagic issue...

If I copy text from a Firefox window and paste it into Semagic, instead of the text I want, what is actually being pasted is a link to the page I'm copying from. This isn't a problem with IE or any other program, like Notepad.

Is this a Firefox issue or a Semagic issue?

Does it happen for all pages and for both html and wysiwyg mode? provide your version of firefox and windows and example address if that happens for certain page.

any chance you have a version for mac os x? i was using this client until i switched to a mac and i really miss it. :(

I downloaded the latest edition and can't find the poll creator. Any suggestions?

links/create poll. also you should have seen help popup with changelog on the start (if you upgraded, not for new users)

For the past two weeks or so, I've been unable to log into Semagic. It keeps telling me my password is invalid. It was working perfectly fine before. I tried re-entering my password countless times, but it still won't accept it. Have any suggestions? (I already upgraded, and that didn't work either.)

type your password in other program like notepad where you can see what you type and copy/paste into semagic. or you can login in IE permanently, in semagic go to server settings in login window and check "IE cookie".

I downloaded the latest upgrade, and suddenly, I can't get Semagic to log me in. I keep getting a "Cannot contact server" error. The connection is solid and properly configured. I can log in just fine through my web browser. I've tried changing Semagic's connection settings, but nothing I do helps. Never had the problem before, that I can recall.

(And yes, I've updated my password, but I don't think that's the problem. It's not that the password is being rejected. It's that Semagic can't even connect to the server.)

Any idea what's wrong? More imortantly, what can I do to fix it?

if that happens only with new version that means its firewall that treats it a new unknown program. delete rules in the firewal and recreate them. more info is in help topic by pressing help button in that error message when you login.

Hi, I've been having a weird issue, pretty consistently since I upgraded, where lj cuts look fine in html, I switch to WYSWYG to check things out, and when I've switched back some of > and < have been changed to &gt; and &lt; If I don't go back and change them, they can really mess up my post. Does this make sense?

if you can reliably reproduce that with certain text paste it here (from wysiwyg mode)

Re: My password IS secure

I know. I ended up replacing a letter with a similar-looking number, that seemed to do it. They don't like the number to be on the END, you see, it should be in the CENTER>

*grumble grumble* fusspots. My bank doesn't even get that picky.

(Deleted comment)

Re: bug?: 'minimize on start' isn't only on start

at least it does not minimize if you use fast switching via journal bar

(Deleted comment)