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New Semagic
sema wrote in ljwin32_sema
Semagic 1.2RC3U, full unicode support, only for Windows NT/2000/XP
Download installer.

Semagic 1.2RC3, limited unicode support, for Windows 95/98/ME.
Download installer.

Source code could always be taken here.

Read here about unicode support in both versions.

  1. LJ Cut toolbar button now has a menu.

  2. Uninstaller prompts to keep settings

  3. If you check friends for updates by mask it's now included in friends page url (when you double-click flashing icon)

  4. Installer does not overwrite preview template now

Fixed: a lot, including "Decoding error".

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(Deleted comment)
Ooh, this is gorgeous! I've never been able to use the spell check, though; it pops up under the window where I can't get to it, and I have to Ctrl-Alt-Del and get rid of it. It's very annoying.

See this thread here concerning spellchecking in the Semagic client:

But if the problem is that it is launching the Word spellchecker but it's doing the 'pop under' thing, you can always hit 'Alt-Tab' to switch to the spellchecker's dialog box. The program is probably waiting for you to tell it to fix a misspelled word and therefore appears to hang up.

Hope that helps.

it won't let me connect to it. :-/

It still exists, and has for quite a while.
I can not do anything that involves resizing the client's window, without the dropdown menus dying - that is, refusing to open any more.

I have to kill the client, and restart it to get control over my moods and user icons again.

I'm using Windows 2000, Service Pack 3.

(Deleted comment)
i love your client...but i only have one small request...could you increase the subject line? 1.2beta4a has the perfect length...your other clients don't have enough space in the subject line...thankies :)

The subject line length can be resized horizontality by moving the cursor to the edge of the program box, and dragging it left or right. Additionally, it can be resized vertically by moving the cursor to the bottom of the subject line and dragging it up or down.

no...i don't want to resize the subject line...i want more space to type stuff...i did what you said....but the client just got bigger length wise, the amount to type in the subject line remained the same....

   I guess you're worrying about a link :]  Can it be, though, that LJ itself has a limitation, and therefore Sema has set the same (or a similar) limit to his subject line?

no links...i don't care about that...

i usually post lyrics that suit my mood for my journal entry that's why i prefer to use the 1.2beta4a version because that one is the only client that lets me post my subject line that long...

the original livejournal client has a big enough subject character limit and so does the web...but i really love using the client...

also....sema...your links don't work for your previous clients...

   The visions guy whined about some licences — which he messed up anyway, not being clear about them earlier, so he made a proper GPL now — and demanded removal of “illegal”, old-licenced stuff.  Methinks he was just jealous at the Semagic :-D
   I see now your problem with the subject line, and in that case, it's up to Sema to act, indeed.

yea...visions is just a whiny bitch...i know i shouldn't even be saying that cos i don't even know him....but when the conteraversy (sp?) first started [and before they restricted majority of the posts] i read the comments and i seen how he was is the best!

pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease sema increase the character limit???

   What I experienced there, is that absolutely nothing happened to the client for ages.  Furthermore, they didn't respond to any serious questions, especially those about their darned license.
   I kept using it for a while and then decided to try Semagic.  Loved it from the moment I got it, and was very happy it had Unicode support.  And on the top of everything, Sema at least answers the worthy/serious/interesting questions AND does something about that the client gets better.  He's probably asleep now, be patient.

thank you :)

yea....i started using semagic when i stumbled across it during a random clicking spree...i have never gone back...hehe.

yea...sema always answers questions and is nice too...he doesn't bit your head off when you ask for something or show him a bug fix or whatever.

*yay* for sema!

   But his icon is scary enough to make you think he would indeed byte your head off.  Hehehe :]

oh...thought you were talking about the size of the subject line, not the amount of characters you could type into it. I counted 100 allowable. It might be that LiveJournal changed the allowable size of the subject line to only be 100 characters and sema changed the client to match that. My subjects aren't anywhere near that size so I have never run into that problem before.

no no...the web allows longer subjects....but i already responded to ralesk so you can check my other response there.

I don't know how the web update page allows longer subjects, I just counted 100 characters before it stopped. *shurg* Maybe it's just an Windows ME/IE 6 problem on my side. Oh well.

maybe....i have ME...i never upgraded to 6.0...i actually had it and then i downgraded [ahah] to 5.5...and i like it better...

but that's okay...thanks for your help :)

It's limited by server 1.2beta4a was made on another server?

aw well...that's okay...

If you enter more than 100 chars in subject line (since switching to unicode) the server will simply cut all after 100. Before unicode the limit was 200 chars.


i get it now...ahaha...for real this time.

thank you for explaining it!!

Hi sema, I love your client! My only problem is: I too am stuck with version 1.2beta4a because its the last version that supports 200 char subject lines. I don't understand what unicode is or use it (knowingly) and I have no problem submitting 200 char subjects (up until tonight) with the previous client. Is there any way to not use unicode and still use the features of the newer client?

when i install this, i get a message reading:

error opening file for writting:
"C:/Program Files/Semagaic/LiveJournal.exe"
hit abort to abort the installation,
retry to retry writting the file, or
ignore to skip this file

i've done everything on the options, and nothing worked. can you help me out?

If you have an old version running, be sure to close it before starting the installation.

yes that worked! thank you so much :-)

i guess im too dumb for fiddling with the layout of the control bars ..

e.g. try this - use only the journal entry text box plus the help bar (F1) and the post options bar (F5). put the help bar on the right, and the options bar on the top left. the options bar will use the full window width.

what do i have to do to make the help bar using the full window height instead (so that the post options bar is left relative to the help bar, with the text box below the options bar) ?

i checked the source but didnt found any restrictions on placing the control bars.

thanks, that decoding error bothered me, and i check that a lot :)

would it be possible to have a "login" place, from the "just edit" mode? at the moment, it seems like you need to "logout" from that mode, and then log back in again normally, it seems a bit strange, since you're not logged in anyway.

i love you!! i couldn't get the offical client to work with my version of windows (xp professional) but your client works fantastically. and its better than the other one was anyways! <3

you rock the momma's house down, wesley willis style with diet pepsi, uh-huh.

ohhhh so nice! i dont have any errors to report (and my problem with teh last client is all better, hooray!), but i do have a suggestion--
i think it'd be nice if you added a menu for the lj user button as well, with all the different options available for that (and it woudlnt get used as often, i imagine, but i suppose one for lj comm could be nice too)
also, if the 'wrap with lj cut' had a way to put in the cut text, that'd be great too

Control-Backspace & Rich Edit

Hi Sema,

I'd like to request two changes for the next RC -

1. In standard Windows apps, pressing Control-Backspace deletes the whole word immediately prior to the cursor, and it's enormously useful for writing when I change my mind about where I'm going with a sentence. Unfortunately in Semagic and LJ, Ctrl-Backspace doesn't delete and in fact adds a character instead - very frustrating! Little thing I know but worth fixing for useability and consistency.

2. Rich Editing - I already speak HTML and I write compound tags for multiple HTML attributes so Semagic's tag buttons aren't so useful for me. In the web world Microsoft IE has a rich text editor which is very useful eg. for the web-based CMS I use. I wonder if this is a Java object exposed so that you could borrow it for Semagic...?

Just my $0.02 - thanks,


Re: Control-Backspace & Rich Edit

Not a Java object, but an ActiveX Control. It can indeed be embedded in other applications, just like Outlook Express does. I believe Sema is planning to do this eventually.

When I try to post (using Semagic 1.2RC3U on WinXP), I get an error that says "Server Busy: This action cannot be completed because the other program is busy. Choose 'Switch To' to activate the busy program and correct the problem."

"Switch To" brings up the start menu with no clue as to what "the other program" might be. The "Cancel" option is unselectable, and even alt-F4 won't shut it down. What can I do to stop this happening?

Ah, it was the spellchecker hiding behind it that was causing the problem. Fixed now.

Switch off spellchecking on posting.

   Found some little bugs/inconveniencies:
  • Tab order of fields in Make Link (^M), especially on the custom name LJ user link.

  • There is a space between Alt= and "%%username%%" in the custom link…

   Me and my hairsplitting comments :-D

I remember that in previous versions if explorer crashed, the pencil would reappear in the task bar. I noticed yesterday that it doesn't anymore.

This is a problem with systems with Traditional Chinese (and perhaps Simplified as well) as their default encoding. The calendar in the hitsory view is not wide enough to display all of the days of the week (it only shows Monday through Thursday). Would it be possible to make the history window or calendar resizeable?

I've included a screenshot pointing out the exact problem here.

First of all, may I just say that this client has always been spectacualr and this version is the most spectacular so far! Thank you for all your work.

Second, just a tiny glitch I noticed (I think). I have it set to have the icon flash and give me a pop-up window when my friend's page is updated. In previous versions, when I would click "yes" on the pop-up window to check my friends' page, the icon would stop flashing...

for some reason, with this version the icon keeps flashing. Is this a glitch, intentional, or something I have set wrong?

Again, thank you and keep up the good work!

Thanx, fixed.

Great job! I love your client, as usual! The new toolbar is awesome!!!!!!!!

Is there one for Macintosh users out yet?

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