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тайные знания
quirrc wrote in ljwin32_sema

As you might have noticed, recent changes at LJ may result in more markup errors than before if your entries contain incorrect HTML. Semagic has an option to automatically replace 2 spaces with &nbsp; because most browsers do not display consecutive space characters. But Semagic does not preform HTML parsing so if that option is enabled all such characters will be replaced though that is allowed only for text according to HTML standards. If you type several spaces within such HTML tags like img and they are replaced by &nbsp; the resulting HTML <img &nbsp;src=""> will be treated as error. In WYSIWYG editing mode that is not a problem because you do not manually enter HTML at all.
So if for some reason you want to type HTML tags manually it may be better to disable the mentioned option in Options/View. Additionally, the latest version of the client removes all &nbsp tags placed inside <img>.

Among other news, for the second time Semagic and LiveJournal were mentioned at Microsoft site (the first time was about bloggin plugin). Now it is listed as one of applications that may behave differently on XP SP2. "Live Journal Semagic, version, vendor Live Journal" is listed among other products like Unreal Tournament, Norton Antivirus and Office XP. Complete list is available here.
Please remember that for most of users Semagic works in XP SP2. If it does not work you can use a solution provided in this community several entries earlier. It was not working on earlier versions of SP2 about a year ago and only for several users.


Just wondering. Are there any plans, now or in the future, to support logging in to multiple LJ users simultaneously?

you dont need to re-login, just switch user and press just_edit

I just discovered (much to my chagrin, as it caused me to lose a very long entry) that Semagic has a recursive replace function.

I tried replacing Cambria/l with Cambria/laborday/l, and off it went... forever, until I had to abort the program.

Could you possibly fix this?


repeat exactly what was the text and what did you replace. from your explanation i cannot reproduce it.

Hi! I've been using the Semagic for years as my jl client and loved it. I finally got around to upgrading the other day to make posting with my Japanese character set easier and I love the newer version.

Only, for some reason it keeps crashing every time I try to upload my friends list by pushing the 'upload from server' button. I tried installing slightly older versions hoping it was a new flaw, but no luck. Is this maybe the result of an XP firewall?

Ah, my apologies. I see that this has already been addressed before.

Does semagic have the option to download (backup) LJ entries?

read some previos entres (last oct)

I can't find anywhere else to find help on this so I guess going straight to the creator will be useful.

Yesterday my b/f and I got new computers (as in new, they were just other computers around all formatted and made like new). I'm not sure about him but I downloaded the latest version of Semagic but on both of our computers we can't connect to LJ. I get the "Cannot contact server - Try again later" error. I know the problem isn't with LJ because I can post using the web interface with no problems.

Any idea what the problem may be and how to fix it? I'm using WinXP.

press Help when you login and get that message

Where does one submit bug reports for these releases? The last time I looked here I didnt see comments enabled...and after much searching finally submitted a bug report to Support (only to be told like a week later that they dont take bug reports for clients!)

Here is the content of that bug report:

Semagic client for Windows XP: version (latest release)

In the MakeLink dialog box, I noticed there is now a new field for border="x" so some changes in that code must have been done.

Unfortunately, in adding this nice feature, tabbing from one field to the next (clicking the tab button) has been broken. It's especially annoying not being able to use the tab keystroke to jump between image height and width fields, needing to pause each time to get the pointer and click to the next field.

is there any way there could possibly select the color of the people you have friended and unfriended you, rather than the red and green?

you mean arrows? arrows are not drawn, they are predefined pictures

WYSIWYG History editor?

I just d'loaded and installed Semagic. I love what I see so far. LochJournal is now uninstalled. FYI, I run Win2KAdvanced Server.

When are you planning to add the capability to WYSIWYG edit prior entries (from the History)?

Also, I cannot figure out how to read and edit comments. Is there a secret or does that capability not exist?

Re: WYSIWYG History editor?

about comments read help (via contents). you can use wysiwyg editor only in main window that you can also use to edit hisotry (help for corresponding option in options/advanced)

(Deleted comment)

Re: Question about this client!!!

I don't know if you had this answered yet or not. But what you do is when you are logged in, set your security level to 'Friends Only' then click the 'save as defaults' button

Semagic suggestion

I'd really love an option to have multiple windows in Semagic, or be able to have multiple instances of the program open at the same time. Sometimes I like to write multiple posts at once...because of how I filter my posts. Like my thoughts come out all at once but I'd like some of those thoughts to be public and some private, heh. I don't know if that makes much sense, but I'd really appreciate that feature.

Re: Semagic suggestion

it's better to make what is suggested above i.e. fast user swithing

Dear Sema Creators...
I just downloaded the latest (from the above link) to my Win98SE machine (a Dell) this morning. It looks nice until I click on "WYSIWYG", wherein I get this:
LIVEJOURNAL caused an invalid page fault in
module at 0000:00000013.
EAX=6c40bae0 CS=018f EIP=00000013 EFLGS=00010a82
EBX=00000000 SS=0197 ESP=007dec4c EBP=007dec74
ECX=0090a1d0 DS=0197 ESI=0090a150 FS=1d5f
EDX=81ddaec0 ES=018f EDI=007deccc GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
00 54 ff 00 f0 7f 99 00 f0 53 11 00 f0 00 00 db
Stack dump:
6c394134 0090a150 ffffea83 007decbc 0090a218 005b23c8 005b2200 007dedac 6c406f53 00000000 007dece0 7178b8ed 0090a218 ffffea83 7170a280 00000000

All I did was start Semagic, type two paragraphs of text into the editor window, click on "detect music now", and then click on the WYSIWYG button at the bottom. I reproduced it by also using the view -> WYSIWYG drop-down.

Windows Update indicates my machine is up-to-date (for a Win98SE box), I've run a full virus scan just last night, there's plenty of free disk space, etc...

Is there any other info I can supply you with to help aleviate this problem?

it works even on w95, you either should not press wysiwyg at all or need a clean instalation of windows.

A &nbsp; in an <lj-cut> makes a ? instead of a space.

spaces are not allowed there. use shortcuts instead of manual typing

Just wanted to say I love this application it keeps me to post on LJ because most of the time I forget to log in but with the icon in the tray I see it and when i feel the need to vent, I do.

i'm having a little trouble detecting music. sometimes it will include both the artist and title, as it's supposed to, but other times it will only include a few words, just the title, or put the playlist item number before the artist and title.

just now it showed " - Butterfly Kisses." i deleted that, clicked in the area where i write the journal entry, then clicked the detect music button again and got "*** 20. Bob Carlisle - Butterfly Kisses." and now i get "isle - Butterfly Kisses."

i didn't have this problem when i was using winamp v2.91, but i now use winamp v5.05. is there anything i can do or am i just stuck with this?

You're getting it like that because you have it on "scroll song title in toolbar". Turn it off and it should work fine.

I installed the new version, but I still get random letters popping up around image tags. Take for instance this:

<IMG SRC="http://users.tpg.com.au/adsl7g4r/vince.gif">

The symbols would show up when I edit it, and the picture doesn't show in my journal, it looks exactly like it does up there ^.