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quirrc wrote in ljwin32_sema
Please answer this poll to help to improve your favorite client.
Poll #180306 Future Semagic features

Spellchecking in Semagic

I don’t need spellchecking.
Direct spellchecking via MSWord works at my computer and I use it.
I need it but don’t use because direct link to MSWord doesn’t work for me.
I need it but don’t use because I don’t have MSWord.
I don’t use direct link with MSWord though it works for me, because I prefer a built-in spellchecker.
I use copy/paste to MSWord and back because direct link doesn’t work.
I copy/paste to MSWord because I need to check more than just spelling (like punctuation).

Offline history in Semagic (available from the History dialog)

I don’t need an offline copy of my journal.
I’ll use such feature primarily to view entries offline (when I don’t have internet connection).
I’ll use such feature primarily to search within previous entries.
I’ll use such feature primarily to download all entries and then delete journal.
I’ll use such feature primarily to get a whole journal in one file (via Merge function) in order to print it.
I’ll use such feature primarily to search within communities.

Interface language in Semagic

I prefer to use English version.
I am Russian but I prefer English interface and help.
I am Russian and I’ll use a Russian version if available.
I am Russian but I need only a Russian help file and I will not use Russian interface.

Special thanks to fey_fey.

I also use Logjam, and I like the way it spellchecks as you type and highlights words in red that are possibly misspelled.

Plus, you can't rely on people having Microsoft Word available to use for spellchecking.

Looking at the result of the poll on spell checker, I strongly advise you not to remove it.

Why remove a feature, which many people use?

There’s a built-in spellchecker in the latest test version, now I’m deciding how to implement better selection MSWord/built-in and what feature to introduce first among those 3 (or all three at once).

(Deleted comment)
most of the poll options didn't exactly express what i wanted.

1) although the MSWord direct link works and i use it, i prefer a built-in spellchecker, or something that uses aspell. highlighting misspelled words as i type would be wonderful.

2) i would use the offline history feature primarily for archival purposes (somewhere in between options 2, 3 & 4)

I’ll check aspell, but on the first sight 11M Russian library looks scary

Возможность поиска по журналу (журналам) была бы очень кстати.

Where is the “I'd like to use another language” option? :)

what option? It's not finished yet. This poll was made to give info for me on what to focus first and to give info for others about how frequent is that spellchecking error among other users.

I would LOVE the ability to download my entire journal (offline history)

I can't tell you how many times I've had to hit my stupid calender and go searching for one specific entry. If I had it locally I could search for specific terms etc..... THAT WOULD RULE!!!

If everyone does that, the LJ database will be bogged down and Semagic will be backlisted by the LJ admin. They did it before when the semagic client didn't obey the protocols.

So, this is something to be though of carefully before adding the feature to the client.

I really hope that the bizarrely high number of people claiming they don't need spellchecking doesn't mean that I'll never be able to have a version of Semagic with a spellchecker that actually works. I like having a spellchecker but I've never had the automatic spellcheck option work for me.

the numbers in favor of some form of a spellcheck are still higher. Remember that all the other options were in some form or another for having a spellcheck.

I put that MS Word spell checker works for me because it does - sometimes. The check box often ends up behind Semagic and then won't let me move Semagic to get to it. (Maybe this is my fault for having Semagic always on top.) I would love to be able to use a spell checker built in to Semagic so that it won't crash my computer or at least a few of my programs!

ditto. Spellcheck works most of the time for me, but maybe a quarter of the time it decides not to work, and the "Retry" button will come up. I can get over that, but the thing I would like best for a new spellchecker is the ability to ignore HTMl tags. I use a lot of italics, so I end up wading through a bunch of non-errors. The same with "blockquote".

I just came here about the spell-checker. I had hoped when I updated my version it might work but I keep getting some Visual Basic error. I type fairly quickly so my spelling seems to suffer. I really need a built in spell-checker that works rather than cut-pasting to check it or having my posts look like I am semi-illiterate

You'd better make "Detect music" on Windows Media Player...

Using MSword with the spell checker doesn't work for me, even though I do have it installed. It froze Semagic last time I tried to use it and I lost my entry.

Lack of an internal spellchecker is the reason I stopped using Semagic shortly after discovering it, as I do not have MS Word on my machine. Nor do I think I would want my client to open another program to check spelling. I've been waiting for Semagic to have it's own spellcheck so that I can start using it again.

Agreed here. I still use Semagic and love it but the lack of (working) spell checking is a big turn-off. I don't have any of the MSOffice suite on my computer, I use Lotus instead so such spell checking does not play nice on my computer. I would gladly download a larger file if it meant having Vision's internal spell checking ability.

you're taking suggestions: in "Edit Friends," it would be FABULOUS to click on a user name and view/edit all the groups they're in. (Instead of only being able to view/edit by group, as now.)


If I could, I'd have picked all these answers:

I’ll use such feature primarily to view entries offline (when I don’t have internet connection).

I’ll use such feature primarily to search within previous entries.

I’ll use such feature primarily to download all entries and then delete journal.

I’ll use such feature primarily to get a whole journal in one file (via Merge function) in order to print it.

I’ll use such feature primarily to search within communities.

Can I just say, I love you Sema! :D

Recently whenever I use Semagic to create a post, it locks up (several lines of text get blurry) and the only way to continue is to hit the power switch...therefore loosing all of my post. Is this a problem anyone else has reported or should I just go on the assumption that my computer hates me?

alrighty. helloo. i'm helen.. and i've been using Semagic for a few months now and i love it! the only problem i've ever had with it was it's spell checker. it's the only spellchecking system i had on my computer and since i downloaded Semagic it's been giving me these pop ups everytime i try to run spellcheck before i post my entry.
piece of shits!!
however everything works perfectly fine.

i'm not sure if this is where i'm supposed to come with problems concering ljclient troubles but i didn't know where else to go =;-\

that means that it will not work at all at your compouter. wait for a new version

I know this is a bit off topic, but.... In the new version, is there going to be an option to assign a link to some lj-user's page with some other word. Like say I wanted to write: "Here is a link to a journal of my friend" (and the word "friend") would actually point to a lj user with a name "bubbaaa"?


it's already in make link dialog, just select user and "use name"

I could use some help concerning spell check. I need it I down loaded the most recent seminac but when I try to spell check I just get a pop up telling me the spell check has a problem. How do I get spell check to work on my client? I have windows xp.

I have a suggestion for the new version.. maybe it could include an option for making polls for those members who are paid-members and are allowed to generate polls. I was just about to make a poll actually and there is no way (that i see, correct me if i'm wrong) where i can just click a button and it generates the code so i don't have to go to a page and find the code, or go to a separate page just to make a poll.

(Deleted comment)
You can make it yourself if you want. (This will require a lot of non creative work). The main problem with other languages for me is that I don't need it and it's hard to force myself to make something that i don't need especially with regard to the latest poll (92%). so the Russian version advances veeery slowly.

Firstly I find sometimes the speller check works occassionally once in a blue moon it may have a problem and refuse.

Secondly off topic but Worth asking What is the chances of you embedding in the linking the option to add a feature that ives you the Choice to word something so when you over ya mouse over the link it reveals A box with text in it?

So like this link: Hover mouse over this

I know its simply But some people dunno how to do that and so many use semagic I just thought I'd ask anyway. If so any chance this woudl appear in up coming Releases?

it's javascript which (as far as I know) is disabled in LJ for security reasons

I was wondering if you were planning to support music detection in Windows Media Player 9? Thanks.

could you please read context help for the Current Music field (click and press F1)

Hey I was wondering if the new version has a place that lets you chose a font. That's what I would like. I see that it has under the help on font size but not font choise. I think that would be cool...something like a drop down font selector. Like MS Word.

view/set font. that option about size controls whether the size will be taken from that dialog or only font name. this font is applied to the selected text or (if nothing selected) is for interface controls.

i think it would be really cool if you could delete a bunch of posts at a time. like, by using a check-click-box thing to select the posts you wanna delete, and having a delete button on the bottom of the page. its so slow and inconveniant having to download one post at a time.

and when you'll be in bad mood you'll delete all entires and flood support asking how you can recover them. for the same reason there's a 30 day period for undeleting journal.


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