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волшебная сорока
quirrc wrote in ljwin32_sema

The latest release of the client has auto spellchecker which automatically highlights misspelled words like in MS Word. Right click on underlined word for a list of suggestions or to add it to dictionary. Currently it works only in WYSIWYG editing mode and should be explicitly turned on in Options. IE 5.5 or above should be installed on your computer but not necessarily as default browser. Without IE 5.5 the client works but without highlighting. You need to download MySpell dictionaries, mark some of them as active and select MySpell instead of MS Word. Information about installing MySpell dictionaries is available at the download page. Please do report if you noticed that highlighting is incorrect (misspelled words are not underlined, underlining is shifted by one or more characters etc.) Before reporting that you do not see underlining make sure that MySpell works for you.
Also there is a Fotobilder client in the latest release.

Download page

Hmmmm... the download for Windows 2k seems to act very strangely. I have Windows XP. The download opened a cmd.exe window with the cursor jumping around at random and causing my printer to feed pages through continuously.

I always meant to ask: What is the differentce between html and WYSIWYG? What are some differences I should see between one and the other?

WYSIWYG = What you see is what you get.

When you work in WYSIWYG if you change the font it will appear exactly as it does on LJ. If you change it around in HTML then you will see things like < b> and </ b>.. the actual html.

Do you have any plans to build a facility to back-up/download journal entries for this client? The LJ method stinks. Thanks!

Re: Off--backups

But there are already really good tools for doing that, such as LJArchive and the LiveJournal Backup / Search Utility, why overload a client with them?

I have to say I really hate what WYSIWYG mode does to HTML. Since I work in HTML mode I have everything laid out in a way that makes it easy to edit and see the structure; I have an extra return between paras for example. Switching to WYSIWYG mode and back removes all this and changes all tag names and style properties to upper case. UPPER CASE LETTERS ARE VERY TIRING TO READ.

No doubt you have better things to do, but is there any chance this could be changed? I can do without spelling highlighting, but it would be nice if you could change modes without changing everything.

I agree. It'd be nice to not have everything switched about but I hadn't thought to mention it. Anyway... yeah, just following your bandwagon in hopes the more the merrier brings happy changes we can all be thankful for : )

What did i do wrong? My spelling highlighting thingy doesn't work?

You should activate internal spellchecker and specify dictionaries

Will the FotoBilder client ever support FotoBilder installations that aren't part of LiveJournal?

I have my own FotoBilder installation, and the standard FB client has stopped working, so it'd be nice if Semagic supported it.

do you know why it stopped? you can manually change username and server in settings to not match lj server or use several lj usernames with one fb account

Spelling highlighting

I’ve now tested this a bit. As I mentioned above I don’t normally use WYSIWYG mode.

I’ve noticed that the underline often (always?) isn’t lined up properly with the misspelled word. It’s shifted to the left and seems to underline some of the previous word. This made me wonder at first which word was mispelled.

The display font is Times New Roman, which I suppose is just IE’s default for Latin text. Using Windows 2000.

Re: Spelling highlighting

Please provide exact text that you enter when it is shifted and when not and your version of IE (windows 2000 by default has 5.0, I mostly tested with 5.5)

Hmm. I am slightly confused on which version to choose. Do you have a version that spefically helps you change all yoru entries to say 'friends only'? I am looking for that, really.

Thanks in advance.

read last comments to the previous entry

I am having problems with the Fotobilder software inside of Semagic. I'm trying to go to my own sever (photo.snarfykat.org:81). I've placed those settings in the correct spots. But when I attempt to retrieve a gallery listing, I get an error.

I think Fotobilder may not be using the specified port.

try to change between urlmon/ wininet and use tdimon from sysinternals.com to see where it is trying to connect.

how do you delete ALL the entries from the journal without deleting the account with this program?!?!?1 please help! THANKS!

LJ makes this impossible as a security measure: so that if your journal was hacked, the hacker has to manually delete everything, which would take him or her more time.

I am trying to download this client, yet I cannot seem to find where to download it from. Can someone please help me out?


The links for the client are on the page he posted:


Alright, I'm confused here... I've been using Semagic since the summer, and it's been working just fine. My computer got wiped clean not long ago though, and so everything I had on it went "poof." I attempted to re-download Semagic again, and it wouldn't work, but when I downloaded the Visions Client, it worked fine. Now, I've tried Semagic again, and it continues to give me the message "Failed to create empty document." ...??? I'm lost.

download mfc libraries http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;259403
if does not help completely reinstall system.

Does anyone know how to make friend groups?

Once you're logged in, in the Semagic client:
*Click the Add Friends Button (Ctrl+F)
*In that window, click the Friend Groups tab
*In that tab window following the table that reads Friend Groups there is a button that looks like a dotted line box with a yellow burst in its corner. Click it.
*This will open a bar to type in the name you wish to give to your friend group. Pick a name and type it in.
*Once you've done that, click the name of the group you just typed, and you'll see that your lj friends' screen names appear in the Not in Group column of the table. To add them to the group, highlight their name and click Add to Group >> and obviously if you dont want them in the group anymore, click << Remove
*When you're finished, click the button thar says Save Groups & Lists and then hit Close.

Got it?

Hello! I'm a linux user and I'd want to know if there's a version of semagic for this operative sistem (whatever of them: Debian, Mandrake...).

Thanks! :D

I don't think SeMagic is going to have a Linux version any time soon. If you'd like a client for Linux, try logjam, sclj, CenterICQ, or Clive.

Any idea why this version is not automatically finding a *.dic file to use? And if you do know why, do you know where to look on one's computer for that file used for office programs?

dictionaries for office and for semagic are not compatible. you need to download dictionaries specifically for semagic.