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quirrc wrote in ljwin32_sema
Download links and more info:

Now you can use 3 types of authentication: standard, challenge/ response or using cookies from IE.
For other sites based on LiveJournal code new login options might not work (until they update their code) returning "Invalid password" or "No username sent" errors (and keep in mind that challenge/response auth via web and via client are different i.e. if your site supports it via web that does not mean the client will start to work with it).
Read more in context help for login window (press F1).

If you are a new user it may be useful for you to open Options to see what is available there because some options are initially disabled (for example, loading/saving drafts etc.)

Reminder about setting displayed font: if you go to View/Set font when some text is selected the font settings (name and color) will appear in your journal. If you did not select anything it will be applied to display font (size, weight, underline, color) and will not appear in your journal entry.

Mood list and tab order are now loaded from .ini files so you can manually alter them (activation of new mood list does not delete standard one which is loaded during login so when you turn off custom moods the previous list is restored). For now only Russian mood list is supplied (it's not an exact translation of English one, actually not a translation at all, it was taken from ru_slang community). If you create a mood list for your own language you can send it to me to make it available for other users.

General reminder (rather offtopic but many of you do not know it and blame on Semagic):
when installing Windows (even latest XP), make sure you also installed drivers for your chipset, videocard and directX (all such drivers are usually shipped on a CD with computer, not through windows update). If in Control panel/ System/Device manager you see a lot of yellow question marks (or, for example, your disk is detected as Generic drive type 47) that means that those devices are not detected because your OS does not support it or its advanced functions (like ATA controllers etc.) This significantly affects overall performance of the system and may also cause Semagic to crash or work very slowly.
Of course, all these upgrades are not required, but some of you have been reporting that Semagic crashes frequently and it turned out that in fact it is due to videocard drivers not installed etc.

Спасибо вам ребята за то что вы делаете!! =))

Thanks for adding customized tab support.

Yes, the customizable tabs are snazzy. Would it be possible to include Shift+Tab support? I don't like to cycle all the way through if I press Tab 1 too many times.


Hey....... I couldn't get my tabs to work... I edited it and it's not starting or tabbing to the right field, can I have a sample of yours?
I exited out Semagic and restarted it, same result.

Pull down of Friends List for the User Name function.

I noticed that there's a very handy function in the Link dialog, next to the radio button selection for "User" there is not just the text box but a button that looks like [...] that brings up a pull down menu of your friends list.

Now, my question is, is it possible in future versions to have the [...] button incorporated in the formatting tool bar, appended next to the [U] (lj user=" ") button? That would be so handy!

Bug with 'Make Link/Image' ?

It used to be that if you selected some text and then clicked the Make Link/Image button (or ctrl-M'd), the copied text would be automatically placed in to the 'Link Text' field. This is no longer the case, at least with my client. Which means, if you write some text, highlight it, make link/image, enter anything in to the 'Link To:' area and click OK, it deletes said written and highlighted text. Have a found a bug? Do I get a cookie? :)


Re: Bug with 'Make Link/Image' ?

yes, it was mixed with user icon url using that field and also with richedit 2.0 new behavior with newlines. i'll fix it tomorrow.
Now you can tell mom that i allowed you to take an extra cookie.

I started using Netscape recently and can't get my Sem. to work with it now. It wil post but not open windows etc.

Am I missing a setting?

you have to set it as default browser.

I just downloaded this yesterday. I keep receiving false notifications about friends updates. I tried checking "fix wrong last update," but this didn't do the trick. Then I also checked the "notify about wrong last update" box and also the "reset notification after opening friends page" box, but I'm still receiving false notifcations.

What can I do? The pen is flashing red, saying I have friends updates, but I really don't.

if you get that message box that means that problems are on LJ side for sure. you cant do more

Just like the previous poster.. I have no fricken clue onto how to load a spell check onto semagic. I love the program, but I kinda need a spell check on it.

Could you possibly list step by step what you have to do to get a spell check onto the program?


read the first line of this post

Does Semagic support Chinese input? I tried to post in Chinese but it says that it's not a valid UTF-8 stream. Says the same thing if I input as UTF-7, UTF-8 or unicode.

when you try to post something wiht that error, go to options/general, activate CP_UTF8 and try again with exactly the same entry. if you can't post again, look in the preview and check if all symbols are correctly displayed. Post it via web (with the same text) and try to open that intry via semagic and compare it with what you see on the web page i.e. if all symbols are displayed. change something (u cant re-post unchanged entry) and post back.
Also specify your version of windows and locale and if changing it (if it's chinese) to english changes anything (note: i do not recommend u to change locale, do only if you did it before and it worked, because sometimes it can make the system unbootable)
Plese reply here what you did.

when i try to download semagic (both the newest version and the lastest stable version), it downloads fine, but when it goes to run, there is an error message stating:

"The LIVEJOURNAL.EXE file is linked to missing export MFC42.DLL:6508."

What does this mean?

thank you!

read comments to previous posts, in particular to the one about in the beginning there was alink to a correct dll

the "macro command" doesn't work in the link-image menu :(

wat do you mean? ! delimiter is skipped? or keyborad shortcuts to macros?

(Deleted comment)
this my sound like a petty and someone obvoius question but where am i actually able to get a client? actually, what i want is to be able to make different friends catagories and apparently i can do so with a client. and it just seems like there are a million links that i get lost in the process.... anywho, bottom line, i want to make seperate catagories for seperate friends..

Thanks much :)

you posted two days ago so i'll assume you figured it out for yourself but, um, click the link next to the bit of text at the top of the post that says "Download links and more info:" to go to the site where you can download the client.

you can make different friends filters using lj and using the client. in the client, go to the livejournal menu, click edit friends, click the update from server button to get the list of your friends from the server, then go to the friend groups tab to set up your groups. to do this in lj, click here.

I searched and here to see if this has been discussed or reported, but could not find it. Apologies if this is a repeat.

I'm using Mozilla Firebird as my default browser. When clicking URL's in the main edit window, it send only the first letter of the link to the browser.
eg. *click* browser tries to resolve host 'w' and eventually comes up with

It works correct in the history edit window, however, there is a bug there too. When clicking links in the history edit window, they are 'lowercased'
eg. (which does not exist) loads (which does)

Thanks you.

Grace and Peace,

anyone else having compatiblity problems w/ Semagic and the beta version of Windows XP Service Pack 2?

Re: quirrc Expand
I'm getting the Request returned 200 OK error on just one username; another username, on the same cluster as the first one, is just fine. Is there a problem with LJ again, or is that name just out of luck? A third username is also getting a Decoding error. I can't log in to either of my main journals. Why isn't Semagic working well anymore?

as i wrote before, you should activate debug optionn and save response files for each account and send me to quirrc @ (zipped,not plain text). the error is most likely due to your computer, not LJ or client, but maybe it can be solved modifying smth in the client. also you can try activating CP_UTF8 option to see if there's any difference. and write your version of windows and default language

When I do "Edit Last entry" from Semagic, it brings the last entry by date. I have a backdated entry (from 2010) on top of my journal, so I always get this entry loaded.

Is there a way to bring the latest entry by its id? So I would receive the last that I've posted?


Эээээ... А всё-таки?

I'm kind of behind on times (that, and my budget doesn't allow anything better.. haha) but I'm stuck using MSN to connect to the internet. Those of you with MSN know that after you log on, it opens up the MSN Browser window, and I hate it. I close it and use IE. The only problem though is that eventhough I close the browser window, theres still that little butterfly icon in the system tray.

Here's where Semagic comes into play. Whenever MSN Explorer is open, it will let me load the program and log in, but after I'm logged in and the main window of Semagic appears, the program will freeze up. I then have to CTRL+ALT+DEL and close MSN Explorer (but still retain my internet connection.. ahha), then Semagic will unfreeze and work fine. I was just wondering if this was happening to anyone else, or if its just me or my computer. Thanks! =)

I would really like to use this client to post my entries, and unfortunately, whenever I try to log in, it always tells me:
"Cannot contact server. Try again later."

I have windows XP if it matters... and the version is

Thanks for any help!

(after you checked FAQ 27)use latest version and activate urlmon. check if you can only login or cant post entries etc. Check if network properties show any transmitted data. If you get not just that error but smth like error:502 that means that there was a reply from server (i.e. 502 is some internal error at LJ).
and i hope you did not installed SP2 for XP.

I'm like the poster above. Everytime I try to log in, I get the "Cannot contact server. Try again later." Now matter which version I DL.

I'm missing something completely. I'm not understanding the help. I need Step-By-Step instructions to help me out. I feel like an idiot, but it's so frustrating, not being able to use the client.

as i wrote before, enter username and password, press just_edit, activate UrlMoniker in Options/General and try to view friends or post. If you can connect via Internet Explorer you most likely will have no problems (provided LJ works). if you have Cannot contact server, but message title say not just Error: Cannot find resource etc. but error number like Error:502 that means it actually can connect but sever returns some error , so the problem (temporary) is at LJ side.
that's all besides checking proxy settings as that FAQ states.

Recently Semagic seems to be automatically turning " from straight quotation marks to curved ones (can't think of the right words here ^_^). This stuffs up my typing of links and other basic HTML that I use in posts and is very annoying. How can I stop this from happening? I've had to copy the straight kind and paste them in.

do u see it in the preview? does it happen in main window, subject and mood/music fields? the same for 9x version? find riched20.dll (via start menu/find) and check it's version (right click)

Еще одно спасибо за Semagic, многим он удобен!
Но есть вопросы, на которые не нашел "помощи":
- Есть ли возможность оставлять у себя на машине копии постов, кроме как вручную переименовывая ***.draft.slj ?
- Когда я открываю окна браузера через semagic (например через friends menu), то оказываюсь в тех окнах разлогиненным. Подозреваю, что это можно исправить, включив link to IE coocies, но это тоже не получается, т.к. semagic проскакивает это welcome menu при запуске, а в опциях что-то не могу эти установки найти.

options/general : "autosave to .slj".
login permamnenetly in browser

Even though I checked the box in options to be able to drag text when it is highlighted, it won't work anymore.
Any insight?

(otherwise I realy love Semagic. I've been using it for a while now and it is truly great!)

now it should work even with it unckecked. does it work in subject? what version of windows and richedit you use? (also see some comments above about richedit versions)

Two space := "  " (nbsp+sp) (and entities end in semicolon)

what? i don't know html

ummm mine isn't working anymore... I just uninstalled and reinstalled and it's still not working... anyone else having this problem???


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