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sema wrote in ljwin32_sema
I'm back :))

Semagic, full unicode support, only for Windows NT/2000/XP
Download installer.

Semagic, limited unicode support, for Windows 95/98/ME.
Download installer.

Source code could always be taken here.

Read here about unicode support in both versions.


  1. New icons and splash made by jarrettJarrett Heather. Thanx, Jarrett!

  2. WinAmp3 support

  3. Public groups


  1. URLs to and were broken in preview

  2. Default settings intersected with old entry settings while editing

  3. Some others..

One problem I've had with Semagic, is when I spell check, I get a box saying "lost contact with server" then I have to ctrl+alt+del end "winword" then click retry a bunh of time until I get "spell check error", then when I spellcheck again, it will usually run flawlessly.

Will there be a spell check that doesn't use MS Word? That seems to be the issue.

I'm running Win XP by the way.

Ditto except on both my Win2K and my WinXP machine (both with full Office XP). Usually what I do is create the post in the client, 'select all', go to the browser editor, plop it in, and from there, run spellcheck and then post. Not that pretty a solution.

Any chance of 200 char subject lines comming back? *begs* I know Im not the only user out there that wants it..

yes yes gimmie gimmie please please

WinAmp3 support

You read my mind. It works great. Thank you so much for all the work you've put into this software.

that's strange... It never worked with Winamp3 for me. Not even with the WMPlog plugin deal... However, it works FLAWLESSLY with Winamp 2.91. Go figure.

Just a feature request for whenever you get around to it . . . Quintessential CD support. thanks for all your hard work.

YES!!!! if its possible, I think this feature is something definately needed. I hate Winamp.

I have been using Semagic for a while now, and all i can say is, wow! job well done that man.

(Deleted comment)
Keep up the good work, this is great!

been trying to dload it for the last couple of hours here and its not comming, stops at about 9Kb then stalls or says its goign to take about 3 hrs to download on a Broadband.

Its probably just the server being over loaded and I'll try later on today. this is for the win98 version.

Just in case there is something wrong with the win98 file or something

Ok, completely off topic.. but your icon is tres cool !

(Deleted comment)
the little purple pen is awesome.......... quick question tho, is there any way to get the "&full" added back to the end of the userinfo page links? the older versions had this and i liked it because you didn't have to worry about scrolling down and clicking more details if you wanted to see the statistics on how many entries have been made, the number of comments recieved and posted, what journals the user you were looking at can post to, and more importantly when they last updated their journal.

i am pretty sure that &full at the end of the userinfo links is dependant upon which style you choose to display your journal with, and is indepentant from sema.

This may be a quirky request - but is there any way people can play with their own personalized systray icons?

yeah :/

i'm so used to the blue pencil that i reinstalled the older client..

the pen is really great, but it's not for me.

I agree! The new icon looks wonderful, Jarrett!

Lovely new icon!

I am wondering, now that new entries on friends page changes the icon in the system tray from purple to red AND flashes the icon, would it be difficult to add an option to only change the icon color (without the flashing) when friends updates are detected?

I second this cool suggestion. :)

Would it be possible for Semagic to actually determine which group the new friends entry has appeared in? I have my friends and communities in different groups, yet whenever I get the flashing icon for a new friends post, it takes me to the "Default View" group, even if the post was in my "Private Groups" groups.

Use check for friends' updates for "selected groups", it's already there.

(Deleted comment)
Is there a help/instruction page for the macros anywhere?

Cool, thanks for the update, and for semagic!

The new tray icon blink pattern is a little too distracting for me... I liked the old more subtle blink, where I could ignore it in my peripheral vision if I wanted. Is there a way to select the old blink style?

   I must agree.  Even though I'm quite fond of the pen in general.

I love Semagic. I like some of the small fixes I noticed that I've already forgotten by now... ^^;

Anyway some things that I'd love to see that I don't know if they've ever been mentioned before:

Keeping a local copy of the message history, like LochJournal does. This would be good for two reasons - it could serve as an archive of entries, and would also make it so that when viewing the history, one wouldn't have to wait for each individual day list to load and *then* wait for the entry to load.

A RGB color picker would be mightily cool as well.

I know I'm missing several things. I'll probably remember them when I'm busy writing an entry. >_>

   I still wish for XMPlay music detection… (have a nice mIRC plugin that does that well already, dunno if that helps)

i've sent sema a detection code

Re: ralesk Expand
I remember one of the things now -- would it be possible to have an interface to the LJ console through Semagic? Even though I don't use it often, it would make using the console a little less annoying.

Still having dll problems on 95 with Semagic_1_2_1_1_eng.exe :/

What version of MFC42.dll are you expecting to be installed? And where?

Try downloading
and unpacking it in folder where you've installed Semagic.

I've used both versions for XP and ME and they work great! Thanks! :-)

Thoroughly fantastic :) Just a couple of minor issues:
  • Is it possible to fix up the tab-order for the music/mood/icon fields (and, well, pretty much everything else)? I use the keyboard for practically everything.
  • How hard would it be to add in a word count facility?
Thanks for a great client -- the best I've seen on any platform!


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