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тайные знания
quirrc wrote in ljwin32_sema

I did not receive any feedback about Fotobilder client in Semagic. Does anyone use is at all? Do you get any errors? Do you think that something can be improved?

There is at least one problem: if you have a lot of galleries (~100) their list cannot be retrieved via any client that uses old version of FB protocol including Semagic and evan's client.

Also there may be a problem with uploading pictures through some proxies with NTLM authentication (reported for Netapp). If the program works for all other operations and only fails during upload you should set upload block size to zero in FB options.

I just tried to upload six pictures (various sizes) and it gave me errors on three of the six. Not sure why, since it loaded a 65K JPG but balked at the next one which was 57K.

This is the first time I've tried to use Fotobuilder. I'd forgotten it was even available. (Is there a client compatible with iJournal? I use that on my Mac.)

what errors did you get? (did it stop in the middle etc)

I just discovered Crapbook a couple of days ago! I just now managed to upload a pic, I got an error message at first but I had forgotten to specify a gallery; once I did that it worked fine. I am not sure how to post the photo on LJ now from Semagic now, but it's all very cool.

Bwahaha, I mean SCRAPBOOK!!!

I just love that feature!
Well, it would be nice, if the title option for a picture would be included

Using my personal server, I click "Update" for list of galleries.
and i get "Error".

activate "debug" option and see saved replys and headers

No problem with using it. Works great.

not had any problems with it, as long as you specify the default gallery etc.

maybe instead of a list of uploaded pics, would be nice to have a thumbnail view though (right-click the thumbnails for the "copy url" etc options)

one problem i have with the latest client - i'm using version, but when i click "update" it says the latest version is is that correct?

I've used it and have no problem with it.

A nice option might be to automatically generate the code for a thumbnail linking to the image page and insert that into the post.

god i wish that was an option!

(Deleted comment)
if you include local picture in entry it will be auto detected and uploaded or manually in Fotobilder/pictures in current entry

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(Deleted comment)
I'm on, which may not be the latest, but I did notice a few things:

Gallery is spelled wrong in the security level pane(Galery).
When the 3 photos were uploaded I didn't get a clear idea of it's final state. It said 280 bytes received, not transfer completed, etc. I had to log in to lj to figure out that it was done and not hung.

On the upside I didn't know you had built this interface and I'm very happy. I'll be using this feature a lot more and will post if I find anything more interesting.

Regarding what other people have had, perhaps you could offer an auto-retry option?

I use it all the time, and I'm grateful for its existence.

It took me a little while to discover that right-clicking on the uploaded url allowed me to copy it, but that's a great feature now that I know.

I use it frequently. I'd love to be able to set some defaults, particularly gallery, and just have the photo uploaded with the entry in one seamless action. What I mean is it would be heaven to have any pic selected from my computer upload automagically (without further intervention) when I hit the post entry key.

preview resizing behavior

One other slight quirk... if you are previewing a picture and you resize that upload queue window, it will resize and distort the picture to fit the space, not keeping the aspect of the picture.

I've noticed when trying to upload multiple pics (and this might be a little confusing, so bear with me) that if more than one column is selected (since you can highlight multiple files at one time), it won't actually open anything. Only one column may be highlighted at a time for those pics to be included. It's possible to go back in and include the second column, but it has to be the only column highlighted. Does this make sense? Let me know if you have questions and I might be able to do screenshots or something.

This is not true when in thumbnail view, but it is true (for me, at least) when in detail view in the dialog box.

two computers - two different processes

I use this both at work and on my home computer both of which have version on Windows XP.

At work:
- when I finish an entry (that has an picture from my computer) and
- click Post,
- I get the Semagic Fotobilder Pictures From Current Entry window where I can select gallery.
- I then click Upload all,
- wait for the URL to appear and then- click Close and
- the Semagic entry w/ foto is uplaoded.

At home if I try the above, the entry is uploaded with the image URL still being my desktop - a broken image on LJ.

When I manually select Fotobilder Pictures From Current Entry and click on Upload, I never see the URL but it does upload and then I can close it and manually upload the entry and all is fine on the LJ website.

I prefer the way it works at work but I cannot figure out what is set where to make the difference.

Re: two computers - two different processes

There might be differnece between URLs of the locally saved files that are inserted in the entry so one of them cannot be detected. Do you have the same IE version and use the same editing mode (html or wysiwyg ) in both cases? Please provide URL that was inserted in the entry before upload that is not detected and repeat in more detail that case how you made it work.

I did not even know that this was available. I just tested it with posting an entry with 3 pictures from my hard drive and setting the security settings for the pics and it work great. Very cool.

Nice job.