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1.2 beta3 available
sema wrote in ljwin32_sema
You can grab .exe here

  • In Add friend dialog you may now add friend to a group. (Default view by default, if you have it)

  • Ctrl-Alt-L inserts link on selected text using clipboard contents as a location

  • Tray icon tooltip shows username and server

  • Dialogs that can be called from tray menu (Options, Add friend, etc) now has taskbar buttons

  • In History dialog private and protected entries are marked by corresponding icons

  • In History dialog time of entries is shown in local format

  • Attempt to avoid bugs concerning corrupted friends' groups

  • Error message (Failed to load empty document) that used to appear when you close login window now gone.

  • Confirmation on deleting entries from history dlg

  • Now program does not autosave when minimized

Source code can always be taken from

Update: Please redownload, bug concerning editing friend's colors is fixed.

Small bug... not a show-stopper...

The ?since section seems to be formatted slightly wrong.

When I check for friends I get this...

... whereas I should get this...

...as the %20 in the middle is a space, you only have a % there :-)

As I say, this isn't a show stopper... I'm just going by what the original Win32 client did.

This is an excellent client though!! :-)

Re: Small bug... not a show-stopper...

definately a good client :) love it to bits

I have been running into a lot of issues with the spell checking. It used to work and then stopped working on my computers.

Since then I have completely reformated and reinstalled my system and and once again having the same problems. I am using Windows XP and Office XP (it worked in the past).

The errors I keep getting are

"The document 'Normal.dot' caused a serious error the last time it was opened. Would you like to continue opening it""

if i choose yes I then get...

"Spell Check problem"

After that if I try it again all I get is "Spell Check Problem"

Any suggestions?

I'm getting that too...

Another wonderful client release!

One thing I might like is a little window monitor (and yeah, I know this is a stretch) that lists out the names of the friends who have updated since you last checked. That'd be neat, but it is of course not a big deal ;)

the server doesnt support that.. so he wouldnt be able to add it to the client at this point in time.

i already fixed the corrupted friends group stuff in 1.4.7-beta a long time ago if you want to see how to do it. let me know.

Think now it's fixed already.
However the source with your latest changes might be useful somehow, just send a link if you want.

is it possible to add currents to this client. Such as weather, or location. It doesn't need to work with the LJ servers, but I was just wondering if it could be done with the actual program. I'm in an AP computer science class, and my teacher said she would give me extra credit if I could do it.

you may do all that you want
even make the client contact your coffee maker through wireless network to bring you cup of coffee every hour

I have just tried to change the colours on a friend (three times), and the client just hung.
Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Thank you, I've just fixed it, redownload.

text limit in the post field?

is there anyway to get around the text limit in the post field? i made a post last night and aparently i exceeded the limit and it cut off part of my post. i had to go to the webpage to actually be able to post it/edit it.

Re: text limit in the post field?

I had the same problem myself. Hmmm...


Your lj client is incredible!!! It does everything I could have remotely wanted, short of living my life for me! Thank you for taking the time and energy into putting that together (to you and all who are/were involved in it's production)

Okay, I'm sure you don't want me cluttering your comments view with my pointless thoughts, but I just really wanted to thank you.


i really like this client. :) i have one request, though. is it possible to make it so that one could chance the security on a post without opening it in the history panel? i even have a handy illustration to show you what the heck i'm trying to say.


i'm presently trying to just change the security on all my posts. i don't want to edit them. i post a lot. i'm very sad. :p being able to just change it right on that panel would be huge. thanks so much, btw, for SHOWING the security status of the posts on that panel!

Y'know... this is a very good idea. I second this feature request for the next beta. :)

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
I got the client today and that was actually the first thing I thought about. I LOVE it in every other way ESPECIALLY the shortcuts! But it would be awesome if that window could stay open while I'm typing, or maybe be off to the side where you can have it open or not like the post options and active journal menus.

My brain cells aren't as efficent as the used to be and sometimes I forget in the time it takes me to close the window and go back to typing....

(Deleted comment)

If the client's going to add it, it might as well do it properly... <div style="text-align: center;"> ... </div>

I can understand people going for <center> when they have to type it, but a shortcut key makes that point moot and so not using deprecated tags is a good idea in my opinion.

This is awesome, good job bro! If anything Brad should switch the non beta one to you layout, very nice and handy!

Yeah the spell check is not working at all, any suggestions to fix it?

Does this client support offline posting, then have it sync the LiveJournal when you go online? I would like to use this on my laptop due to a lot of travelling that I do. If this feature isn't already implemented, please consider doing so, I'm sure it would benefit a lot of users. Thank you. :)

When you select the "Automatically check spelling before posting", and then go to post an entry, I get an error.

"This action can not be complete, because another program is busy. Click the appropriate button on the task bar to activate the busy program and correct the problem."

However, I have NO other windows open. The message pops up OVER and OVER and won't let me exit the program. I have to click "control + alt + delete" and manually shut down the spell checker (Spellchecker [English: US]) to get control again.

Any ideas?

Same happens with me.

I usually CTR ALT DEL and shut down WINWORD and it starts working.

But it's really annoying.

I ckecked my running processes in Windows 2000. It fires WINWORD.EXE and dosen't close the process. Sometimes the spell checker works but it will always leave word running. Has anyone else seen this?

I'm using client 1.2 beta3 with Win2kPro and Office XP.

Other than that this is a great client. Thanks for the great work!

yeah, like i just said ...

same happens with me.

i love semagic but i've actually stopped spell checking my entries, that's so annoying.