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(no subject)
тайные знания
quirrc wrote in ljwin32_sema

LiveJournal and does not allow posting comments directly from downloadable clients without loading web page with comment form in the browser (in particular, this minimizes comment spam from automated tools). Since some users find it more convenient to write comments in the client (for the same reason why composing normal journal entries is more convenient in the client than in the browser), the latest releases of the client have two additional Web view tabs with browser windows hosted inside the client. Their behavior is controlled via Options/Web. You can make it open all web links inside the client, to intercept clicks on "Reply to comment" links and to open resulting comment form inside the client or as external IE windows. To post a comment you should open a web page inside the client (for example, friends or recent_comments.bml) and click on the reply link. Then the client switches to HTML or WYSIWYG editing mode and you can write text, add HTML formatting, perform spellchecking etc. After pressing Post comment the client switches back to web mode and comment form is loaded inside the 2nd Web window (to keep the previous page in the 1st one). Then the form is automatically filled so you just need to press Post comment. Semagic can also perform automatic spellchecking directly inside that comment form on the web page without switching to editing mode.
Note that those browser windows are instances of Internet Explorer so you need to login in IE to make your username and password substituted automatically. You can also switch it to use Mozilla ActiveX which is based on the same engine as Firefox (see corresponding link in Options). The described comment technique works with Mozilla ActiveX in the same way as with IE but auto spellchecking (highlighting) is not available.
Please do report if you get any errors or have improvement suggestions.

A reminder about timezone: this option is for people who want to always post entries with the time in certain timezone, for example, GMT, but their local timezone is not GMT. In this case the time in the date toolbar is not considered at all. So there is no need to set that option to your local timezone like some people do and ask why they cannot alter entry time. When timezone is set, you can always edit the entry later and manually specify its time but not on the initial submission.

Download page

I don't understand how to get this to work. I have version In Web options, I have checked: "Open Web links inside the client," "Use Mozilla ActiveX" (which I installed), "Intercept clicks on comment links," and "Open comment form in Web view tab".

When I click on a "Leave a comment" link, it just opens the "Post Comment" page. Semagic doesn't do anything.

What am I doing wrong?

does it work with IE? it should intercept ?mode=reply links. maybe you have style=mine?

Aa, with previous versions of Semagic, I was able to post in a non-Roman language like Japanese. However, with your most recent version, all the Japanese characters become question marks in the post. Could you please fix this? Thank you sooo much!

what version do you use? do you see it correctly in the preview? read "Unicode support" at http://semagic.sourceforge.net/. does changing wininet/urlmon in options/advanced changes anything?

I just downloaded the new version. When I try to login I get "Unknown status: 80"

What's wrong?

do you get any other messages before like connecting... sending...? i.e. after which it stops?

maybe it's a little unrelated, but in the i just downloaded, i think there's a typo in the "View" menu
it says "Swtich WYSIWYG" :D

Semagic for NT/2k/XP
Заходим под новым аккаунтом.
Меню -> Живой Журнал -> Редактировать друзей.
Жмем "Обновить с сервера".
Выбираем юзера которого нет в друзьях, и в контекстном меню - "Добавить в друзья...".
Появляется диалог, с пустым полем "Имя друга".

у меня все есть. это проявляется только из контекстного меню?

Oops. That's "Create
[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<a [...] *>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

Oops. That's "Create <a href=""*> for pasted/ dropped URLs". :p

When I maximize the web view window it blanks out.

WinXP Pro sp2
IE 6.0
Firefox is default browser.
Mozilla ActiveX v1.7.7 installed
Web Settings checked:
1. Open web links inside the client
2. Use Mozilla ActiveX
3. Intercept clicks on comment links

This problem does not happen when I turn off the "Use Mozilla ActiveX" option and Semagic uses the IE engine.

I'm getting a problem when Semagic tries to save drafts. It just keeps saying that (the file that it is and where it is) contains an invalid path, but there's nothing wrong about it. I uninstalled it and installed it in a different area but I can't figure it out...

check draft folder in options/save

A good thing to add in the next version (if it's possible) is an option to cross post in all our communities at the same time.

of course not, because communities usually are not only yours. That will make easier for some people to spam or at least make many unnecessary multiple posts that other may not like. Normally each community is dedicated to one theme, so the same entry is unlikely to fit many communities at the same time.

I consulted the "FAQ" in the help menu at livejournal.com to help me find out how to delete essentially all of my entries without deleting my account. The unfortunate answer was that I cannot do this without going and deleting each individual entry one by one. They did, however, suggest that I find a downloadable client and use that to facilitate the mass-deletion process. I stumbled upon this one and do not know how to do anything with it. Please help me with my problem if you have time.


The clients do not allow to do it via one click for the same reason why LJ does not. The easiest way is to open history in the client, select one entry and press delete and so on.

I've got the comment feature working, and it's on occasion very helpful, but sometimes it posts as a new entry. Is it something I'm doing?

Are those times different from other? you should see [comment] in the title and Post comment on the button. do you see it always? do you exit the client or load/save from files text of comment?

Wrong statement on msgbox

I just downloaded and installed version
When adding friends which already are in my 'Friends Of' (little red arrow) i get a msgbox in response telling me that i have deleted the user. After closing the edit friends dialog box and re-opening and 'update from server' i get the correct msgbox telling me i added the users.

Besides this minor thing it's a great product!

Unrelated to comments, but since the sourceforge page points us here for questions...

Is there a way to control memories from semagic? Either to edit memories, or to file something in your memories as you make a new post?

I love semagic because it allows me to post and to edit my friends without having to log in and out of several accounts on the webpage - it'd be awesome to have a way to do the same with memories! Am I missing how to do this, or does it not exist?

what to add? now you can only right-click in history to add to memories.

Нашёл любопытный глюк в версии

Похоже, галочка “Copy preview template file”, которая в установщике, нифига не значит. Шаблон в любом случае перезаписывается.

Изменения друзей пусты!

В версии (и только в ней) наблюдаю с трепетом ужаса, что уведомления о новых друзьях выпрыгивают, но вкладка „Изменения друзей“ после этого остаётся пустóю.

Что интересно: переустановка Semagic (без сохранения настроек, то есть с очисткою реестра!) не помогла.

Новые друзья появляются в общем списке друзей и возникают на краткий миг (до нажатия “OK”) в диалогах (выпрыгивающих окошках) о друзьях, но не сохраняются во вкладке с изменениями друзей и удалениями их.

Стоят галочки:

„Регистрировать и уведомлять об изменениях“
„Уведомлять об изменении названия журнала“
„Показывать дни рождения при запуске“
„Уведомлять об удалении журнала“

Все остальные галочки в этом списке сняты.