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1.2 beta2 available
sema wrote in ljwin32_sema
You can grab .exe here


  • Client now has it's own name - Semagic, thanx qub

  • You can drag text in main window (checkbox in General settings)

  • You can drag&drop/paste URLs from browsers, <a href=""> with corresponding text is created when possible (checkbox in General settings)

  • There is a Reset button (near the journals list), it resets journal and post options to defaults. It also can clear main window and subject (checkbox in General settings)

  • A general info about friends is displayed now on Friends dialog

  • Ctrl-Alt-U wraps selected text with <lj user ="">

  • There are changes in History dialog - Delete and Edit buttons, F2 edits selected entry, Del - deletes

  • Now you asked to save your changes if you close Friends groups dialog and has unsaved groups

  • Music and Mood fields now use the same font (but not the size) as main window (if you change that font)
  • .
  • "Clear draft after posting" option in General settings

  • "Confirmation on exit" option in General settings

  • You may rename executable file to store settings in separate place and launch it independently. It's recommended though to move renamed file to different folder -- post drafts may intersect

  • Server settings dialog (menu File -> Server settings in login dialog). Note: if you change server all settings including users list, friends' state, etc. remain the same. This dialog is implemented mainly for use together with the previous item


  • If you change old entry and client can't contact server - now corresponding dialog is not closed and changes are not lost

  • Fixed tab order in Make link dialog

Update: Current source code can always be taken from

The requested URL /client/LiveJournal_1_2_beta2_eng.zip wasn't found on this server

sorry, fixed

I like the changes you have made ;-)

What's the "path" in Server Settings? Currently set to /interfact/flat ?

If you do not know what it is then probably you don't need it :)


oooh, snazzy! THANK god, backdating!!!

this is the best around.

your Sema client has always been my favorite to use.

thank you.

You should have 500 comments on this post.

I try to tell EVERYONE I know about your client. Even Non-LJers. Okay, I'm joking.

Your dedication to this and your addition of USEFUL features is to be commended!


Thank you for all your hard work on this client.

It`s great, love it

I get a grey box that says "LIVEJOURNAL.EXE will now close" every time I try to modify my friends groups. Is this a known issue?

No, i've never heard about such a problem. Can you describe it in detail? What is the exact consecution of action?
Could you also try the official client whether it has the same problem here?

Re: jillw Expand
Wow! This is so good! Better than any of the others I've used! The old v1.1 too :P
Anyway... I only have one extremely minor problem/question/comment: When you check 'Options' -> 'Friends' -> 'Add "?since=" to friends\' page URL', it sends '?since=yyyy-mm-dd%hh:mm:dd', whereas it should be send as '?since=yyyy-mm-dd%20hh:mm:dd' afaik... I don't really know what it does though... haven't read up on it... yet... ;P

I've never see any reference to format of that string. Can you point me?
Also i've asked in lj_clients the other day whether it's supported by server and was told that it's not. So it used only to avoid caching for now..

This rocks. I am going to download it tonight!

Makes me want to start working on my client again.

a few things...

one, you need to include the gpl with the builds since you are a derivative project. you have not included the default readme.txt from the project that states the fact that it is gpl'd and where to get the gpl. that file also states the original authors and locations of the original software. in accordance with the gpl, the license cannot be altered by any derivative project.

two, you need to explicitly state how to obtain the source code for the binary release.

three, its getting better.. keep up the good work. next time you are on icq, drop me a msg.. i sent you one so that you know my uin. there are a few things that were brought up recently that i want to discuss with you.

i'm online mainly 09:00AM - 6:30PM (local time GMT +03)

Great interface design.

I'm digging the client, too. I used to use to web client a lot, but I had to stop when I started to use the Opera browser more often.

I only have one question. Is there any way to change the default font size or type in the client message body viewer/editing window? My res is at 1280x1024 and the text is pretty small to read at that size.

The flashing pencil for friends page update is very nice, but it flashes when users on my friends list post in filters that do not include me. This produces a 'phantom post' flash. I seem to get lots of flashes off people editing their most recent entry aswell. I don't know if this is old news, just wondering if there was a workaround.

It's a server-side issue. No workaround so far.

I'm amazed..... I'm a simple LJ user, knowing nothing about programming and stuff but I do like 'new' things so I keep checking the "News" and "downlad" section on LJ.com... and if I hadn't stumbled upon this post in someone elses LJ I would have never known that you people make your own clients.. that is so great..

I love this client! Damn I gotta watch for updates HERE then:-)

I do have a request for a possible feature.

I'd like the ability to make the LJ user link accept alternate text, like a regular hyperlink.

Something like this: Sema's Kicking Client.

Is this possible or am I stuck doing it manually?

Also, many thanks for this client. It totally rocks. The ability to easily see who had added/deleted you as a friend is so cool. Keep up the fantastic work!

It'll be implemented as soon as server supports it.