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sema wrote in ljwin32_sema
I'll be on vacation till 15 of July, so will not be able to answer your requests and so on.
See you!

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(Deleted comment)
Have a great holiday! =)

have a good one, man. you deserve it.

Ahhh you ass you stole my "You deserve it" idea!!!

Hope you're having a great (and well-deserved) time.

This LJ Client is absolutely amazing. I love using it.

Thanks so much!


I hope you had fun in your vacation.

I just wanted to ask, if the music detector detects mp3 that are played in mIRC?

this isn't a user of live journal but, i got deadjournal and it won't let me do anything off of your client and i was wondering how do i get the livejournal options onto deadjournal through your thing

с возвращением
а где качается последний русский клиент?

what music prog so i have to use so your prog will detect my music

Winamp 2.xx, Sonique, FreeAmp, Apollo, MusicMuch Jukebox, MS CD player

have a good one..... *notices its the 19th* damnit! :)

cool client, ;)

the server feature from the login screen should be linked to a particular account. having a journal on lj, and then a seperate one on ujournal, it would be nice if i didn't have to change the server info whenever i want to post in the other journal (the lj being my main). would this be a hard feature to impliment?

This is by design, read explanation of this feature here:
If you want to constanly use Semagic with different servers just copy .exe with different name and you'll be able to tune and use this 2 (or more) copies independently.

Извините а почему у мен выдает постоянно надпись Can't connet to server try again in few minutes. Хотя неюникод клиент работает замечательно

Sema, I wondered if you could make Semagic support the "Music Detect" on mIRC.
mIRC has his own player.. mp3, wav, wma, and so on..
And I want to know if you can male Semagic support it.

Thanks in advance..


How do I use the client to post to comments?

Re: posting to comments

No way.

(Deleted comment)
Concerning autologin problems - can't reproduce, I'll try to investigate

Note: I have it installed on 2 systems: win98ME which IS having the issue, and Win2K which is not. Not sure if this helps, but trying to narrow the range for you.

Everytime i run the program it says my password is easy to guess and i should change it. Well, my password isnt really easy to guess and even if it was, nobody would want to take over my account anyways.. is there anyways you could put a check box in that reminder.. something like "dont show this again" .. that would be pretty rad.. oh and maybe support for music detection in winamp 3.0.. Otherwise.. your client kickz butt. Thanks Dan.

That's not a message coming from the client. Its a message come from LiveJournal itself. Check out the news post here for more info.

I just got the client yesterday and it is great.

I have one problem though. Everytime I try to Spellcheck, it says there is a spellcheck problem. That is my only qualm.

Other than that one problem, the client is perfect for me.

love the client.
Couple teeny problems,
1.) bug? When I try to auto-login, it doesnt want to connect. It just hangs like that forever. If I click Cancel and then Login, it works just fine. I'm not sure why it should have this problem...I told a friend of mine to download your client and she reports the same issue.
2.) a nit: The spellchecker causes lots of problems for me. Is there any way to make it point to the simple spellchecker mechanism that is used with the regular boring client that can be downloaded from lj_win32 ? Would this be a difficult feature request?
3.) not a problem, but a feature request IF you ever have time for it... >>>> a "back" button in the preview page would be nice, especially for times when you use preview to make sure your links work!


it shows on ujouranl that u can get the sema so u can use it to post my joural entries.. and i have ot for LJ but i need it also for UJ.. because i hate updating on the site!! how do i do that?

before logging in, go to the menu: file -> server settings
there you can change the server url to

i have a question..what are the new features of the new client?

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