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(no subject)
тайные знания
quirrc wrote in ljwin32_sema
There were reports about some strange display effects when using auto spellchecker in HTML mode: when the text reaches the bottom of the screen and the window starts to scroll, the cursor jumps one line back and forth during typing. I saw that error before and it was fixed after version If you still see that or any other effect with auto highlighting please provide more information about it: whether it occurs always or depends on how fast you type, it happens only in main window or also when editing entry in history, does it depend on the font size etc.
Or you can report about any other persisting annoying behavior of the client not related to spell checker.
Update: with new highlighting method, that behavior with cursor jumping is eliminated at least for those users who initially reported it.

Also now there is an auto correction dictionary in the latest release of the program. Currently it is for English only. Please provide me a link if you know where to find such list of common misspellings for your language.

Download page

I haven't actually used it in a bit. My laptop is being borrowed by my brother and it has the program on it.

So don't count one of the no votes. That was me.

(Deleted comment)
you mean you got Server busy message when spellchecking via MS Word? that is not related.

(Deleted comment)
I, personally, have noticed that whenever I copy and past something from Microsoft Word, there's all this obnoxious HTML code that I have to manually get rid of.

use Paste As Text from right-click menu

i got it a couple times when i cut and pasted into the very bottom of the window - or something that would take it past the bottom of the window

I got no errors at all like that, even using Canadian spellings on the en-us dictionary. But I haven't tried cut-and-paste into the programme yet. I'll do my next entry as a cut-and-paste from OpenOffice.org and let you know how that works. (I don't do Word ... or WordPerfect ... or any other wordprocessing software I'd actually have to pay for.)

No c&p problem with OpenOffice.

the only problem i've been having is that it won't recognize daylight savings time. the time on the client and my computer is an hour ahead of what actually ends up being posted.

the time in the date toolbar? or you set timezone in options?

I just updated from, I think, to I tried auto-spellcheck with a long bit of text before and after the update and the only annoying thing I ran into was in the older version and that was that I added a word to the dictionary and it stayed underlined (though cutting the whole thing and pasting it back made it go away). I know that's not related and moot now that the problem appears to be fixed, but since the question included "any other annoying effect," I figured I'd mention it.

For some reason, the client won'T keep the changes I make to the interface. Every single time I log on, I have to move things around so they are the way I like them. On my other computer though, this is not a problem.

When I tried to set up the spellchecker programs, Semagic crashed, so I just haven't been using them. :8/

(Deleted comment)
I've got the same problem with FIREFOX. The Client always opens IE...how can I change it to open FIREFOX instead?

Is it possible to change the display colours? As in, make a black background with white text for the journal entry input field?

in html mode you can use the right-click menu. or you want in wysiwyg mode too?

One annoying thing about the client is that the tab order doesn't seem logical. Most often I get frustrated that it doesn't tab from Current Mood to Current Music to Picture. Not an issue of huge importance though.

Another annoying thing is that if you post an entry and then use edit it using Edit Last Entry and use ctrl+M to insert a link or image, when you OK the dialog box it overwrites the previous content of the entry.

the tab order if fully an easily customisable in the latest release.

I was wondering if there were any plans to support tags?

That would be an extremly useful feature.

do you se the latest version?

Is there anyway to delet old usernames off the login?
it's really annoying, and its super annoying now that i updated semagic
because when i pick which journal i want to write in, they are there - even though they are deleted journals.


hide each username by selecting corresponding option in options/general

When I run the spellchecker, it flags every. single. word. Did I install something wrong?

Also, while I'm typing a comment...
1. When I move the tabs at the bottom around, they're never in the same place when I open the next time.

2. Is there tags support?

read about common mistake with configuring spellchecker at http://semagic.sourceforge.net