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quirrc wrote in ljwin32_sema

For those who wanted tag list: though it is not possible to get it from LJ (now) the client can at least store the ones you use when posting an entry. If you have several usernames they will share the same taglist.txt stored in the draft folder. Also tags are stored when you only open an entry via history.
Go to , select all tags and paste tag list into the file. Or create an entry via web interface with all tags and open it via history in the client so that you do not need to edit that file manually. Tags in the menu are sorted alphabetically and reloaded from file on every access.

To use separate tag lists for each username create a taglist.username.txt file for each username, default taglist.txt is used if that file is not found. In the same way you can have separate taglists for communities using taglist.username.communityname.txt files.
To make tags converted to lowercase (to avoid duplicated tags that only have different case) create a file taglist_lower.txt (or rename existing taglist.txt). When that file is found, tags are loaded from it and converted to lowercase. For uppercase create taglist_upper.txt. Otherwise taglist.txt is used and tags are not converted.

To cancel autocorrection of a certain word use Ctrl+Z (Edit/Undo) and select Add to user dictionary from the right-click menu.

Running Semagic from a removable drive: at your home computer hold Ctrl when exiting from the program. That will save the whole registry key with Semagic settings to semagic.re1 file (it is not a .reg file and is not human readable). Then copy that file with the program to the removable disk and run on the target computer (e.g. at work). The program will locate that file and ask you to import the file into the registry. You may get an error message if your account does not have required privileges to perform import. On exit you will get another prompt to export settings back to the file and remove the registry key. Do report if you personally want this behavior to be somehow improved (skip prompts etc.) because that was a request from one user and I did not get more feedback.

Download page

What I did was select all my existing tags and then copied them from the "edit tags" text box into the taglist.txt file.

and it worked? in the file they must be delimited by carriage returns, not commas or smth else.

Most excellent work! THANKS!!!

I agree. Semagic rocks my socks. Thanks for all the hard work!

You're awesome, thanks! :)

Also, I was wondering if there is some way for me to reorder how my lists are alphabetized (lj communities, lj users, tags) because they are all reverse ordered... ie Z is listed first, A is listed last. Is there any way to reverse those so they run A-Z? I'm looking through "Options" and I'm just not seeing anything that appears to accomplish that.

Oh wait. Actually, tags are in whatever order they are in on the text file. Never mind that one. I can fix that. :)


I can't find a drafts folder or a taglist.txt file

My taglist.txt file was in my Semagic folder.

Of course, I guess I could have just opened up a post that contains all my tags via history. That probably would have been even faster :)

To load all of my tags into Semagic, I made a post, added all the tags to it via the edit tags page on LiveJournal, loaded that post into Semagic via history, and then deleted the junk entry.

In addition, you can then open the taglist.txt file, CTRL-A to copy it all, CTRL-V to paste it into MS Excel, then sort A->Z to alphabetize the list.

After that, I went through and cleaned up the tags (removing "movie" and leaving "movies" after I'd changed the relevant posts to the new tag.)

Every night at midnight, my Semagic restores from the system tray and displays anyone on my friends list that has a birthday that day. Is there a toggle for this and I'm just not seeing it?

Many thanks!

you dont like your friends or have very good memory? oprions/view/friends list

I couldn't find the configuration screen for how to post to my blogger...

I'm running on XP.

server settings in the menu in login dialog

Sorry, I know this isn't about tags, but is there a way to get from WYSIWYG view back to HTML view without having to go through web mode? I don't really use web-mode for anything so its kind of a hassle to cycle through to get between the modes I actually use.

PS thank you so much for adding spell check as you type to html mode, it works great :)

via button in the statusbar. make it visible via view menu if its hidden

Somehow there is no tagslist.txt in my Semagic folder. Should I just create one? Already tried to make a test post with all tags I have, doesn't work for me.

open it via history and access the menu near the tag list field.

I have a question -- all of a sudden, in the new version of Semagic (, "Enter types linebreak" doesn't work in the options menu any more. I can type something out with returns and get nothing more than a solid block of text. What's going on?

that is not for how your entry appears in the journal, that is for behavior of wysiwyg editor when it types linebreak
instead of paragraph

which is default behavior of mshtml control. linebreaks in the journal are defined by autoformat post option.

Hi, I'm sorry this is OT:
I've made a Japanese translated version of the Download Page, which is based on (a.k.a. Saved & Edited) the original HTML file.

Is it OK if I posted a link to the page above in my LJ, website or some communities?
I'd like to ask your permission first since it's a copied file of yours. If there's any problem, I'd discard it. :)

Also, this is rather late but I'd like to thank you about the Ver. and its full Unicode version. I felt kinda embarrassed to see the post because I'm a mod of nihongo_only, and I had dare written the community's name in Japanese although I was aware of the decoding error.
Thank you, and I'm sorry for all the trouble.

Making Past Entries Private or Friends Only

I went to lj's faq section for help with this, but they didn't really give me an answer that I could use. So if anybody can assist, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm trying to make all of my previous entries private or "friends only" but there's no way to do that via live journal's site without having to go through each entry individually. They suggested that I download a client so that I could edit multiple entries and therefore make the process much faster. Would I be able to edit multiple entries with this client, and if not, could you suggest something else for me? Thank you!!!

Re: Making Past Entries Private or Friends Only

hold ctrl+alt when opening options/history and check additional option that appear. then go to history.

Question: Subject Bar Height


What is the registry entry that corresponds to the Subject bar? I would play with each BarState$USER-Bar* myself, but I thought it would be faster just to ask you =)

The Subject bar height value refuses to stay saved after I close the application. This has been happening for the last few releases (ever since the icon turned green, I think =).


-- J.

Re: Question: Subject Bar Height

does it have something else at the same line like journal?


(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
ok so i'm having some trouble with semagic. for some reason when i want to write in one of the communities i have joined, on the bottom part where you would normally click the commmunity you want to post there it juts shows my username. that's all. is there something i'm doing wrong?

help and a suggestion

One way to access a list of tags is at

Scrolling through abig list of user names in Semagic is very slow and laborious. Quicker scrolling would rock.

Re: help and a suggestion

p.s. Semagic is the best editor I have used recently. I wish Logjam didn't suck so much in comparison. I hate to reboot to Windows just to edit my journal!

Question. I just did the whole tags thing as per directions given. However, what if I want to get rid of some tags? I tried just deleting them once they're in the tag thing, but nothing doing. Am I forgetting something?

delete them from text file

(Deleted comment)
the community is moderated

I don't know if you'll have any suggestions on how to fix this, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask.

Ever since I upgraded to this version of Semagic, the client hasn't been able to login at all. I opened it up last night after installing and when it wouldn't login right away, I left it and sorta forgot. A couple hours later, I went back and it was still trying to login.

There appears to be some sort of conflict between it and Norton Internet Security. I turned off NIS and Semagic logged in fine, but it won't when NIS is turned on. I have the personal firewall set to allow Semagic to connect to the internet. I've been using Semagic and NIS for quite a while now and haven't had this problem before.

If you've got any suggestions on how to fix the issue, I'd be grateful.

~Isis FG (flyergirl)

remove all rules for semagic from firewall

I have been using Semagic for close ti a year, but for the last 6 to 8 months it has been offering more recent versions to me. Against my better judgement which tells me that if something works, don't fix it, I downloaded the more recent version. Now I can't open Semagic. It gets me to the agreement, I say yea sure, and it gives me a "can't write" error.

P.S. I love Semagic and I am spoiled rotten by it. Thank-you for what you do.

the simplist way to start a taglist is to open your notepad or other simple text editor and type in your tags (start each tag on a new line) and save the file as taglist.txt in the semagic folder which can be found under program files on your C drive

Off Topic Question (.slj)

I noticed that if I choose "skip login" when opening Semagic I can still access all of my saved posts. Is there a way to avoid this? I love that my posts reside on my hard drive "just in case" but I really don't want other users finding and reading them.

Re: Off Topic Question (.slj)

delete them to be sure. also people can always see your private entries if they will look in the browser cache and history. the main question is anyone needs that at all. better just hide semagic icons from menu and desktop so others will not know that you have it.

I hate to tell you this, but your magpie is upside down...


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