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New Semagic is out
sema wrote in ljwin32_sema
Semagic 1.2beta7U, full unicode support, only for Windows NT/2000/XP
Dowload installer.

Semagic 1.2beta7, limited unicode support, for Windows 95/98/ME.
Dowload installer.

Source code could allways be taken here.

Read here about unicode support in both versions.


  1. Save/load entries to/from file (File menu, former Draft)

  2. All attributes of entries (post options, currents) are now saved to drafts (and files)

  3. Copy/paste the whole entries

  4. Deleted friends are marked with grey arrows and there names are strokethrough

  5. Shortcut Ctrl-Alt-C - <lj comm="">, support of this tag in preview

  6. Shortcut Ctrl-Alt-K - <lj-cut/>, support of this tag in preview

  7. Login dialog has new icon

  8. Music detection from Music Match JukeBox (7.2)

  9. Semagic now promts to go online if IE is in "Work offline" mode

  10. Switch back to more casual colors in preview


  1. Problems with hieroglyphic text

  2. <lj user=""> tag in subject was not shown in preview

  3. Read group menu was not changed after logout

  4. Problems with posts containig % symbol (only in version for 9X windows)

  5. More...

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(Deleted comment)
>>lj user="" tag in subject was not shown in preview

Does it include the lj comm="" ?


when i close the login window, and then click on the tray icon, sema closes. i'm using the non-unicode version, if that makes a difference.

When you close login window the application should close, it's by design. The only problem is that Semagic closes only after a mouse click, anywhere, not necessary on tray icon - it's a known issue.

first off, thank you for adding the musicmatch detection feature. however, when the program detects the music...all it says in the music post field is "musicmatch jukebox." nothing about the song that's playing or even the filename. i'm running 7.1, which is, to my knowledge, the latest musicmatch version. is this a bug?

also, under the music detection tab in the options...what is the difference between the "on focus" and "post options" possibilites for automatic detection.


1. I use MMJ version 7.2, look at the post.
2. "On focus" means it'll detect music when Semagic takes focus, when it gets active. "On post options panel or dialog activations" means that it'll detect music when you make "Post options" bar visible or call "Post options" dialog from "History item" dialog.

thanks, i read the post.

i have the purchased version of musicmatch and i selected the update software feature and it told me that my software was up to date. where did you get 7.2?

the new version is fantastic! It fixes so many of those little annoyances that you don't realize how much they bug you till they go away

I would like to make the suggestion, however, that if you have the list of friends in the "modify friends list" dialogs be in the user-picked font, it would be really nice if it would use the user-selected font size too (or make it configurable). I like how it shows my friends in my font, i'd just like it to be at a bigger point size that's easier to read in that font :)

Should Make Link/Image include a Community box?

I agree with all of the above...this client keeps getting better and better with each version. There is something I'd like to see though, if possible. Is there a way to add a "Tab" function so that a user could indent paragraphs without having to manually tap the spacebar x number of times? I was thinking more along the lines of this being a user controlled option...but I think it'd be neat to have...if it's possible, that is. I'm not sure how much more code or how much trouble this would be and I'd be willing to help,if I could. Nice job on the client, though :) last thing...someone should change the client image (where the text says "LiveJournal" below the pencil) and make it say "Semagic" or something...Silly change, I know...LOL

Bug from 6u is 7u:

I mentioned in a little bug report about 6u that if i did something that made my desktop resolution switch with the client open (eg: play a fullscreen game or hibernate my PC), that the mood and picture dropboxes would not drop down.

it's still present, unfortunately, in 7u.

easiest way to test it, is to open the client, then resize its window. maximize or resize it, and the dropdowns die.

I'm currently using Windows 2000 Professional, Service Pack 2 (5.0 - 2195).

I like.



One suggestion; maybe it's possible and maybe it's not. I usually write an entry and then go back and format it. For the <lj user=""> tag i like to double-click on the word (which selets it) and then do the ctrl-alt-u shortcut to make the tag.

The problem is that often the username will be in parentheses or followed by a comma or period. When you double-click the name, it includes the punctuation in the selection. Then the ctrl-alt-u shortcut includes the punctuation in the tag. Yuck. It seems to have enough smarts to strip a space out of the tag, is it possible to make it strip out the punctuation, too?

Just a thought. I still love the client.

Still the best client! ~©VSD =)

Maybe it will be useful to add a feature that if Ctrl-Alt-K is pressed when some text is selected, appropriate lj-cut tags are inserted on both sides, not just the closing one at the end of the selection?

Also when resizing the Semagic window the Options group box disappears or flickers during the motion (this one has been in beta4 at least)

1. I think Ctrl-Alt-Shift-K to wrap with <lj-cut>...<lj-cut/>, will be more useful.
2. Of course it flickers but I can't reproduce its disappearance.
А почему не по-русски? :)

1. Собственно, я про такое оборачивание и хотел написать, плохо получилось =)

2. Если двигать с подходящей скоростью, на время движения рамка пропадает. При остановке появляется снова.

3. Вдруг ещё кто-то почитать вздумает =)

2. Ну, ничего не попишешь.

shouldn't that be <lj-cut> ... </lj-cut> ?

Sure, just a misprint :)

If I minimise the login dialog, it doesn't go to the Windows task bar. It sits at the bottom of the desktop like a minimised child window in an MDI application.

I'm on Win98se.

as said before the client keeps getting better and better.

i only see one small bug. :/
whenever i go into "edit friends" (CTRL+F) i get the warning message: "Decoding error. Warning -some data may be corrupted, apply to program author".
now is this the same error as before where you said that livejournal wasn't returning the right code when you went to edit your friends.. or is this something new?
it still loads the actual friends list though, which is strange.

i'm running windows xp professional if that helps any. :)

Your client would be perfect if it had a decent spell checker! But despite that it's so much better than the official client. Thanks.

осталось дома проверить...

thank you for all your hard work :)

I don't even know if it's possible, but here are two things I'd like to see in the "History Item" dialog:

1. A button to open up the entry's "Read Comments" page in a new browser window.
2. A button to add the entry to one's memories. This might not be possible, but it's easier to go back through entries with your client than it is through the journal, so for those of us that go through old entries, it'd be a benefit. If #1 was implemented so we could open the Read Comments page easily then we could add it to memories from there.

Hope your vacation (which is not quite over as I write this) was relaxing.

Re: Another Suggestion

There is an option "Open browser in new window" in general tab.
And there's a menu in "History item" dialog under ">>>" button from where you may open "Read comments" page and add entry to memories.

Re: Another Suggestion

I completely missed that. Good work. This client rocks.

New to LiveJournal, LOVE the update client. Not sure if this is possible, or if it would need a dditional support from somewhere else, but was wondering if autodetection of currently playing music in Winamp. If there's any way i can help with this (probably larger than i would expect) project, let me know. Thanks for the awesome client! -crs

Sorry, just figured out there already IS support for winamp. :)

I love Semagic. One suggestion that I thought of earlier today... is it possible to implement in the client a button (or something like that) that would let you check your POP3 account(s)?

Is there any way to include an option to either a) post to a different journal server (i.e. ujournal, deadjournal, etc.) by selecting the server on the login screen, or b) add a window on the actual client (not login screen) to enter different journal server logins so you could post the same entry to multiple journals?

Где можно русскую версию нарыть?

We need intelligent profiling.

I post to uJournal, and sometimes on rare occaisions to DeadJournal. I also check my friends list on LJ, as well, bu do not post.

I find it a hassle to log out of one account, go into the submenu to change servers, exit submenu, type in my login *again*, and log in, repeating this throughout the day.

I need a client with intelligent profiling.

Preferably this client. :)

-- Xial

   I have collected a small amount of stuff about the client — which absolutely rocks, by the way.

  • There is a Win32 media player called XMPlay.  Since version 2.4 it supports DDE queries, so it would be a nice move if Semagic could support it. []
  • Recent bug with Beta7, and I've yet to get to know the reason of the bug:  When autoloading Semagic with Windows, tray icon doesn't appear, only after exiting and reloading.  I use a good old Windows 2000 Pro, without SPs.
  • Ctrl-Space mapped to   would be an awesome little feature (Somehow Alt+0160, non breaking space gets eaten, no matter what I use.  Must be LJ|HTMLTidy itself.)
  • Probably a little design glitch:  Time panel's contents aren't — or don't seem to — be vertically centered.
  • Also, in Options panel|Options box, Auto-format is 1px further from Remove Comment, than Backdate entry is from Remove Comment.
  • Possible Menu|Web addition in the Your… section: Your memories?
  • If I may continue the hairsplitting, and it's possible, the label “Picture to use” is approximately 2px above its optimal position.
  • I haven't found typos :]

   Why do I believe I'm not gonna get away with this without decapication? :D

1. May be
2. Can't reproduce. You're the first who encounter such a problem, I've feeling that it's a problem with your system
3. Next version will include configurable macros, you'll be able to do it yourself
4. It's because in some cases (when using AM/PM symbols) they need more space.
5. I'll fix this dreadful bug :)
6. The server retuns this menu
7. Oh, yeah!
8. Really?

  2.  Oh yes, good old Windows experience…
  3.  Just for the record, it was &nbsp;, before anyone else misunderstands or finds the line contradictory :]  Macros?  Cool!
  6.  *prods Brad with a stick*

   Aaaaanyway.  It rules.  What more can be said?

I like the ?since= options when Semagic loads my friends page - it stops Opera showing me a cached page. But if I say that I don't want to check for friends' updates, this option isn't available. 8~(

If I don't want any alerts, but I want to load my friends page manually as required, I think I should still be able to use ?since=

Are there any plans in the future to allow the batch downloading of entries? In other words, a way to back up one's journal?

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