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quirrc wrote in ljwin32_sema
Now you can upload images to Flickr. That means that both free and paid LJ users can insert images from the local drive and have them automatically uploaded somewhere before posting. Note that you need to login to Flickr in Internet Explorer because Semagic always uses IE cookies for authentication during upload.
  • Register at if you have not already.
  • Go to Journal/ Pictures menu in Semagic and select "Flickr" in the Server type.
  • Press Ctrl+M to insert local image (or or use corresponding toolbar button or menu item from the right-click menu), select "Image" and press "..." to browse for file.
  • Insert the image tag into the entry and press "Post" to post the entry. Image upload window is invoked if there are local images in the entry. This behavior is controlled via Journal/ Pictures/Open/Options, by default it is set to always find and upload locally stored pictures. You may need to go there first if you for some reason turned it off.
  • Press "Authorize..." and follow the link to to allow Semagic accessing your files.
  • Return to the upload window and wait until the files are uploaded and you see URLs assigned to each file. The window is closed automatically and the entry is posted with local links replaced by new URLs.

IE here means a browser which cookies are accessible by external applications. You can continue using other browsers but need to login at least once via IE to make the cookies for saved.

General note if you used Semagic for a long time but at some point it started crashing on login
Crash dumps that I received during past several months clearly show that it is most likely caused by some spyware and virus programs at your computer. Crash dump contains list of all loaded libraries and the point where the error occurs. In all cases it was listing some unknown .dll files that were intercepting network connections and the error occurred inside that spyware rather than Semagic itself. All users actually had antivirus tools installed but those particular viruses were not detected. Some of those files were even hiding themselves from the file explorer. So people had to either manually remove the files that I pointed them to or use tools like HijackThis to remove spyware that was hiding or restoring itself. That solved the problem in all reported cases.

Download page

Any chance we'll ever be able to use Photobucket?

I did not see any tools that can so that means there are no API. Flickr that has it is the easiest for now though it is possible to emulate web interface.

Can we have an insert picture from scrapbook option?

A dropdown list of picure names would be excellent, arranged by gallery :)

Definitely. I would love it if, in addition to being a top-notch LJ client, Semagic would work just as nicely as a full Scrapbook client.

I'm probably going to feel real silly when you answer this but... I am looking for how to add semagic to the list of allowed fools for my account at Flickr and I don't see how to do this. Any chance of a little help?

you will get a popup in the upload window with activation link to flickr

Off topic but still a Semagic question...

There are people that I have unfriended, who have unfriended me and they still appear in my menus in Semagic. Even if I do an uninstall, reinstall, some "memory" of Semagic must remain because the friends list is the same.

Any pointers would be great, thanks in advance.

what menus? you mean friend window? it is updated when you press update button at the top of it.

(Deleted comment)
Thank you, great new feature!

Thank you for this new feature! I'm totally excited to try it out when I get home from work (where flickr isn't a blocked domain)...definitely could simply something that has been a real pain to do in the past (post flickr pictures to LJ more than one in a post) :)

Will there be a problem using it with Mozilla Firefox?

There's no problem using FF on a regular basis, but you have to go to IE once (or everytime LJ tosses it's cookies) and login and click remember me so that IE has a cookie established.

Short version: Open IE today, login to LJ and Flickr, make sure they both remember you. You will not need to repeat unless the cookies are cleared (either by you or server).

I'm having an odd issue with Semagic telling me that I have new friends posts, however, there are no new posts when I check on my friends page.

Anyone else having this issue?


It happens when somebody updates with a custom friends filter or private - hence it's a post you are not authorised to see. [At least that's what I figured.]

(Deleted comment)

Re: Bug: font size could not be set (by Font button).

Font is set separately for html and wysiwyg mode and visible and posted via html tags (view menu or right click correspondingly).

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

Manage Pictures with Semagic!?

Hey there. I really like Semagic....the only thing that's missing for me.

I'd so like to manage my Scrapbook with Semagic. having all the pics listed with thumbnails and stuff so it'd be easy to just drag and drop them into a post. Although it'd be fun if Semagic would do thumbnails (don't know if the Scrapbook auto-generates thumbnails so Semagic could use those).

Thanks for listening to my crap :P

Dusty ^_^

Re: Manage Pictures with Semagic!?

You can drag and drop them from the browser. Currently I prefer to extend the number of different hosting services rather than improving support of one of them especially since in your particular case doing it via browser or semagic itself is almost the same, also you can open scrapbook in the web tab inside the program.

Cross posting options

A lot of times I cross post entries between my own personal journal and one or more community journals... is there a way in a future update an option could be developed (maybe with radio buttons or something) where you could click on the names of other journals or communites you want to crosspost to?.. Rather than do it one at a time and select a new one each time from the drop down list?

It will be very convenient, if the following will be realized:
- An opportunity to load from thumbals image with the certain tags
- A choice of the image from loaded
- An insert of the chosen image of the necessary size (small, large, etc.) in a body of a post with base HTML.

Currently I do not add many options especially that cannot be set to some default values for automatic one click upload.
What can be easily added is a selection of default choice of url type
Currenlty it is the first one. What particluar value do you need to be added to the selection dropdown that will appear in options in upload window?


now about uploading pictures to ?

Раньше сохранялся список последних открытых семаджиком файлов.
Сейчас нет.
Как это можно исправить?

а у меня сохраняется. в любой программе чтобы узнать, почему она не работает, или просто что там происходит, полезно использjвать filemon и regmon. *очень* часто помогает. может проблемы с друзьями тоже были как-то связаны с ошибками записи в реестр.

This was something I was looking for!! Thank you!! Pretty neat!

плачу и молю о переводе :(
понимаю общий смысл что теперь картинки удобно можно загружать но больше ниЧЕГО :(

зарегистрируйтесь в, выберите тип сервера в меню журнал/изображения, вставьте картинку с диска ctrl+M и отправляйте запись. должно открыться окно загрузки, все загрузится и запись отправится с адресами картинок. можно загружать вручную там же в меню изображения.

Отлично! Очень удобная функция.

А как насчет поддержки

I registered @, and I made my server Flickr. The part that I'm confused about is how to post the picture. Is is possible to pick a picture from my documents? I tried doing so, and after I posted it I never got an authorization pop-up. I also logged on w/ IE. Could someone help me out please?

Was the picture uploaded? Did you selected server type in journal/pictures?

I think I love you! Semagic is so awesome already, but this will simplify my life quite a bit. Thank you!!

I did not get the Image Upload window upon posting. Is there a step I might've skipped?

Go to pictures menu and select "Pictrues from current entry". Auto upload is controlled in options in upload window but initially it is on unless you turned it off manually.

I feel like an idiot, but I cannot for the life of me find the option to post to a community.

I just downloaded the newest version and... am I blind? I can't find the option. Can ANYONE help me? please? *hopeful* Just point me to it? Or take a screenshot? *dies*

In the latest version the usernames of the journals/communities you have access to were in the top right corner for me after the install.

Suggestion for future version

Not sure if this has been suggested before... I for one would find it immensely helpful to be able to preview mood icons so I can select one appropriate to the custom mood I want to type in. LJ has this on their update pages but Semagic does not.

I love this program, though. :)

Re: Suggestion for future version

it is not possible to retrieve URLs of icons for particular theme.

Spellchecker in the new version

Spell checker in the new version stopped to recognize abbreviated verbs (aren't, isn't) as valid.

Re: Spellchecker in the new version

add aren and isn to user dictionary

I am not sure if this is a bug I'm seeing or what, but in my Semagic the 'post entry' button does not invoke the 'pictures in this entry' window. I have to go there manually every time I pick pictures. I wrote a walkthrough of what I've been doing...

Is there any way to update the security or delete multiple entries at once with semagic?

If this question has already been answered, I apologize, I am just new to this client and I really would like to change a mass amount of entries from public to private. Please help!

hold ctrl+alt and open options/history. enable appeared option and go to history.


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