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magic magpie
quirrc wrote in ljwin32_sema

Now you can use WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor.
You can set text formatting and copy/paste html with pictures. The following table is a result of drag-and-drop operation from IE:

Release Notes [show only this release]2004-07-09 13:00
572925 0 i386.exe (32-bit Windows)
576017 0 i386.exe (32-bit Windows)

Switching in this mode is performed in the status bar or in the View menu (make the status bar visible if it's not).
Right-click context menu allows to edit picture, table and hyperlink properties and to change font attributes and text direction (to edit picture or table properties select it as object, to edit table cell properties place cursor inside it). Previous editing mode continues to work in the same way as before. Currently LJ tags are not visualized (like they are in Deepest Sender) and behavior of all editing commands is default to mshtml. When pasting complex html from IE do check formatting in the preview before posting. You may need to turn on "Don't autoformat entry" to keep formatting.

Also in this release cookie authentication was turned on for standard connection interface and console now has some SET variables in the dropdown menu. Dictionaries for spellchecker are specified only via Options (myspell.ini is disabled).

Please remember that if you do not like something in the program (for example, you do not like the order in which iTunes music detection displays track and artist name) the best way to improve it is to leave a comment here saying what do you need exactly.

Please update your anitvirus software. (if you still do not have it at all you can go for example

Is it possible to simultaneously install multiple versions of Semagic on XP? I'm rather partial to an older release but would like to try out the new one too.

install in another folder and rename .exe file. but the new one works in 2 modes i.e. if u don't like wywsiwyg u don't need to switch to it.

I think the editor is fantastic.

However, my client no longer seems able to read music info from Quintessential Player.

if you read the previous entries, registry key is based on .exe name to previent several instances of the program run and sumultaneouly write to registry to the same place.

just a note, im using v1.4.1.8. when i just ran the "update" feature, it told me there was no new update.

i manually change update info and i has not done it yet. (i.e. http://semagic.sourceforge.net/updates.txt that semagic reads)

Does it allow me to switch it off and on? (i.e. under Options?)

Sorry, I have problems inserting HREF in WYSIWYG mode. When I have the URL in the clipboard and press the Quick Link button, just nothing happens. When I switch to plain text mode and do the same, <A HREF=...> is inserted. Switching back to WYSIWYG, it is displayed as a link alright (blue underlined text). :(((

thanks for report, some of the operations may not work (at least yet) in wysiwyg mode especially with modifying html. for now it relies on standard behavior (btw, marked as non-documented in the documetation) mostly on dragging links into the window or copy/pasting them as html from IE or other browser supporting html clipborad format.

Perhaps I have missed something, but the 'Increase Font Size' and 'Decrease Font Size' buttons don't work for me in WYSIWYG mode.

I've seen it working, yeah!
But for one time only (one time pressing Format->Increase font displayed really increased font). Clicking this again adds correct HTML, but does not display any format changes in WYSIWYG.

And one more bug. When Semagic window is open, but not on the top of the windows stack, pressing on Semagic icon in the tray may cause Semagic window disappear (minimize to tray). Pressing icon again displays Semagic Ok.

This is great. Thank you for making updating live journal easier and easier as time goes by.

So many great things in this version - fonts, color,
photos, etc, but mostly, the right-to-left option, which actually works! [used to drive me crazy when writing Hebrew entries].
So that's cool. :)

A question though: while using the WYSIWYG mode,
lines are automatically double spaced.
How do I change it to 1 or 1.5 space?
In the HTML mode it is automatically 1 space, I think.

what do you mean "double spaced"? it should be <p> for Enter and <br> for Shift+Enter. Most people voted for Enter typing <br> but currently is was not changed yet. or you mean it adds extra <br> besides <p>?

when I click "Update from Server" in the "Friends" window, I get an error and have to close the application. is this happening for anyone else?

what does it say exaclty?

First time SeMagic user on Win98SE, downloaded the new 9x version. I'm attempting to write something in Japanese, but on my machine the Input Method Editor won't work properly. I was thinking I would use my Japanese word processor and paste the entry into SeMagic, but I get gobbledygook when I try that. I also tried saving it as a UTF8 text file and then copying that in. Same results. Any ideas or should I just not use SeMagic for Japanese entries?

you need to enable full unicode support in options /advanced (and re-login if you had non-english picture keywords)

What I would really like to see as an added feature to Semagic would be a posting queue. The ability to throw stuff to a queue so I could type another journal entry if i like if livejournal is acting up and in read only mode.

you saw the source or just a coinsidence? actually i still donnt know what it hsould be for exactly. why do u think it is significantly better than to save as files and load and post them later?

I upgraded to the latest version but it still won't connect to the server. Is this likely to be because of the latest round of problems with the LJ site, a problem with Semagic, or something on my end? Thanks for any info.

I find that I have to "log in" twice, no matter whether I use Semagic or the LJ website.. (first error is either that it can not reach the server {sema} or that my login window has expired {LJwebsite} or some other jibberish) It is VERY annoying.

I can't get my messages to post when I'm in WYSIWYG mode, unless you're not supposed to be able to and I'm just totally missing that point. They post alright in HTML mode (if a little slow) but I can sit in WYSIWYG mode for minutes trying to post something and it doesn't go through.

it should work in both modes. what is your IE version? also try to disable autoupdate time before posting.

I don't know if it's just me, but it's locking up my computer. :\

i hope you have at least IE5.5

Spelling Checker problem

I just switched drives and re-installed windows and all. I first put in the last version of semagic I had and now this latest one with the WYSIWYG. I have tired everything and the spell checker still won't work. It was fine as I had it before the new install. Still Windows 2K Just newer HD. If someone has a suggestion or will be online at a certain time to help me with the spelling checker problem I am having I greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

Re: Spelling Checker problem

you must install dictionaries and enter their names in options/general/ select dictionaries