В связи с выходом нового уродского редактора в жж, которым невозможно пользоваться с айпада, есть запрос на семаджик для айпада. Плиииз...

А вам не нравится спецпрога для айпада 1.1.1? Или вы ее не поставили? Она вообще очень удобная, а в плане френдов читать или личку просматривать - так вообще вау

Добрый день! Спасибо за программу, очень помогает.
Есть вопрос - можно ли экспортировать из синхронизации не все записи сразу, а частями, например, помесячно?

Как именно, определенный месяц или все по месяцам в отдельные файлы?

(Deleted comment)
Подскажите пожалуйста, вся инсталляция прошла удачно, но вот имя пользователя не дает ввести на английском, предлагает только русский, а ЖЖ имя на английском однако...

когда запускается программа, в меню наверху появляется меню X11, там есть настройка, чтобы язык x11 совпадал с системным. я ее включил и переключаю системынй язык.

Спасибо, но после установки прекрасно пишет на английском, но вместо русского одни ?????? Что можно сделать?

Там в записи написано, что ctrl+F12

Hello! I've been using Semagic for years to update my LJ and I love it. Today I started having problems signing on with my Semagic and I'm afraid I don't understand the error message. I've been retrying for hours. I even uninstalled and then reinstalled the lastest version of Semagic. No matter what I try to do, I get this page: 405 Not Allowed and this image:


If it's any help, I am running a PC with Windows 7 64 bit.

I've really come to depend on my Semagic so your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Many users report the same, that is a LJ error

I am getting a different error this morning... its the 404 error.. resource not found! I too love Semagic and using it as my client so I hope it gets sorted out shortly! :D Thanks everyone for the work you all do to make this a good little program to use anyways!

I keep getting the same error that everyone else is getting. In the meantime, I'm typing up on Semagic and copy/pasting to LJ, as annoying as that is.

I'm having the same trouble with Semagic and getting logged in. Please let us know what we should do, if there's anything we can do. I suppose if LJ is aware of it there may be some action on it?

Also, thanks for all your hard work ON Semagic, I rely on it heavily and also recc it to all my friends.

On login getting all kinds of Http errors 401, 402, 404 and it asks to "try again later"

При запуске не запускается, а выдаёт ошибку 404. Иногда 405. Что делать?

Do you know if Semagic works on 10.7?
I installed both Playonmac (seemed to install fine) and Semagic through your wonderfully thorough screen caps.
I can download my existing journal entries but the main screen won't let me edit any of them.
?? Is there a semagic manual I should read? It all seemed pretty self explanatory except nothing is editable.
? (that's in the WYSIWYG) screen or the HTML one.
Now this was editing an existing post, not sure how to start a new one from scratch and cut is not usable in the menu (greyed out) paste is, but nothing will paste in the main menu. I feel I'm missing the boat somewhere. : )
Any help/advice appreciated

What do you mean you cannot edit? You cannot open an entry from history in the main window? It is opened via right-click menu when you click on an entry in history. If in WYSIWYG mode you cannot type text that means you did not install ie6 package. That may be the reason also why cut and paste does not work in WYSIWYG mode.

Thanks a lot! Its working! Great!


I'm having trouble adjusting the tabs on one of my accounts. It looks fine when I post from this account, but I've also got another account where the tabs are absolutely haywire, and I can't for the life of me rearrange them--the post options window is huge and refuses to move when I try to resize it. Here's what this account's posting layout looks like. And here is what the secondary journal's layout looks like in Semagic, complete with the resizing bar that just refuses to budge. I also tried resetting the tabs, to no avail.

Now, the Help file tells me these settings are saved to the tab.ini file. Is there any way I can import the settings of this account's tab order to the secondary journal's view? How do I even tell which tab.ini file is the right one, as I found at least two?

Thanks in advance.

tab.ini contains focus order when you press tab key on keyboard. You can switch between vertical/horiontal post options in options/view, also you can undock the particular window clicking the vertical line on the left side and move it where you want.

I've just installed Semagic on my new Windows 7 computer, and it's not displaying my custom mood theme. When I look in options, I see a "Custom moods" option, but it's looking for a *.ini file, which I've never seen before. I have my mood theme packaged in a zip file. I thought the program just downloaded the mood icon just like it downloads the userpics. How do I get it to show my mood icon again?

Mood theme is a set of pictures assotiated with predefined set of keywords. Those custom moods in Semagic is just a new set of keywords, for example, in another language, it has nothing to do with the mood theme i.e. icons. Also icons itself are not shown in Semagic, only in the journal.

Hello, I'm using the latest version and I cannot get my detect music to work. I do use iTunes and have it enabled in my Semagic Options/Music. When I click on the Detect Music button, it turns 'blue' and stays that way, but does not detect any music. Help would be appreciated. I didn't have this problem in my prior version of Semagic. Thank you!

I'm using Windows 7.

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I've just started having the same exact problem. I tinkered around with the settings, then tried uninstalling and reinstalling, to no avail. It's rather frustrating. Hopefully, we'll get help soon. :)

I've just loaded Semagic because I was hoping to make it Sync, now that LJArchive won't work any more. Aside from the 500 Error everyone is getting (And the fact that I don't use IE, so using IE cookies is useless) I noticed this line in the "About Semagic" page of the help file:

"Download of all entries with search and merge operations as well as conversion of security level of all entries is currently disabled because of high popularity of Semagic and is available on request."

Does this mean Sync is disabled in the current version?

No, it is about old method that was server non-firendly, now it is more relable and has pauses between requests. You should report error 500 to /support/

whenever i go to load my history, i get an error that says "invalid password." D8

i recently reformatted my hard-drive, returning it to factory settings, and had to reinstall semagic. before the reformat, with the copy of semagic i had previously installed, i never had this problem.

hope you can help!

Re: [ history error ]

Same thing happens to me. It started yesterday for me.

всем привет! семаджик не открывает историю! пишет invalid password:

НЕ работает история записей.
Проблемы начались где-то неделю назад, от версии не зависит.
На попытку входа выдает Invalid password при этом Редактировать последнюю запись работает. Отправляет посты тоже нормально.
Имею в виду версию для PC

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О! А я уж думала, что это только моя проблема "Invalid password"

I'm not on a Mac, but I don't find an entry for this problem. I'm getting a popup that said "Invalid Password" when I try to access my History. It doesn't do it when I click to access the most recent entry.


(I tried exiting and relogging in, twice)


I've got the same on Windows.
Just a shame ! How to fix that ? I've the last version of Semagic.


It is my understanding that they've changed the way the lj cookie long in works, and this may be behind the new errors that semagic produces that gives a popup that said "Invalid Password" when trying to view history / calendar.

I saw something about that, too.
*sigh* Can't we (LJ & Semagic) all just get along?


Всё делали по инструкции, но не запускается. Описание сбоя ошибки при запуске:


Пакет vcrun6 не установлен, а может и все остальные, попробуйте еще раз и проверьте, есть ли файлы mfc42u.dll в папке windows/system через файловый менеджер.

Oh wait, I just see a whole slew of folks entries with the same problem. So I guess it's a being figured out thing?

Same Problem as everyone else below:

Hi there, PlayOnMac and Semagic had been running perfectly. Today I log on, the PlayOnMac interface works perfectly I get my log in window and Semagic starts up fine with the same password checked and entered since day one, BUT when I go to view History it says Invalid Password.

I've tried quitting, I've tried installing the new PlayOnMac update and rebooting, I've tried reentering the password, everything is fine until I go to view history. I can even see and edit my last entry, but NOT previous ones.

Any suggestions? Kind of strange.

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Re: Invalid Password

Please report to /support/. I guess there were only few requests about it so they did not fix it yet.

семаджик два дня не показывает history, выдает ошибку "password error", хотя отлично постит записи, смотрит друзей итп. что это могл быть? версия

настройки/дополнительно, отключить авторизацию с запросом и подтверждением


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